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USDA Confirms That Corn Silage Could Be Planted On Prevent Plant Acres

This week, farmers in a lot of the eastern Corn Belt will likely be eligible to plant cover crops because the late-plant interval on prevent plant acres ends. Following last week’s announcement concerning the potential to reap cover crops on September 1 as an alternative of November 1 many farmers, notably within the higher Midwest, began to surprise if silage corn can be eligible. In response to Richard Flournoy, deputy administrator of product administration for the USDA-Risk Management Agency (RMA), silage corn may be suitable for planting on stop plant acres.

 “A canopy crop for crop insurance purposes, now we have a broad definition, and it is typically many issues that any crop that may be planted for erosion control, soil enhancement, or every other sort of conservation practice,” he told AgriTalk host Chip Flory.

If producers have questions on what could be considered a canopy crop of their state, Flournoy suggests a go to the native National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) workplace. Particular person states can have an inventory of what crops may be considered cowl crops.

Moreover, he says an “ag expert” can deem a crop eligible by figuring out the prospective yield meets all the cover crop definitions.

“We’ve on our website a link to all the oldsters who will be thought of an expert,” he stated. “A certified crop advisor is [someone] that would say in your space, corn for silage may very well be a canopy crop. One key distinction there’s it can’t be corn for grain or seed, so long as it is for silage, it meets that cover crop definition.”


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