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University of Minnesota Takes Top Team in Lely Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest

The University of Minnesota captured top honors Monday, September 28 at World Dairy Expo with first place in both overall team and team reasons in the Lely National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Contest. Les Hansen – who started coaching the University of Minnesota dairy cattle judging team in 1981 – returned to the winner’s circle for the second time in his thirty-team coaching history. Also coaching the team were Scott Ellinghuysen and Alicia Thurk. Vincent Migliazzo, a member of the University of Minnesota team, led the contest, achieving first place in both overall top individual and top individual reasons. Teammate Nathan Donnay placed second overall. UW-Madison followed in second place, both in overall team and overall team reasons, with team member Janelle Remington placing second in individual reasons and fourth overall. Other teams placing in the top five overall were Iowa State University, third; Cornell University, fourth; and UW-River Falls, fifth.

Of the eighteen teams competing this year, teams and individuals receiving recognition are as follows:

Overall Top 10 Teams:

  1. University of Minnesota, 2,562, coached by Dr. Les Hansen, Scott Ellinghuysen, and Alicia Thurk

Team members: Nathan Donnay, Eric Houdek, Vincent Migliazzo, Matthew Hanson

2. UW-Madison, 2,508, coached by Chad Wethal and Brian Kelroy

Team members: Bethany Dado, Janelle Remington, Jordan Ebert, Cody Getschel

3. Iowa State University, 2,505, coached by Christen Burgett

Team members: Joseph Adams, Gina Fisher, Lars Sivesind, Shelby Patten

4. Cornell University, 2,474, coached by Kevin Ziemba

Team members: Colleen Cargile, Lauren Hill, Colleen Smith, Adam Hill

5. UW-River Falls, 2,464, coached by Steven Kelm

Team members: Cole Mark, Alex Huibregtse, Jacob Pintens, Eryn Orth

6. Virginia Tech, 2,453, coached by Katharine Knowlton and Mike Barnes

Team members: Katie Jones, Amanda Mitcheltree, Kathryn Wright, Savannah Lambert

7. Michigan State University, 2,427, coached by Joe Domecq and Sarah Black

Team members: Laura Lubeski, Kelly Raterink, Allison Pung, Louise Vanderploeg

8. Pennsylvania State University, 2,418, coached by Dale Olver

Team members: Alton Rudgers, Michael Rush, Kyle Sollenberger, Shelby Hahn

9. UW-Platteville, 2,397, coached by Ryan Weigel and Cory Weigel

Team members: Cassy Krull, Allison Quick, Sarah Adamson, Felicia Bohn

10. California Poly State University, 2,391, coached by Rich Silacci

Team members: Francesca Gambonini, Shane Gillard, Alison Sherman, Katie Migliazzo

Overall Top 10 Individuals:

1. Vincent Migliazzo, 864, University of Minnesota

2. Nathan Donnay, 859, University of Minnesota

3. Annie Achen, 852, Purdue University

4. Janelle Remington, 846, UW-Madison

5. Joseph Adams, 839, Iowa State University

6. Eric Houdek, 839, University of Minnesota

7. Amanda Mitcheltree, 838, Virginia Tech

8. Bethany Dado, 835, UW-Madison

9. Lars Sivesind, 833, Iowa State University

10. Gina Fisher, 833, Iowa State University

Top 10 Team Reasons:

1. University of Minnesota, 815, coached by Dr. Les Hansen, Scott Ellinghuysen, and Alicia Thurk

2. UW-Madison, 812, coached by Chad Wethal

3. Iowa State University, 812, coached by Christen Burgett

4. Cornell University, 810, coached by Kevin Ziemba

5. UW-River Falls, 806, coached by Steven Kelm

6. Virginia Tech, 802, coached by Katharine Knowlton

7. Pennsylvania State University, 793, coached by Dale Olver

8. California Poly State University, 784, coached by Rich Silacci

9. Michigan State University, 776, coached by Joe Domecq

10. South Dakota State University, 775, coached by Jon Pretz


Top 10 Individual Reasons:

1. Vincent Migliazzo, 280, University of Minnesota

2. Janelle Remington, 275, UW-Madison

3. Michael Rush, 275, Pennsylvania State University

4. Annie Achen, 274, Purdue University

5. Cole Mark, 274, UW-River Falls

6. Lars Sivesind, 273, Iowa State University

7. Joseph Adams, 272, Iowa State University

8. Lauren Hill, 272, Cornell University

9. Savannah Lambert, 271, Virginia Tech

10. Colleen Smith, 270, Cornell University

Additional contest funding is provided by Title Sponsor, Lely; Platinum Sponsor, DeKalb; and Gold Sponsor, Westway Feed Products.

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