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Undercover videos show alleged animal abuse at Nature Prairie Dairy Farms

Shocking video has been released from an animal abuse investigation that targeted an organic dairy farm that supplies milk to some major grocery store chains.

Nature Prairie Dairy Farms is accused of extreme animal cruelty and unsanitary conditions for its dairy cows. While the farm is based in Texas, the company is already planning to open a second organic dairy in Newton County, Indiana, just about 70 miles south of Chicago.

The images are extremely disturbing – so much so we won’t show you the worst of them. The undercover video was shot by Animal Recovery Mission, an organization which over the last several months has exposed what they call the systemic abuse of cows inside the dairy industry. This is the third major undercover investigation into the dairy industry unveiled so far this year. The first targeted Fair Oaks Farms and Fairlife products.

In this latest case, the dairy in question is Natural Prairie Farms in Texas, which says it houses approximately 14,000 cows.

“These cows are tormented day and night, every single day of their very, very, very short lives,” said A.J. Garcia, Animal Recovery Mission.

For nearly a month, ARM’s undercover employee recorded cows being, kicked, hit with shovels, and stabbed with screwdrivers by who they say are vet tech crews and animal caregivers. Cows that were inhumanely tied were left in uncomfortable positions for hours, falling into cesspools almost drowning. It stands in stark contrast to Natural Prairie Dairy’s promotional video, which shows its cows grazing peacefully in wide-open fields.

“It’s always calm. During the grazing season we have beautiful pastures where during grazing season the cows get the feed they need. It’s a great place to be a cow,” Natural Prairie Dairy says in the video.

Natural Prairie Dairy supplies the milk used by organic store brands around the country at Target, Costco, Safeway, Kroger and Publix and is to begin selling to Meijer stores once the company opens its second organic dairy farm in Newton County, Indiana. Activists say the only way to stop abuse in the dairy industry as a whole is for consumers to convert to plant-based milks.

“Calcium in green, leafy vegetables is more absorbable that it is from cow’s milk,” said Robert Grillo, of Free From Harm. “There are lots of things out there that have brain-washed us from the dairy industry for years. We don’t need their products.”

According to Animal Recovery Mission, the dairy has surveillance cameras installed all over the farm, making it impossible for management not to be aware of what is happening. ARM has submitted its evidence to the local authorities in Texas for investigation.

So far, Natural Prairie Dairy has not answered ABC7’s requests for a response.


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