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UK Legend John Gribbon Passes

It’s with great sadness we announce the passing of John Gribbon after a long battle with health issues over the past 10 years. He spent his entire life involved in the dairy industry. John lived a full life that was dedicated to the dairy industry, in particular, the show ring.   He worked alongside his father David, who was a herd manager for the Faham Holstein herd in Norfolk.  John showed and milked cows for almost 40, winning more than 200 championships at all the major shows in the UK. He has judged at shows all over the world, including The Uk, Holland, Sweden, Kenya, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic France, Azores, Romania, Estonia, Jersey, Argentina and Italy. His biggest honour is being the only person in the world to have judged both Black and White and Red and White Holstein at the 2011 European Holstein Show in Cremona, Italy, where 15 countries competed. In 2014, he received the John Dennison Lifetime Achievement Award. Margaret Dennison, wife of the late John Dennison, said this about John, “John Gribbon is a perfect match for the award. It is presented to someone who supports and encourages the next generation, as my husband John himself did. He has all-round ability, and is respected and recognised by fellow members of the industry.” John will be remembered for his presence both in and out of the show ring, and will be missed ringside at numerous shows.

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