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Top Managed Herds of 2017 Announced

CanWest DHI and Valacta are proud to recognize excellence in dairy herd management by releasing the Canadian top 25 herds based on the 2017 Herd Management Score results. The evaluation was done at the national level amongst a total of 7,500 herds.

The Herd Management Score allocates points for performance in different management areas (including milk production, udder health, reproduction, heifer rearing and longevity) and is an excellent indicator of overall herd performance. It is a great tool for herds to monitor their progress from year to year and also allows herds to benchmark themselves against others, including within their unique production system (free stall, tie stall, robotic, organic).

We congratulate these producers, whose sustained efforts have led to outstanding performance.


  1. Ferme Barjo
  2. Ferme & R. Boutin
  3. Ferme Aquarel
  4. Ferme Denis St-Pierre
  5. Pauferlou
  6. Ferme Pierlie SENC
  7. Ferme Lehoux & Fils Inc.
  8. Ferme Seric
  9. Ferme Roquet
  10. Ferme Collette & Fils
  11. Haag Farms
  12. Milky Way Dairy
  13. Summitholm Holsteins
  14. Pfister Dairy Farm
  15. Wilmarlea Farms
  16. Albadon Farms
  17. Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage
  18. Ferme Drahoka
  19. Muilwyk Farms
  20. Ferme Agrimatic
  21. Ferme Missiska 2014
  22. JPC Farms
  23. Sunny Point Farms Ltd
  24. N. Beauchemin & Fils
  25. Ferme Girelou

Top Herds by Category

Top Tie Stall

Ferme Barjo Inc.          Amélie Tremblay & Dominique Bard   Baie-Saint-Paul, QC

Top Free Stall- Parlour

Ferme Aquarel Enr.     Michel Labbé                                      Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse, QC

Top Robot Herd

Haag Farms Inc.          Roger & Karen Haag                           Brussels, ON

Top Organic Herd

Ferme Y. Lampron      Yves Lampron                                     Saint-Boniface, QC & Fils

Top Herds by Province

British Columbia

Milky Way Dairy                       Frank & Debbie Les                                         Chilliwack

West River Farm Ltd.               Grant & Gene Sache                                       Rosedale

Kish Farms Ltd.                       Darren Kish                                                     Abbotsford


Boxrose Farms Ltd.                 Jesse Bouwknecht & Eric Boeve                      Lacombe Richards Farms Ltd.                               William Richards                                             Red Deer

Houweling Farms Ltd.             Pete Houweling                                              Coaldale


Sierra Colony Farms Ltd.         Thomas Kleinsasser                                       Shaunavon

Dept. Animal &                        Jay Olyniuk                                                      Saskatoon Poultry Science

Alley Holsteins                         Albert Leyenhorst                                           Dalmeny


Rehoboth Farms Henry, Evelyn, Dave & Kristin Stam Grunthal
Readore Farms Rheal Simon Notre Dame
Sight Hill Farm Ltd. Clarence Doerksen Austin


Haag Farms Inc. Roger & Karen Haag Brussels
Summitholm Holsteins Carl, Dave & Ben Loewith Lynden
Pfister Dairy Farm Hans Pfister & Family Mitchell


Ferme Barjo Inc. Amélie Tremblay & Dominique Bard Baie-Saint-Paul
Ferme M. & R. Boutin Martin & Renaud Boutin Saint-Georges
Ferme Aquarel Enr. Michel Labbé Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse




New Brunswick

Clarke Farms Matthew Clarke New Canaan
Ravenwood Holsteins Ltd Alex L Henderson Irishtown
Wesselius Holstein Farms Ltd George & Heather Wesselius Wheaton Settlement

Nova Scotia

Sunny Point Farms Ltd Phillip Vroegh East Noel
Winding River Farms Ltd The Visser Family Mackay Sidin
Murray Holman   Middle Musquodoboit

Prince Edward Island

Carruthers Farms Ltd James Carruthers Kensington
Red Oak Farms Pat Versteeg Oyster Bed Bridge
Newland Farms Inc. Kees, Elly & Erik Verhulst Hunter River


N. & N. Farm Ltd Lee Noel Cormack
Larch Grove Farms Ian Richardson Cormack
Cornerstone Farm Michelle Ralph – Spears Cormack

CanWest DHI and Valacta are producer owned organizations, providing profitable management solutions to dairy producers across Canada.

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