Kings-Ransom Farm shares exciting classification news.  Highlights of the day include three new EX-94 cows bringing their total to 8 EX-94 cows on the farm! 

  • Kings-Ransom Spch Devora: Misty Spring Speech-ET x EX-91 Goldwyn x EX-93 DOM Ricecrest Marshall x  VG-85 GMD x VG-87 GMD x VG-85 DOM x VG-85 GMD DOM x VG-85
  • Kings-Ransom McCut Diva:  One of the highest scored McCutchens in the US! McCutchen x Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra-ET (EX-93 DOM) x VG-88 GMD DOM Mtoto x 2E-91 GMD DOM x EX-91 GMD DOM x VG-87 GMD DOM x VG-85 GMD DOM x VG-87 GMD DOM x VG-88 GMD DOM x VG-87 GMD x EX-90 GMD
  • Kings-Ransom Mg Cleavage: One of Mogul’s highest scored daughters! Mogul x EX-92 Goldwyn x Golden-Oaks Champ Rae-ET (3E-93)

Other highlights include:

  • 11 new Excellents
  • 5 VG-88 2yr Old sired by Olympian, Kingboy, Supershot, Kian, and Yode