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Buyers flock to rare sale of Jessica bloodline at Elmar Holsteins

The sale of Lot 3 took only seconds to reach the $25,000 mark.

When auctioneer crier Nick Flanagan got to $40,000 the crowd started talking, and onlookers shook their heads in amazement as an online bidder and a farmer in the front row continued to push the price higher.

In the end it was the front row farmers — Les and Louise Calder of Calderlea Stud — who got the three-year-old Holstein cow Elmar Solomon Jessica 7 for a tear-jerking $46,500.

The April 22 Elmar Holstein auction in Leitchville was a royal show in its own right with bunting, sawdust, “hairspray” and four-legged show ring legends making guest appearances.

Elmar Holsteins created their own show pavilion for the auction.

Stud principals Steve and Deanne Hore said the family hadn’t held a fully-fledged auction since the 1980s, with the past 40 or so years dedicated to building up their world-famous Jessica bloodline.

Mr Hore said the sale was unreal.

“It’s probably the highest single vendor sale in Australian history. That average lot price of $10,492 is pretty special to have.”

Elmar Holsteins.

Regarding their $46,500 cow, Mr Hore simply said “she deserves it”.

“She was the most complete cow there, has high profitability, is in calf to sexed semen and is maximum classification for her age,” he said.

“The Calders may or may not show her at Dairy Week, they haven’t said, but they will be using her to start their own Jessica line.”

Lot 3 is the daughter of IDW 2018 Supreme Exhibit Jessica 11 and great-granddaughter of Reserve All World Cow 2004 Leader Jessica.

The beauty of a $46,500 cow – complete with heifer calf in utero. Elmar Solomon Jessica 7 is a daughter of IDW 2018 Supreme Exhibit Jessica 11 and great-granddaughter of Reserve All World Cow 2004 Leader Jessica.

The 65-lot auction reaped $673,400 in total.

“Now we are going to sit and relax for a bit before getting a couple of barns finished. The money from his sale is going to be going towards infrastructure on the farm,” Mr Hore said.

Those present were either excited to watch the spectacle or grim in the knowledge they were going to be the ones bidding.

Ben Govett and Lot 5 with the Flanagan auctioneer team above.

Glomar Holsteins’ Robert and Lynette Johnston drove five-and-a-half hours from Sale to attend the auction.

“This is a really good showing and the cows are presenting very well,” Mrs Johnston said.

“We will be bidding. We’re interested in getting some different pedigrees and show ring material.”

Lynette and Robert Johnston from Glomar Holsteins drove from Sale to bid at the auction.

Stewart family farm workers Ruby Meston and Mat Dennis came to window-shop alongside farm kid Jed Stewart.

“Jed has his list of dream cows,” Mr Dennis said.

“He’s got his eye on the one red calf up for auction right at the end.”

Mr Dennis and Miss Meston said it was great to see such high quality cattle.

Jed Stuart and Ruby Meston from Yarrawalla.

Stu Mackie is an old friend of the Hores and had left Gippsland at 4.30 am that morning to make the auction.

“I’m here to support the family, I’ve known Steve a long time,” Mr Mackie said.

“Everyone is here to try and buy a Jessica. Essentially, now is your only chance.”

Girgarre dairy farmer Pat Nicolson is a Jersey man, but said the Holsteins were impressive. Stu Mackie said everyone was there to see, and maybe buy a piece of, the Jessica pedigree.

Sale report from Flanagan Marketing Services:

The long awaited Elmar Extravaganza Holstein Sale was held on Thursday April 22 on property at Mansfield Rd, Leitchville VIC with outstanding results which saw 59 females average $10,356 and nine embryo package average $6934.

The sale grossed an amazing $673,400

The Jessica family was always going to be the star attraction of the sale with 32 females from the Jessica family averaging an amazing $12,500 with nine daughters of herd matriarch Elmar Jessica 11 averaging an incredible $18,833.

Top price of the sale was lot 3 Elmar Solomon Jessica 7 who created a bidding frenzy and was finally knocked down to the long established Calderlea herd of Les, Louise, Tim and Amanda Calder of Stoney Creek in Gippsland VIC for $46,500.

This remarkable cow calves on July to exiting new sire Arrow (sexed ) .

There were four females that made over $20,000 including Lot 17 Lambda Jessica 4483, a ready-to-join half sister to the top price cow. She was purchased by Dickson Family from Cobden, VIC. The Dicksons also secured another daughter of Jessica 11 by Lambda for $14,000. The Dicksons purchased seven head in total for an average of $11,500.

Kevin, Helen and Mitch Jones from Foster. VIC bought arguably the best type cow in the sale in Elmar Golden Dream Serenade, Ex 92 for $20,000. The Jones also secured another Lambda Jessica 11 daughter due to sexed Arrow in Sept for $21,000.

Local Breeder Andy Freemantle from Dingee purchased Elmar Solomon Lulu a Quality VG 87 milker from the Famous Canadian Idee Lustre family for $12,000 whilst Cobargo Breeder Rocky Allen purchased another freshly calved Lulu for $16,000.

Struan Trading from Simpson purchased a quality heifer in Elmar Chill Jessica for $12.500. This young milker is due to calve again in Nov to popular new sire Jagger (sexed) whilst local breeder Chad Gordon purchased wisely when Elmar Solomon Jessica was knocked down to him for $12,000.

There were nine embryo packages sold with a significant purchase being six sexed embryos by Arrow from Million Jessica sold to well known Canadian breeders Steve and Jackie Fraser from Ontario.

All in all it was a remarkable sale with purchases made to all Australian states. It is undoubtedly a sale that will be remembered as the day the Jessicas spread worldwide.

Flanagan Marketing Services conducted the sale with Nick Flanagan auctioneering.

Source: Country News

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