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The other big business that keeps dairy farmers going

Every year dairy farmers and their most-prized cattle ascend on the New York State Fairgrounds.

But competition aside, there’s a business you might not know about operating here too.

“The industry of dairy farming is kind of supported by a secondary industry for artificial insemination,” said Kevin Ziemba of ZBW Farm.

Ziemba has a passion for cows and their genes.

He says it’s simple: the best-bred bulls produce the best milk, and his job is to help farmers with that process.

“Help them select the best genetics for their farm, but also give them the management tools to make their farms more economically-beneficial,” explained Ziemba.

“Straws are actually stored on the farm in what we call a semen keg,” explained Ziemba, “and semen within a semen keg and it’s actually stored in liquid nitrogen.”

Kevin’s wife Barb goes to farms across New York State selling it.

“One day I dropped off about 6,000 dollars worth of semen to one farm and they milk just over a thousand cows,” said Ziemba.

The couple says this industry might seem crazy-but good cows mean good profits for New York farmers.

“A wholesome product that will be used by the general public for the next generation,” said Ziemba.


Source: CNYCentral

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