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The European Young Breeders School – The Passion Unites


The European Young Breeders School units passionate young breeders between 13-25 years from around the world.  After a successful 16 years, this year’s participants did not disappoint.


Winner 2015: Canadian Chris Steven, also best clipper. He beat the German Fieseler Margarethe of ZBH team (2 nd) and the Belgian Pieter Vandewalle of VABI team (3 rd).


Best Showman (presenter), Jacques Bernard from Luxembourgish. Also best judge, he is ahead by 2 Canadian participants Mauranne Steven and Chris Hebert.

A new award, one of the leaders for the most deserving young man was carried away by Agueda Capon Fernandez (Spain).

The team of trainers welcomed two new recruits: Jonas Melbaum (Germany) and Marcel Egli (Switzerland). Jonas Pussemier, they are well 3 to be passed by the benches of the EYBS 



Taking home the top team award was Switzerland

The judge, Daniel Brochu and his wife, the Milibro Farm in Quebec were impressed by the level of presentation, quality heifers, labor and energy made by all these young people and the organization in place.

All results online.

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