Taste of Ontario Spring Sale 2016

DATE: April 2nd, 2016 at 6PM
LOCATION: Ancaster, ON

taste of ontario

The Cranston family and Jeff Stephens once again put on a great event with an average $4817 on 78 lots.   High Seller was Lot 13, Vale-Skene Doorman Stacie $15 200.  a December 2015 “Doorman” heifer calf backed from five generations of Very Good or Excellent in the Missy family. Consigned by Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, Little Britain, Ont., this calf is from a Very Good-87 “Sid” dam with 10,149 kg milk, 4.4% fat, 3.2% protein (235-275-233). The second dam is a Very Good-87-2y “Man-O-Man” daughter of the All-Canadian and All-American Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy (Ex-95-2E-18*).

Three other lots rounding off at $15 000 including Eastiver Gold Deb 850 EX 95 full sister selling at 15K.  A July 2015 “Goldwyn” calf consigned by East River Farms, Marsfield, P.E.I., also brought a $15,000 bid. She is from an Excellent-95-3E, 2-Star “Astronomical” dam who has records to 15,724 kg milk, 3.8% fat, 3.4% protein (277-286-295) at 5 years. This calf is a full sister to Eastriver Gold Deb 850 (Ex-95-USA) who was Reserve All-Canadian and Reserve All-American milking yearling in 2011. Also selling for $15,000 was  Millbrooke Sid Carissa (VG-88), a 4-year-old “Sid” who completes seven generations of Very Good or Excellent. Consigned by Jeff Stephens, Troy, Ont., this recently fresh cow has records to 11,917 kg milk, 4.3% fat, 3.4% protein (257-291-269). She is backed by an Excellent-92-2E “Design”, followed by an Excellent-92-6E “Outside” and then an Excellent, 7-Star “Raider” third dam. Round out the animals selling for $15,000 was Dymentholm Amelia, a December 2015 “Doorman” heifer calf from the Md-Delight Durham Atlee-ET (Ex-92-USA-GMD-DOM-9*) family, consigned by Dymentholm Genetics, Dundas, Ont., drew a price of $15,000. This calf is from a show winning, Very Good-88 “Goldwyn” dam projected to 13,259 kg milk, 4.5% fat, 3.4% protein (277-336-292) at 4 years who completes six generations of Very Good or Excellent.

Facebook promotion winner was Lucas Eby.

6 doses of Goldwyn $750
$15,200 – Lot 13 – Dec’15 Doorman x VG87 Sid x VG87 ManOman x Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy
$15,000- Lot 80 – VG88 Sid 4yr Old with 3 EX Dams
$15,000- Lot 61- Eastriver Gold Deb 309 (Jun 2015 Goldwyn from Homestead Astronomical Deb EX-95 3E 2*)
$15,000- Lot 16 – Dec ’15 Doorman x VG88 Goldwyn x Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry EX93
$13,200- Lot 68- Seaver Jr Yearling from VG-88 Artist plus  more VG or EX dams from Elegance family
$12,000-Lot 38 – Sept ’15 Sid x Ronbeth SJ Elly EX94-3E x EX91-6E x EX-2E x EX-6E x VG86 x EX-5E x EX-3E
$10,900- Lot 79- 3yr Old Bradnick VG85 from Idee Attic Luisetta VG-86 then Louis Luise EX-94 2E 8* plus 5 More VG or EX Dams from Lydias
$10,000- Lot 33 – Sept Windbrook x MS Goldwyn Alana EX96-2E Royal Reserve Grand Champion’15
$8700- Lot 12- Dec 2015 Solomon from GP Goldwyn then 6 EX Dams Starbuck Finesse family
$8600-Syndicate then $3000- Wendon & Hastie families final purchase – Lot A- All Funds donated from the Sale to Leanne Russwurm Brusso 4-H Memorial Fund- Dec 2015 Uno Tuffy from GP Dempsey then 2 VG or EX Dams
$8200-Lot 52 – June ’15 Red Carrier Armani x Nominated All Canadian R&W VG87-2yr Ladd P
$7700-Lot 55 – June ’15 full sister to Corrcroft Sid Poof VG89-2yr, 8th Milking 1yr RAWF
$5000-Lot 30 – Sept’15 Lotus x EX93-3E Durham x 7 EX Roxy’s
$6000- Lot 32 – Sept ’15 Mario with 5 VG/EX Dams
$4000- Lot 40- Glen Islay Byway Trixy (Sept 2015 Byway from Duckett Fever Trick EX-90 then Durham Treasure EX-96 3E)
$5800- Lot 10- Dec 2015 Solomon from Ex-91 3E Zenith from Inspired Mae family
$5600- Lot 36 – Sept’15 Doorman x Vg-2yr Bradnick x Eastside Lewisdale Gold MIssy
$6800- Lot 44- Sept 2015 Goldwyn x Claustein Calamity Bolton EX-91 plus 2 more VG or EX Dams
$6000-Lot 37- Blondin Doorman Amy (sept 2015 Doorman x Ms Aubreys Gold Addison VG-88 then Aubry EX-92 & Atlee EX-92
$6200- Lot 26 – Sept’15 Beemer x 12 VG/EX dams from the Whittier Farms Lead Mae Family
$4100- Lot 35 Ardross Windrook Lilac (Sept 2015 Windbrooks x VT Pond View Gwyn Libby VG-88 plus 5 more VG or EX dams)
$3400- Lot 34- Ardross Windbrook Lila (Sept 2015 Windbrooks x VT Pond View Gwyn Libby VG-88 plus 5 more VG or EX dams)
$4300- Lot 48 – June ’15 Mr Aussie Apple x Wedgwood Accolade Teresa VG86-2yr…2nd Sr.2yr QC Spring Show ’12
$5000- Lot 1  March 2016 Lotus from Millbrook Sid Carissa VG-86 (lot 80)
$4800- Lot 75 Fresh VG_86 Atwood from VG Sid then Iron Pasta Ex-96 2E
$3000- Lot 71- Jan 2015 Atwood from VG Sid then Iron Pasta Ex-96 2E
$5700-Lot 76- VG Atwood from 8 gen VG or EX will be a 2nd calf Senior 2yr old
$4600- Lot 31 – Sept ’15 Doorman x VG87-2yr x Pierstein Leadoff Berthe EX91-2E
$4000-Lot 29- Jolibois Prunelle Doorman (Sept 2015 Doorman x JOlibois Petite Jasper Ex-92 2E plus 5 VG or EX)
$6600- Lot 20- Comestar Alabella Godlwyn (Oct 2015 Goldwyn from Comestar Jasper Alanys Vg-87 with 3rd dam Stanlee Storm Allison EX-94 3E 6*
$2600- Lot 28 – +2959GLPI Sept ’15 Doorsopen x VG86-2yr Uno x Freurehaven FGS Lucy VG86-2yr
$5000-Lot 18 – Dec ’15 x EX Bolton x 6 generations of VG/EX
$4800- Lot 11 – Ladd P December calf x VG89 Goldwyn x 8 gernerations of EX Roxy’s
$2600- Lot 15
$3900- Lot 14
$4100-Lot 45 – Sept’15 Lotus. Dams 82-2yr Sympatico x 87-2yr Colt P x Ms Candy Apple Red
$3100-Lot 42
$2900- Lot 46- Sept 2015 Brokaw from 3 Generations VG or EX – Dam Winright Sid Elegance VG
$4000-Lot 39- Lotus from Apple Family
$2500-Lot 43- Sept 2015 Raptown from VG Sid then 6 gen VG or EX dams 3rd dam Devans Stomatic Lolo VG-89 7*
$3300- Lot 56
$4400-Lot 57-
$3000- Lot 59
$3200- Lot 49- Jun 2015 Doorman x VG-85 Meridan then VG-86 Snowman and then Missy EX-95 2E 18*
Lot 78- Mar 2015 Windbrook from Wedgwood Bianca Goldwyn EX-90 2E plus 3 more VG or EX, 3rd Dam Beauty
$3000-Lot 67
$2900- Lot 69
$2500-Lot 65-Apr 2015 Dempsey x GP Windbrook then 2 more VG Dams
$2700-Lot 54- Jun 2015 Megasirefrom FGS Lucy VG-86 plus 6 more VG or EX dams from Lausan Blacks
$3100- Lot 60
Lot 19-
$2200-Lot 7- Dec 2015 Atwood from fRadon Lavanguard Aztek GP then EX-90 2E then Adeen EX-94 2E DOM 8*
$4000- Lot 4
$3000-Lot 6
$2100-Lot 5
$2900-Lot 85
$3400-Lot 72
$850-Lot 82 baby calf
$3400-Lot 77
$800-Lot 81 baby calf
$4100-Lot 84
Lot 73
$900-Lot 2
$2400-Lot 51 – June ’15 Lebron x VG86 x EX x EX-4E x River Dale Triple Threat May EX-2E 20*
$2350-Lot 50- Yellowbriar Ella (June 2015 Musketeer from VG Atlas)
$2500-Lot 47
$2600-Lot 83 – ‘TNT’ Summer Yearling with 2 EX Dams

$3300-Lot 62- Benrise Redstar Firebug (Jun 2015 Redstar x JOdette Redmans Fire EX-90 1* then 3 more VG or EX dams)
$5500-Lot 25- Sept 2015 Blake from VG Sid then EX-01 2E Goldwyn Genius plus 4 more VG & EX Dams
Lot 22 – Sept ’15 McCutchen x EX Final Cut x Quality Carlton Pam EX97
$1700-Lot 21 – Oct ’15 Atwood Acid x VG86-2yr Spirte
$1800-Lot 41-
Lot 64
$3000-Lot 58- Jun 2015 Windbrook from Vg-86 Aftershock then 3 more VG or EX dams
$2500-Lot 53 – Polled + Red Carrier AltaSpring born June’15 +2898GLPI. 2nd Dam Venture Snow Muse P VG86-2yr
$2500-Lot 66- Don-Mair Duchamp Olympia (Mar 1015 Duchamp x Don Mair Godlwyn Odonis VG-86 then Outside Odette EX-93 4E 1*)
$2100-Lot 70- Arning Casnova Bella (Jan 2015 Casanova from VG85 Redman)


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