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Swiss Expo 2018 – 22nd edition is about youth

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The 22nd edition of Swiss Expo, to be held from January 10 to 13, 2018 in Beaulieu Lausanne, will be devoted to youth. It promises to stand out again as the meeting place for agricultural professionals, cattle elite and visitors from around the world. With nearly 130 exhibitors, some 400 breeders and more than 1’000 cows and heifers registered, Swiss Expo remains, edition after edition, the platform that brings together the agricultural sector (breeding-agrotechnique) and allows meetings, exchanges and fruitful contacts. Despite the challenges facing this community, the event attracts loyal exhibitors and thousands of visitors.

A first day under the sign of youth

Switzerland’s first international showmanship

The young Swiss breeders are organizing for the first time a showmanship contest as part of the Swiss Expo in Beaulieu Lausanne on Wednesday, January 10th at 2pm. This international showmanship contest will be open to young breeders aged 10 to 28 from all countries. All participants with a cow, regardless of race, will be able to participate. 

While most of the regional exhibitions in Switzerland organize a showmanship for young breeders, the conditions are often not optimal: the number of participants per class too high, many restrictions on participation, etc. That’s why young Swiss breeders came up with the idea of taking advantage of Swiss Expo’s infrastructure and international influence to organize a large-scale showmanship, thus offering young breeders the right conditions for competition and optimal distribution.

School on the farm: classes welcome and visit of Swiss Expo

To date, 48 classes have already registered for guided tours. On the program: making butter, tasting milk in all its forms and of course the essential guided tour of an hour and a half to discover this fascinating world of dairy cattle and the atmosphere of the team.

The Swiss Expo website gets a new look

Innovation this year also includes the launch of a new website for Swiss Expo. All graphic lines and technology have been updated to offer a showcase to the height of the fame of the event. The website aims to be clearer and more user-friendly and offers all the information in three languages for professionals (exhibitors and breeders) as well as for the many visitors of the show:

A cattle contest at the height of its international reputation

For this new edition, Swiss Expo intends to live up to its reputation both at European level and worldwide. The show will be again at the rendezvous and will offer an incomparable platform where national and international breeders will be able to discover the fruit of their labor in breeding and genetic selection from the best judges and a conquered public. For the fourth consecutive year, all competitions will be streamed live on the site of our press partner Schweizer Bauer (, whose site had recorded in 2017 over 83’000 visits from more than 98 countries and almost 1’370’000 impressions over the four days of the event. The Facebook page of Swiss Expo has recorded a record number of audience thanks to photos posted in real time. These statistics demonstrate a real enthusiasm of the public for new technologies that allow visitors from all over the world to watch live contests.
The judges for this 22nd edition of Swiss Expo are:
• JUDGE SIMMENTAL – Peter Brügger, Frütigen (Switzerland)
• JUDGE SWISS FLECKVIEH – Jan Jungen, Kiental (Switzerland)
• JUDGE MONTBÉLIARDE – Vincent Wasser, Épendes (Switzerland)
• JUDGE BRAUNVIEH – Alois Marty (Switzerland)
• JERSEY JA, BROWN SWISS & HOLSTEIN – Barclay Phoenix, Ontario (Canada)
• RED-HOLSTEIN JUDGE – Adam Liddle, Argyle (NY – USA)

New this year, Swiss Expo has created, for even more conviviality, a village square with restaurants, bars, tastings of local produce and … music! With the presence of two folk groups from the Swiss Association of popular music that will animate this place where professionals, politicians, schools and families can therefore find themselves in a festive atmosphere.
SWISS EXPO: January 10 to 13, 2018 in Beaulieu, Lausanne

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