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STgenetics expands New Zealand operations

Sexed semen has advanced significantly over the last few years and now offers comparable conception rates as conventional semen. At the forefront of these advances are Texas based Sexing Technologies® and STgenetics®. Little known to most is that Ruakura NZ is one of the places where the STgenetics global R&D program started back in 2009 and this facility is continuing to lead these advancements. The semen sorting facility has now been complimented by offices in Rolleston as a base for the newly formed STgenetics New Zealand advisory team.

At the core of STgenetics offering is the use of sexed semen to advance the genetic progress of the herd. The advisory team are able to evaluate the herd and work with farmers to establish the breeding objectives for each animal. For those cows which exhibit the most valuable traits for the farm system, the use of sexed semen and nominated sires ensures the best replacements from the best cows. Sexed semen removes the risk of missing out on what could be the farm’s next star performer.

For the remainder of the herd the sexed semen story does not end there. Every herd has a group of animals that could deliver more value if male sexed semen from selected beef sires was used to produce beef bull calves.

Breeding is only one part of herd management, so STgenetics also have nutrition advice on hand to ensure that farmers have the best team to ensure the herd gets in calf and produces to its genetic potential.

As a large global player, STgenetics® has a wealth of expertise and resources for use by New Zealand farmers to help meet the challenges ahead. The company’s core strapline is “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, a principle which has seen New Zealand agriculture flourish in the past and will ensure it remains strong for the future.

To find out more about STgenetics please visit the website  or call on 0800 STGENETICS

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