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Sid Daughter Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 Daughter “Dezi” Tops The Mothers, Models & Molds Sale

Managed by Nabholz Farm, West Union, Iowa with online bidding through, The Mothers, Models & Molds Sale was held June 20th. The ‘Online’ sale format generated a $2,766 average on 34 lots with a sale gross of $ 94,050. 

Topping the sale at $8100 was lot 31 MS Dezis Sid Desiree-ET VG-88 EX-MS @2-09. Desiree’s dam is Cache-Valley Lheros 2331-ET EX-96, Unanimous All-Canadian and All-American 5 Year Old Cow 2015. 2nd dam Cache-Valley W Dezi Dur-ET EX-93 and 3rd dam West-Wind-Acres Lead Dezi EX-95. Buyer: Bob Vandoske, WI

The 2nd highest seller at $7100 was lot 1 MS Apple Abrakazoo-ET milking 98 lbs. per day. Abrakazoo is a Corvette daughter from the one and only KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96, 2nd dam Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET EX-95, 3rd – 7th dams a EX cows. Buyer: Northdale Dairy, Alberta, Canada

Rounding out the top sellers at $5900 was lot 11 MS Crush Lola, a fresh daughter from Ros262 Sid Lisa-ET CAN VG-87 2Y. 2nd dam Rosedale Lexington-ET EX-95, then multiple generations of VG and EX dams from the Stookey Elm Park Blackrose-ET EX-96 family. Buyer: T&L Cattle Company, British Columbia, Canada.

Full Buyers List:
Lot 1 $7,100 Abrakaz Northdale Dairy, Alberta, Canada
Lot 2 $1,500 Abrianna Casino Land & Cattle, MO
Lot 3 $3,500 Sky Bob Vandoske, WI
Lot 4 $3,500 First LadyGoodtimes Dairy, MN
Lot 5 $5,000 Harper T & L Cattle, BC, Canada
Lot 6 $1,950 Deliliah Purple Vision, PA
Lot 7 $1,450 Darling Corey Feltman, MN
Lot 8 $1,150 Davonna Casino Land & Cattle, MO
Lot 9 $1,400 Delight Machado Dairy, CA
Lot 10 $2,200 Bella Nabholz Farm, IA
Lot 11 $5,900 Lola T & L Cattle, BC, Canada
Lot 12 $1,500 Lainey Heritage Holsteins, WI
Lot 13 $3,700 Sicily Larry Dykstra, IA
Lot 14 $2,500 Silandro Erdman Dairy, IL
Lot 15 $2,200 Nora Erdman Dairy, IL
Lot 16 $1,150 Nina Casino Land & Cattle, MO
Lot 17 $2,400 Gem Erdman Dairy, IL
Lot 18 $1,150 Giva Casino Land & Cattle, MO
Lot 19 $1,450 Sandra Mary Franz, MN
Lot 20 $1,450 Sunkist Reisinger & MM Cattle, GA
Lot 21 $1,300 Latoya Erdman Dairy, IL
Lot 22 $1,750 Berta Goodtimes Dairy, MN
Lot 23 $2,100 Ruby Nabholz Farm, IA
Lot 24 $3,000 Mara Pick Devon Chrystal, IA
Lot 25 $3,900 Tillie Pick Scott Stanford, WI
Lot 25A $300per Tillie Eggs Blue Royal Dairy, WI
Lot 26 $3,700 Armella Taylor & Reisinger, MO
Lot 27 $2,200 Ashford Goodtimes Dairy, MN
Lot 28 $4,500 Angel Goodtimes Dairy, MN
Lot 29 $3,400 Devil Four Seasons Farm, CA
Lot 30 $2,100 SunshineKarla Smieja, MN
Lot 31 $8,100 Desiree Bob Vandoske, WI
Lot 32 $1,950 Daytona Fischerdale Holsteins, WI
Lot 33 $2,100 Vixen Devon Chrystal, IA

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