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Riptide Tops Favorites of Fairmont at $33,750

Fairmount Holsteins of East Montpelier VT hosted the Favourites of Fairmount sales this past week.  Every detail of the sale was done amazingly and was a celebration for all with wine beer and cheese socials before the sale and a post-sale evening celebration at Landon Street Tavern after the sale. The sale had an unofficial average of $5600.

Topping the sale was Fairmont Romero Riptide who went for $33,750.00 This #3 Romero in the breed was consigned by Fairmont LLC. She is a complete outcross, no Delta, Jedi, or Modesty and is ready to IVF.  Riptide had a  GTPI of +2778.

The 2nd highest seller was Peak Traci Genius 20665-ET at $14,500.   Her dam is RI-VAL-RE TRACI, a Delta daughter due in April and is showing great promise. 20665 is a A2A2 heifer and sold with a 5 embryo contract at $2300/embryo to Genetics Hokkaido. 

Rounding out the top sellers  Cookiecutter Bren Hifive-ET at $12,000.  Hifive is a 11/17 Brennan daughter from COOKIECUTTER MEGASIRE HIKE VG-85.  She is the Highest GTPI Hike daughter and goes back to Cookiecutter Mom Halo.

For complete sale results click here. 


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