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RIETJE BRAXTON first ever EX96 in Brazil.

For the first time ever there is an EX 96 cow in Brazil and her name is RIETJE BRAXTON.  Bred by the Kok family Rietje scored VG-87 in her first lactation.  Giving birth to twins as well as a retained placenta did not stop the development of Rietje thanks to the care she received from her breeders the Kok’s and her now owners, the De Boer’s. Rietje was a major champion in two of Brazil’s biggest exhibitions this year in her third lactation. And is now fresh 39 days in her 4th lactation when she scored 96 points.

Congratulations to Reinaldo and Margarida de Boer, Ronald de Boer, Frank de Boer and the whole team at Analândia de Boer

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