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Reese Burdette Update January 23rd 2017

Reese’s aunt Laura shares the following update:

I know it has been quite some time since we have updated all of our Reese well-wishers. First, let us start by saying thank you – thank you for your continued support, love and friendship to Reese and our entire family. Your love has been unwavering and it is such a humbling experience for us all. Reese has continued to heal well at home. The cochlear implant she received in October has been such a blessing. Her hearing has improved a great deal and has allowed her to rejoin life again by engaging her in everyday conversations. Prior to the implant she would miss out on normal dinner conversations that took place at the table and now she can hear those same conversations and partake in the comic relief that her dad is so well known for. Her grades have improved drastically and that’s all due to being able to hear again. Now, her hearing isn’t perfect, and there is still some adjusting to be done with her implant but it is a far cry from where we were in just October. Physically she is still in therapy and doing well. Today, she is learning to adjust without having her “lego” on by strengthening her core and her good leg and learning to maneuver without lego. Reese’s goal is still to shed that wheelchair and she has in some small ways. She no longer uses the wheelchair to go to the bus or to walk into a restaurant or store – instead she walks even if a break is needed. Forward progress is what we all have learned to focus on and Reese has been a life lesson to so many of us, as she lives by this example. We do have a “biggie” coming up for Reese. As most of you know, Reese came home on dialysis and required 12 hours each night. Today, she has improved enough that she only requires 8 hours but her renal team informed Claire and Justin in December that her improvements haven’t been enough. The decision has been made and Reese will need a kidney transplant. Our family has had a little time to mull this over and adjust and in true “Reese fashion”, we choose to move forward with this new revelation. Reese has just recently been through a work-up and tissue tested and we now set out to find a living donor. A living donor is much preferred as we can have more control over the timing of the transplant and the actual kidney transplanted will begin to work faster once Reese takes it over. Our hope is that we can find a donor and that the procedure can take place in mid-May to early June – because Reese will not be able to be around so many people and won’t be able to attend school for several months after the procedure. Timing the procedure to May – June will enable Reese plenty of time to heal and get stronger without missing so much school. Of course we all harbor fear when we speak of an organ transplant and the thought of more time in a hospital is scary for us all including Reese…but this is a necessity to increase her quality of life. We want Reese to be able to swim in swimming pools and have sleep overs with friends – and right now those things aren’t possibilities for her, they are merely fantasies. Yes, there is risk as there is risk in everything. To do this transplant, Reese’s body will need to be very fluid-positive and we know from experience that this is very tough on her lungs which are still healing. Her doctor team assures us that she is ready. It is actually a miracle that Reese even qualifies to be a candidate for a transplant. Many people live their lives on dialysis and just don’t qualify – but God has shown us so many times through Reese that miracles do happen. Now, we need to find a donor. The doctors have recommended it not be Justin or Claire as they will both be incredibly busy with Reese’s healing after the transplant. In addition, this will not be Reese’s only kidney transplant as they don’t last forever! Justin and Claire may very likely be a first choice later down the line but now, doctors hope to find a perfect match elsewhere. Please, help us spread the word, Reese needs kidney! Reese deserves the best quality of life that doctors and God can give her. You can help by spreading the word or even consider getting tested to see if you are a match. If you are truly interested, please message me so I can get you the information you need. You may also call: 1-888-304-5069 (option 4 then option 2) and the donor nurses will help with any questions or walk you through what needs to be done. As always, we do thank you all for your continued interest in Reese and the family. Your positive thoughts, prayers, well wishes and generosity have allowed us all to breathe a little easier each and every day. Please continue to pray big, pray hard and pray for Reese.

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