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Reese Burdette Update February 2nd 2018

Reese’s aunt Laura shares the following update:

A long overdue update on our Reese…so many have been asking so I am here to deliver! In short, Reese is doing fabulous! Since her kidney transplant in late November, she has been healing well at home. She is still in isolation and not in school as her body’s immune system strengthens. I don’t have to tell any of ya’ll about the horrible flu circulating, but we certainly don’t wish that on Reese. Reese’s spirits are as high as they have ever been as she feels as good as she has felt in years, all in thanks to Alyssa and the kidney she so generously donated. Reese was able to enjoy Christmas at home with family and her normal annual traditions that included a visit from Santa, daily Elf on a Shelf pranks, baking, gift wrapping and all the things that Christmas brings. Reese is attending school through “Double” the robot which she did while hospitalized at Johns Hopkins. She made the A/B honor roll even while schooling at home…remarkable we think! On December 21, just before Christmas, Reese had her dialysis catheter removed at Johns Hopkins. This was a biggie as it’s one step closer to being free from support she no longer needs. Her trach removal will be next but that’s a few months away as doctors hope to see her through the flu season and just wait to see her improve each day, as she is doing. Medically, Reese reports to Johns Hopkins three times a week for blood work, to ensure her new kidney is doing its job. We hope that soon, this blood work can be done at a more local hospital to save Claire, Justin and Reese the hours on the road to Baltimore. Reese has the task of drinking a tremendous amount of fluids each day and it’s an absolute chore. 3 Liters a day is a lot of fluid, regardless of what kind of drink it is. Bless her, we hope this amount will be lessened soon. Recently, Reese was invited to partake in a day of skiing at Whitetail, sponsored by Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation. What a special day that was for Reese that resulted in lots of laughs and smiles. Reese wasn’t able to maneuver on traditional skis but was able to use an adaptive-sit-on ski. She loved every minute of it. Reese enjoys all of her favorite foods each day like all things potato (fries, hash browns, cheesy potatoes), dairy products and bananas. She is so happy to not have limitations on the foods she had to do without for so long. Like the rest of us, Reese has put on a little winter weight so she has recently taken up walking on the treadmill each day. This has been great for her lungs and we hope she builds her stamina as well as keeps her weight in check – something that is no stranger to so many of us. Alyssa seems to be doing well too – she is back to her normal routine of teaching each day and feeling good enough to enjoy her favorite pastimes as well. We do thank each of you for your continued interest in both Reese and Alyssa. Your well-wishes, prayers and good thoughts have gotten our entire family through so much. We thank you and hope you all stay healthy this winter season.

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