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Prized Guernsey Stolen From New York Dairy Farm

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation into seven stolen cows from a Greenwich dairy farm.

Imagine coming back from the fair and finding your prized cow gone. That’s what one Washington County man found on Saturday when he went to check on his milk cows.

But it wasn’t just one cow. Seven of his herd were missing, and he said they just didn’t walk off. They were chained in.

Roxy, his prized Guernsey, is worth nearly $20,000. But to John Violette, of Monument View Farms, she is a priceless member of the family

“Well, Guernseys are rare,” he said. “If somebody sees a Guernsey in a herd that they haven’t seen before, that would be a signal.”

The sheriff’s office said there was no sign of forced entry and no reason to believe it was a targeted attack.

Keith Stewart is a neighboring dairy farmer. He said cattle theft is not a rare occurrence.

“A farmer in the northern part of the county had five or six calves stolen,” he said. “He’s just two miles away from us. These are prized animals.”

A prized cattle has desirable genetics, which Violette suggested could be a reason behind the theft.

“Nobody is making money at the present time anyway,” he said. “We don’t do it for the money; that’s for sure.”

The cows were reported missing Sunday afternoon, but a detective said in a barn of about 30 cows, they could have gone missing days earlier.

Guernseys are a brown and white mix of color.


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