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Polled Pioneers: History of Naturally Hornless Dairy Cattle in North America

Now Available

Polled Pioneers: History of Naturally Hornless Dairy Cattle in North America, the most comprehensive history of polled dairy cattle ever written is now available.

Authored by Ronald F. Eustice, this full-color, 370 page features all major dairy breeds and includes more than 750 photographs, dozens of pedigrees and stories of men and women who helped to introduce the naturally hornless trait into the North American dairy cattle population.

Some highlights:

  • Walter Schultz and his son Douglas of Nicollet, MN were Holstein breeders who sold more than 6500 polled bulls in 25 states and nearly every county of Minnesota between 1948 and 1992. They delivered bull calves in the back of a pickup truck driving over one million miles and wearing out five pickups to do it.
  • The Chittenden family of Dutch Hollow Farm at Schodack Landing, NY, have been breeding polled Jerseys since the early 1950s. Nearly every polled Jersey in the world carries Dutch Hollow genetics in their pedigree. One of their bulls, Dutch Hollow Oliver-P has been the high selling bull in semen sales at a major US AI center during the past two years, out-pacing his horned contemporaries.
  • Polled dairy cattle are in strong demand as consumers become more interested in where their food comes from and how it is produced. Major food companies have suggested to breed association executives that breeding of polled cattle would enhance consumer confidence.

Ronald F. Eustice grew up on a Minnesota dairy farm, worked several decades to promote the cattle industry and is now a well-known author. His most recent book, “They Saw Red! History of Red & White Holstein Dairy Cattle in North America” published in 2017, chronicled the remarkable rise in worldwide popularity of Red & White dairy cattle. Both “Polled Pioneers” and “They Saw Red!” are also available through Amazon.

The book can be ordered from the author Ronald F. Eustice, 1551 Summit Shores Vista, Burnsville, MN 55306 USA. The price is $65.00 postage paid to a US address. Postage to Canada is an additional $20.00. For other countries contact the author at Make checks payable to Ronald F. Eustice. Payment can also be made via PayPal at


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