On October 19th Picston Shottle-ET (Ex-96-GBR-Extra-GM) recorded his 1000th Excellent classified daughter in Canada. She is Baertsch Shottle Barbara (Ex-90), a 7-year-old “Shottle” daughter bred and owned by Ferme Baertsch Enr., Thurso, Que. Shottle was a “Mtoto” son from Condon Aero Sharon (Ex-91-GBR-68*), the Canadian bred “Aerostar” daughter. Born and initially proven in the United Kingdom, “Shottle” was owned by Genus/ABS Global Inc. and died at 15 years of age in March 2015. “Shottle” was a Millionaire sire, a former number one Lifetime Performance Index (LPI) leader here in Canada and has had a major influence in Holstein breeding programs around the world.