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New York 4-H Girls “The Git Up” and Drink Milk Video Goes Viral

One of the big benefits of the 4-H Program is team building. And these young ladies with Otsego County Dairy Promotion certainly know how to put a team effort into promoting milk with the help of a little music and dance.

Kendara Hammond, Abbie Ainslie (in cow apron) ( in the back) and Hannah Bonczcowski and Ashlyn Wolfe (in front) took Blanco Brown’s song, “The Git Up” to the barn for “Git Up and Drink Milk”. Watch as the girls put on some nice dance moves while drinking milk and even dunking some cookies in the video above. Watch a second time for the cow’s expression in the background.

A big thank you to Ovaltop Holsteins for sharing the video along with this message:

Had fun producing this with these energetic farm girls…enjoy! Hope it makes you dance along and pour a cold glass of milk!

These girls put our ‘Git Up’ to shame.


Dairy exports are not the answer for US Farmers

Growth in export markets has long been lauded as the measure of success in American agriculture. Last year, U.S Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue credited exports for being a “major driver of the rural economy, generating 20 percent of U.S. farm income and supporting more than a million U.S. jobs.”

Those statistics conceal a hidden truth that most farmers know firsthand: exports don’t actually bring better prices. In dairy, exports have reached historic highs — now topping 15% of the total U.S milk supply — but that growth has failed to provide farmers a livable wage.

In a recent webinar hosted by Wisconsin Farmers Union through the Dairy Together initiative, dairy economist Chuck Nicholson explained, “price impacts of export growth tend to be limited. One of the reasons for that is the milk supply response. If we have opportunities to sell more product, typically the industry can respond fairly readily.”

In other words, opening new markets generates demand in the short term, but farmers quickly ramp up supply right along with it. Any price increase is quickly neutralized.

Nicholson’s analysis shows that for every 1% increase in dairy components exported, the All-Milk price increases by only 10 cents.

Despite the limited impact on milk prices, the U.S Dairy Export Council aims for a goal of exporting 20% of the U.S milk supply, a 5% increase from 2018 levels. USDEC claims that export growth benefits everyone in the industry: farmers, consumers, and everyone involved in the complex dairy supply chain. But Nicholson’s analysis suggests that may not be the case.

“The primary benefits will go to farms that are growing because they are the ones that will be supplying that additional product that goes into export markets. Other benefits will go to supply chain partners like the processors and exporting companies that are also part of facilitating trade flows of dairy products outside the U.S.”

Exports do contribute to farm income, but the profits are not distributed equally among dairy farmers or throughout the supply chain. Nicholson explains the income distribution issue this way: “The average milk price does not increase that much by increasing exports. So farms that are not growing are going to see milk revenues that look a lot like the revenues we would see if we weren’t exporting very much. The place where there is a difference is farms that are growing will see a larger demand for their milk. The benefits are not higher prices, but bigger quantities.”

That’s why many farmers feel pressured to expand their operations to stay afloat. But others cannot or do not want to manage a large dairy operation. For them, higher prices are the only way to stay in business. Since the price bottomed out in 2014, 7,339 U.S dairy farms have called it quits.

If we want to save the 37,000 dairy farms that remain, as well as the rural communities they support, we need higher prices. If higher prices are the goal, then exports are not the answer. To bring real prosperity to dairy farmers and rural communities, we need a national system to balance milk supply with profitable demand. Visit to learn more about the grassroots movement to bring fair prices to family farmers.


U.S. farmers, battered by low commodity prices and trade war, brace for things to get worse

The U.S. Farm Belt, already battered by low commodity prices, the trade war and mounting bankruptcies, is bracing for even worse times ahead.

Record flooding this spring across the Midwest and Great Plains damaged stockpiles of corn and soybeans in some areas, while the extremely wet weather led to widespread planting delays.

Now the threat of a weak fall harvest and the danger of an early frost could amplify hardship felt through stretches of Wisconsin and Minnesota and tip more family farms into bankruptcy.

“It’s going to be a tough year, there are no two ways about it,” said Steve Zenk, a farmer and farm advocate from Danube, Minnesota, a small town of less than 500 in the southern part of the state.

‘Holding our breath’

It was a soggy spring and cool, wet summer, which left crops in the area easily two to three weeks behind schedule in terms of maturity, according to Zenk.

Delays in getting the year’s crops into the ground have farmers and bankers keeping vigil over the harvest and approaching autumn.

“It gets cold this time of year,” Zenk told MarketWatch in a telephone interview. “We are kind of holding our breath, because an early frost could really damage crops.”

Corn, soybean and wheat crop progress across Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin has largely lagged behind five-year averages, according to the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture crop-progress reports.

Concerns about 2019 crops come as U.S. farm balance sheets already have been stretched thin by a handful of years of lower commodity prices. But early USDA forecasts for larger-than-expected corn production have contributed to pressure on prices while also drawing skepticism from producers and many analysts.

Weather-related worries had pushed corn futures C00, +1.16%  to a five-year high above $4.50 a bushel in Chicago in June. On Wednesday, corn traded at $3.61 a bushel, after suffering a brutal August selloff. Soybean futures S00, +0.22%  traded at $8.67 a bushel, after hitting a more-than-a-decade low earlier this year below $8 a bushel.

Wisconsin is the nation’s second-largest dairy producer after California, while Minnesota is also among the nation’s top dairy-producing states. While larger, industrial dairy farms may benefit from low crop prices that make it cheaper to feed cattle, family operations in states with shorter growing seasons often suffer.

“For the traditional dairy farmer growing their own crops, having low commodity prices is a bad thing,” said Pat Lunemann, a crop and dairy farmer with about 740 milking cows in Clarissa, Minnesota, in an interview.

Milk prices have risen in 2019, with September milk Class III futures DAU19, +0.00%  trading at $18.20 a hundredweight Wednesday, marking a 9% year-to-date gain. Analysts have attributed gains in part to falling dairy cow inventories, which have contributed to slower growth in milk production.

Rising bankruptcies

Meanwhile, farm bankruptcies in the Federal Reserve’s Ninth District, which covers Minnesota, Montana, North and South Dakota and Wisconsin, recently hit their highest level in nearly two decades.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

The chart below shows Wisconsin and Minnesota leading the Ninth District in chapter 12 filings, a special section of the bankruptcy code born out of the 1980s farm crisis to give farmers and fisherman ways to restructure their debt, while holding on to their businesses.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Joe Mahon, regional outreach director at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, said the current farm landscape looks less bleak than during the farm crisis of the 1980s, mainly due to lower borrowing rates, less overall farm household debt and relatively stable land prices.

“Farms went into this slump with pretty built-up cash cushions,” Mahon told MarketWatch in a recent interview. “The concern is that the cash cushion has been worn down quite a bit. Not as many farms are positioned to withstand another year of low incomes.”

While bankruptcies have been a growing problem, Lunemann also said that many family-run dairies are calling it quits simply because they are burning equity and losing money. “At some point you say: enough is enough. I need to have something left over for retirement.”

Farm aid

Meanwhile, farmers have needed to tap the lifeline of federal government aid programs, which the Trump administration recently bolstered in the face of its continuing U.S.-China trade war.

The USDA this year expects direct farm payouts from the government to reach a decade high of $19.5 billion, or double the payments seen in 2014.

Farm aid on the rise

“We are shipping practically nothing. We don’t have markets. We don’t have crops,” said farmer and farm advocate Ruth Ann Karty, of Clarkfield, Minnesota.

Since the 1980s, farm advocates have helped farmers in financial stress negotiate with lenders and apply for assistance programs, for free, including sometimes giving them a list of attorneys that handle chapter 12 proceedings. Farm Aid, started by musicians Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp, partners with national farm advocate programs.

Both Karty and Zenk said that bankers this fall were checking up on borrowers earlier in the season than usual about expectations for the 2019 harvest.

“It’s not an overwhelming number,” Zenk said of inquiries from bankers. “But we are seeing more than usual, pushing the issue of are you going to be short.”

Recent trade war escalations between Washington and Beijing, led China, the world’s largest buyer of soybeans, to close its doors last month to all U.S. farm products.

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall in August called the move a “body blow to thousands of farmers and ranchers who are already struggling to get by.” Farm Bureau estimates show that U.S. agriculture exports to China were down by $1.3 billion in the year’s first half, after dropping to $9.1 billion last year from $19.5 billion in 2017.

U.S. stocks moved higher Wednesday, a day after the S&P 500 index SPX, +0.29%  and Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.17%  closed at session highs following reports that China offered to buy more American agricultural products in exchange for a delay of coming tariffs.

“We would have had problems even without the trade war,” said Paul Mitchell, director of the Renk Agribusiness Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“A lot of farmers are baby boomers,” he said, adding that many older farmers are opting to retire early or sell before things get worse.

“They are being rational about what they want to do with their lives, and they don’t think the good times are coming back soon,” Mitchell said.


Erie County dairy farm seeks protection from creditors

A Warren County dairy farm filed from protection from its creditors under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy code, the third dairy operation since July to go bankrupt in the 25 counties comprising the Western District of the U.S. District Court of Pennsylvania.

R-Dream Farms LLC in Corry, which has about 350 cows, listed assets ranging between $500,000 and $1 million, and liabilities ranging between $100,000 and $500,000.

Springville, New York feed dealer Gramco Inc. was listed as the farm’s biggest creditor at $432,316 followed by John Deere Financial of Johnston, Iowa, $87,796; and farm supply company Platts Mill Inc., of Spartansburg, Pa., $54,390.

R-Dream representative Robert E. Nickerson filed the Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition, which allows the farm to hold creditors at bay during financial reorganization. 

Since July, dairy operations Kooser Farms in Mill Run, Fayette County, and Kimmel Brothers, Plumville, Indiana County, both for bankruptcy. For the fiscal year ending July 31, 370 dairy farms closed in Pennsylvania, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Success for Australia’s first European Young Breeders School Team

Australia’s first team of young dairy men and women to compete at the European Young Breeders School in Battice, Belgium has returned home having scored a great team result.

The five strong team – Brady Hore (Leitchville, Vic), Julia Paulger (Kenilworth Qld), Ricky Nelson (Irrewillipe, Vic), Sam Hall (Australind, WA) and Zoe Hayes (Girgarre, VIC) competed against 163 youth from 15 countries in the five-day event which included workshops, judging and clipping competitions and conformation and showmanship classes.

Team Australia had a strong showing with all members placing in the top third of the results. Standout results included Zoe Hayes (7th overall), Ricky Nelson (11th overall) and Julia Paulger (14th overall). Each team was judged on their participation, teamwork and how they cared for their animals.

Team leader, Justin Johnston, says: “I’m really happy for the entire team. This really is a fantastic result in our first year of competing against top teams from around the world.

“There were also some great individual results Ricky won the leading class in his age group, Zoe was awarded third in clipping and second in leading, Julia fourth in leading.

“It was great to see our guys come together and really support each other. They worked hard for the team result, and the support and commitment they gave each other contributed to the individual results. They also made the most of every opportunity provided by the trip. We’ll definitely be back next year.”

The five individuals were chosen for the Australian team following a rigorous selection process earlier this year. Participation in the European Young Breeders School provides young dairy men and women from Australia with a practical hands-on learning experience on the international stage and provides valuable insight into cattle preparation and showmanship best practice from around the world.

The Australian team stayed on after the five-day event for an educational tour that included a visit to K.I. SAMEN, the Netherlands largest private AI station and Holland’s largest dairy farm with 2,500 cows on an 80 stand rotary. They also visited the new floating dairy farm trial site in Rotterdam, which opened earlier this year to demonstrate how food production can become less vulnerable to climate change.

The 2019 Australian European Young Breeders School team was supported by supported by Holstein Australia, the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, Jersey Australia, Genetics Australia, Dairy Australia, GippsDairy, Gippsland Dairy Youth, Gardiner Dairy Foundation, Fonterra, STgenetics Australia, Ridley AgriProducts, WFI Insurance, Dick Smith, Smyth Seeds, B. Braun Australia and New Zealand and the Australian Football League.

Principal Partner Quotes

Holstein Australia CEO, Graeme Gillan, says: “It has been great to be part of this initiative. The experience and knowledge gained by every team member will last them a lifetime, and I think that our young dairy men and women have signalled Australia’s arrival at the European Young Breeders School, which sees the best of the best from around the world compete, in the best way possible.

“The other great sign for the future has been the way that the Australian dairy sector has thrown their support behind this initiative,” continues Mr Gillian. “In particular I’d like to acknowledge the huge amount of time and hard work from Holstein Australia member, Justin Johnston, to make the Australian team and this trip a reality.”

Jersey Australia General Manager, Glen Barrett, says: “The EYBS was a great opportunity for our young breeders across the country to participate and compete on the international stage and it certainly comes as no surprise that the team achieved the results that they did. Our industry and people are world class. Jersey Australia certainly thanks Justin Johnston for his drive to make this opportunity a reality and the many sponsors who worked together to make this a reality. Our congratulations to Julia, Brady, Sam, Zoe and Ricky for representing our industry with distinction.

Paul Guerra, The Royal Agricultural Society Victoria (RASV) CEO, says: “The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria were proud to support the inaugural Australian youth delegation to the European Young Breeders School. We are thrilled to learn that the five participants enjoyed and valued the unique educational experience at the European Young Breeders School and trust that their participation will assist greatly in their development as emerging leaders in the dairy industry. We are committed to supporting youth development in in agriculture and in particular delighted with the successful outcomes from partnering with Holstein Australia and Jersey Australia to deliver this initiative.”

124-year-old dairy processor Brancourts goes into voluntary administration

The Brancourts dairy processing company has gone into administration and there will be an immediate impact on jobs at its two factories in Victoria and New South Wales.


A spokesman for administrators PKF Australia said the sales and manufacturing arm of Brancourts had been placed in voluntary administration.

The administrators said the business continued to trade, with the administrators to consider all restructuring options to place the business back on a sustainable footing with the potential of re-commencing production.

The administrators said they were expecting a high level of inquiry.

The Brancourts family business has made cheese for Australian consumers since 1895, and its brand of cottage cheese, sour cream, haloumi, yoghurt, and condensed milk are common fixtures on Australian supermarket shelves.

Thirty-three full-time workers and four casuals have lost their jobs at Brancourts’ Traralgon processing site in the Latrobe Valley.

About 20 employees have been stood down at Brancourt’s Hunter plant at Hexham, near Newcastle.

Victorian Agriculture Minister Jaclyn Symes said the Government was working with the administrators and the Federal Government to ensure all employees received their full entitlements.

Ms Symes said reduced national milk volume was driving increased competition among dairy processors to secure supply for their factories.

The Victorian Government was not given any notice that the company was about to go into administration.

Hopeful of sale

Meat Workers Union representative Grant Courtney said employees had been guaranteed their full entitlements.

“We were on site last Friday on a regular visit and were notified by members and by the company of the voluntary administration,” Mr Courtney said.

“They notified the employees that they would be paid until Wednesday, being today, when the administrators take over.”

Mr Courtney said workers were sad to be finishing up with the company.

“We’ve had an industrial agreement on site at Hexham for around five years, we only just renegotiated the agreement last year,” he said.

“The company predominately employs people directly and they were also making a cream product that was being exported to Japan.”

United Dairyfarmers of Victoria President Paul Mumford said the administrators were confident of finding a new owner for the business.

“Essentially they are confident of on-selling the business and hopefully get the business back on track and salvage some of the jobs,” he said.

Mr Mumford said administrators PKF were quietly confident of re-employing the workers, but would need to work swiftly to make that happen.

Milk shortage also to blame

Mr Mumford said the ongoing stress on Victoria’s dairy industry was likely to blame.

“We have seen stress at the farmer level for numerous years and it’s now being transferred to the processing sector, and with the closure of Dennington and Tongala in Victoria the manufacturers are hurting,” he said.

Mr Mumford said there had been a 10 per cent decrease in milk supply nationally due to the number of farmers who have shut their doors.

“Milk is becoming harder to get and we’re seeing that in the current year’s milk price,” Mr Mumford said.

“It’s one of the highest we’ve ever seen at farmer levels, purely because of competition.

“With milk at $7 per kilogram milk solid, I just doubt the company can pass that on to their customers.”

Ms Symes said reduced national milk volume was driving increased competition among dairy processors to secure supply for their factories.

Pressure on industry

The Traralgon workers who have lost their jobs will have access to the Latrobe Valley Authority’s workers transition service, set up after the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station.

Australian Manufacturers Workers Union national food division head Jason Hefford, who represents workers at the Traralgon factory, said the food industry was under pressure.

“Within Victoria we’ve had four or five dairy factories close,” he said.

Last month, Nestle announced it was closing its dairy factory at Tongala, in northern Victoria, and earlier this year Fonterra announced its Dennington plant in south-west Victoria would close.

The Brancourt family business was started in the 1895 by Julien and Alice Brancourt, the great-grandparents of current owner Julie.


Dairy Farmers are Key Contributors to Canada’s Economy and Community Vitality

Travelling through Canada’s beautiful countryside, with its green pastures and well-ordered dairy farms, it may not occur to everyone that they’re looking at the engine of one of this country’s key economic success stories.

The reality is that the dairy sector is one of the top two agricultural sectors in 7 out of 10 provinces. Overall, dairy production contributes $19.9 billion to our total annual economic output, and the sector remits $3.8 billion a year in taxes.

In all, dairy production sustains more than 221,000 jobs across the country, adding to the vitality and cohesion of Canada’s communities and our rural fabric. A typical Canadian dairy farm is run by a family, but also relies on many experts to ensure the family business is successful and the animals are healthy and thriving. Professionals who regularly visit farms to provide services include animal nutritionists, veterinarians, dairy herd improvement advisors, farm business management experts, herd classifiers, hoof trimmers, milk graders, milk truck drivers, feed truck drivers, mechanics, and agronomists who provide all kinds of expertise required to run a dairy farm.

The stability and predictability in pricing in Canada have helped dairy producers become key drivers of Canada’s economy. At the same time, they provide a strong foundation of leadership and support for rural Canada and communities across Canada.  

A vibrant dairy industry means more jobs, improved access to rural infrastructure, and a stronger economy that benefits all Canadians.


Chocolate Milk Outperforms Sports Drink in Strength Test with Teen Athletes

In the first-ever field-based study of high school athletes recovering post workout, chocolate milk outperformed a commercial sports drink by a net strength difference of 6.7%. The study was performed in 2018 and was initiated by Dairy MAX, a regional dairy council covering eight states, as part of research and science-based health initiatives.

The research, conducted in 2018 and published in the 2019  Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, showed that high school athletes drinking chocolate milk lifted 3.5% more than before while the adolescents drinking a commercial sports drink lifted 3.2% less than before.

Previous studies all looked at adults, but never at the nearly 8 million high school athletes in the nation – yet nutrition is especially important for these young athletes, whose bodies are still growing while also handling the heavy physical demands of athletics.

“What we really noticed was, that there was not a lot of research out there on adolescent recovery. Even though it’s the largest group of sports participants in the country, nobody was really looking at that,” said Andy Cheshire, Ph.D., a co-author on the study from the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at The University of Texas at Austin.


In 2018, The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at the University of Texas at Austin studied 103 high school athletes, including a mix of varsity and junior varsity male and female athletes with an average age of 15. The students trained four times per week for five weeks, with both free weights and field agility drills. They were randomly placed into one of two groups: those who would drink chocolate milk as a recovery drink, and those who would drink a leading sports beverage instead.


Chocolate milk was shown to have a more positive effect on strength development – demonstrating that it is an appropriate, welcomed post-exercise recovery drink for adolescents. It’s also particularly helpful to note that this compares results against sports drinks available in stores, demonstrating the difference between the two options for families.


The carbohydrate-protein ratio in chocolate milk was shown to be more beneficial than carbohydrate-only sports drinks in improving athlete performance as part of a strength and speed training at a high-school level.

“While there has been a number of studies that show chocolate milk helps adults to recover following strenuous exercise and to improve strength in a lab setting, this study is the first to test the effectiveness of commercially-sold, readily-available chocolate milk to see if it can help adolescents to increase their strength as a part of their normal, Summer training – which is did.,” said John B. Bartholomew, co-author of the study and Department Chair, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at The University of Texas at Austin.

This field-based study builds on the previous research of Dr. John Ivy, conducted with The University of Texas in 2011, on adult male and female athletes that revealed low-fat chocolate milk is an ideal post-workout recovery drink.

Chocolate milk is an accessible, affordable and delicious recovery option for adolescent athletes—and it may give them a strength edge due to the protein-carb ratio, which is optimal for recovery and rebuilding, said Dr. Lana Frantzen, Vice President of Health and Wellness at Dairy MAX. “Our dairy farm families are thrilled this research will provide more reasons to enjoy the natural goodness of dairy.”

About Dairy MAX

Founded more than 40 years ago, Dairy MAX is one of the leading regional dairy councils in America – representing more than 900 dairy farmers and serving communities in eight states: Colorado, southwest Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, western Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. A nonprofit organization, Dairy MAX is part of a nationwide effort to promote American agriculture, support dairy farming and drive impact for every dairy farmer. The organization operates five audience outreach programs: business development, consumer marketing, health and wellness, industry image and relations and school marketing. For more information about Dairy MAX and its team of experts, visit Dairy resources and delicious recipes are available at

Milk Futures Continue Higher in Chicago Thursday

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange milk futures continued their rally again Thursday breaking the $19 mark after a supportive supply and demand report. Class III milk markets had an amazing day with October milk closing limit up 75 cents at $19.16/cwt. November followed closely behind adding 50 cents and December was also up 37 cents. First quarter 2020 markets lept 23 to 38 cents per cwt and second quarter closed 17 to 22 cents higher. Class IV markets harnessed the strength in Class III and grew 13 to 22 cents in the fourth quarter of 2019 and first quarter of 2020.

Dry whey up $0.0075 at $0.3975. One trade was made at that price. Blocks up $0.0525 at $2.1450 One trade was made at that price. Barrels up $0.06 at $1.88. Two trades were made at $1.8750 and $1.88. Butter down $0.0075 at $2.2275. Seven trades were made ranging from $2.2225 to $2.24. Nonfat dry milk up $0.0125 at $1.0550. One trade was made at that price.

Is Breeding for A2 Milk for You?

A2 milk appears to be all the rage in the dairy industry today. In commercials on TV, online, at the grocery store and even on the farm, many people are talking about A2 milk.  There have been claims in the press that A2 milk is easier for humans to digest, improves health and lowers the risk for some diseases.  Many of these claims have not been proven by science.

What is A2 milk?  

Beta-casein, which makes up 30% of milk protein, exists in two forms: A1 and A2.  A2 milk only contains the A2 variant of beta-casein protein. Cows with the A2A2 gene only produce A2 milk.  Jersey, Guernsey, Normande and Brown Swiss breeds have a higher percentage of A2 genes than Holstein.

Testing your herd

Some farmers have transitioned to A2 herds, but this can take many generations, depending on the status of your herd. One way to determine the status of your herd is to genomic test your cows and heifers.  

If you are already genomic testing, A2 status can be determined for an extra $5 per animal. If you choose to transition to an A2 herd, you can determine which cows and heifers to keep or cull once you receive your genomic results.  

An A2A2 animal bred to another A2A2 animal will always have an A2 offspring. Cows that are A1A2 or A1A1 will not produce A2 milk.

Many A.I. studs have been marketing A2 bulls and more information can be found online or in published bull catalogs.  

Breeding for A2

The University of Minnesota’s research dairy herd at the West Central Research and Outreach Center at Morris uses Holstein, Jersey, Montbéliarde, Normande and Viking Red in their breeding program.  For the Normande breed, six bulls have daughters and the other 14 bulls are genomic only bulls.  As expected, the Holstein breed has the lowest percentage of A2A2 bulls in the Top 25 for Net Merit. The Jersey and Normande breeds have the highest percentage of A2A2 bulls.

Over 50% of the Holsteins in the herd are A2A2, which was not expected because we did not select for this trait.  The 1964 genetic line Holsteins had a lower percentage of animals that were A2A2 at 26%. The crossbred cows and heifers ranged from 36 to 50% of animals that were A2A2.

Table 1 gives the A2 status of the Top 25 Net Merit Proven bulls for Holstein and Jersey and the Top Proven Montbéliarde, Normande and Viking Red bulls available in the U.S.

During the past year, all cows and heifers were genotyped at the University of Minnesota’s research dairy herd in Morris.  The A2 status of the cows and heifers in the herd is shown in table 2.

A2 status of the top genetic bulls by breed

Breed Number of bulls % A2A2 % A1A2 % A1A1
Holstein 25 20 76 4
Jersey 25 72 28 0
Montbéliarde 17 41 47 12
Normande 20 85 15 0
Viking Red 24 54 42 4

A2 status of the University of Minnesota dairy herd in Morris, MN

Breed Number of cows % A2A2 % A1A2 % A1A1
Holstein 114 56 33 11
1964 Holstein 82 26 48 26
Holstein-sired crossbred 65 49 34 17
Jersey-sired crossbred 51 47 45 8
Montbéliarde-sired crossbred 98 36 47 17
Normande-sired crossbred 56 50 45 5
Viking Red-sired crossbred 136 45 40 15

Should you care about A2 milk?

Well, if the industry pays a premium for A2 milk, then you might consider selecting your herd for A2A2 animals and even start using A2A2 bulls.  However, remember that selecting from the top Net Merit bulls is essential to maximize farm profitability, so be sure to check out that list when placing an emphasis on A2 genetics.  

The future will tell if A2 milk is just a fad or if it will permanently have a seat at the table of the dairy industry.


Farmers could hit jackpot after Kerry Group ruling

An arbitration process which is understood to have ruled in favour of Kerry Co-op suppliers in a milk-price dispute with Kerry Group plc could see farmers receive significant top-up payments.

The row arose as Kerry’s commitment to pay a ‘leading milk price’ on a ‘like-for-like basis’ came into question in 2015.

Kerry Group offered a payment of 1.75c/l to resolve the dispute in 2017, but this was rejected by the milk suppliers, and an arbitration process ensued last year.

According to local farmers, the arbitrator ruled that the West Cork milk price must be included in any comparison.

Kerry Group had argued against this, stating that as Carbery Group processed milk on behalf of the four West Cork co-ops, it wasn’t a ‘like-for-like’ comparison.

The arbitration ruling also stated that both sides must now negotiate further.

A spokesperson for Kerry Group told the Farming Independent that the Plc needs time to review the findings of the document before it took any further steps.

While it is believed that the arbitration ruling is valid for the calendar year of 2015, some suppliers have questioned whether there will be implications for farmers for the years following 2015.

It remains to be seen whether farmers will benefit from the ruling in the long run.

Some Kerry suppliers believe the dispute will drag on for a number of years, with one supplier saying he is «not counting on getting any money from the ruling», while another said «the only winner from the dispute will be solicitors».

Any claim arising from the information contained on the eDairy News website will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Ordinary Courts of the First Judicial District of the Province of Córdoba, Argentine Republic, with a seat in the City of Córdoba, to the exclusion of any another jurisdiction, including the Federal.


More than 50 percent of dairy farmers have opted for ‘no brainer’ DMC program

With a September 20 enrollment deadline, USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) said 71.3% of dairy operations with established production histories were enrolled in the new Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program as of Monday (September 9), and the agency emphasized the benefits of the program to those still on the fence about signing up.


Dean Foods +28% in enigmatic move

Dean Foods (NYSE:DF) is up 27.7% as investors decide the company’s plan to stick with a standalone operating plan provides upside potential.

There are no reports of an activist or institutional investor building a stake, but today’s action suggests that could be a possibility. Another alternative offered by One Hat Research is that speculation on a longer path to a DF bankruptcy is behind the action following the Dean Foods disclosure.

Dean’s statement on its standalone decision: «We will move forward with an increased focus on our customers and leverage our many competitive advantages – including our portfolio of strong national brands, extensive private label capabilities, category leading position and our uncompromising commitment to quality, safety and service – to drive profitable volume.»

Despite today’s push higher, Dean Foods is down over 60% YTD and 80% lower for the last 52 weeks.

Any claim arising from the information contained on the eDairy News website will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Ordinary Courts of the First Judicial District of the Province of Córdoba, Argentine Republic, with a seat in the City of Córdoba, to the exclusion of any another jurisdiction, including the Federal.


Markets Rally Wednesday in Chicago

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Milk futures continued their rally Wednesday as well as cash markets.  Class III milk saw its third day of gains this week. September gained 9 to $18.29, October gained 25 cents to $18.41, and November gained 22 to $17.89. 2020 markets also saw a move higher. Jan – March was up 6-12 cents and the average is at $16.43/cwt. Class IV milk followed butter gaining 7 cents in Sept to $16.27, Oct up 10 to $16.43 and November gained 16 cents to $16.52/cwt.

Holiday buying continues to spur markets higher.  Dry whey up $0.01 at $0.39. One trade was made at that price. Blocks up $0.04 at $2.0925 One trade was made at that price. Barrels unchanged at $1.82. Five trades were made at that price. Butter up $0.0350 at $2.2350. Fifteen trades were made ranging from $2.21 to $2.2350. Nonfat dry milk up $0.0050 at $1.0425. Two trades were made at $1.04 and $1.0425.

Grain and feed prices were down slightly Wednesday. December corn fell 1 ½ cents to $3.60, November soybeans fell 5 ½ to $8.66 ½ and September soybean meal fell $3.30 to $289.60/ton.

Expo Increases Educational Offerings with Knowledge Nook Sessions

World Dairy Expo’s participating companies will showcase their latest research, products and services to help dairy producers improve their operations during new, educational Knowledge Nook Sessions. These educational sessions will benefit both attendees and companies, alike, as they provide an innovative opportunity for company experts to share detailed information with Expo attendees. Sessions will be presented daily in the Knowledge Nook, located in the atrium of the Exhibition Hall.

The following is the list of 2019 Knowledge Nook Sessions and their sponsors as of today. For a current listing, download World Dairy Expo’s new, free mobile event app or visit the WDE website.

10:30 a.m.
Keep Your Animals Moving
Brad Ingram, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, Vettec, Inc.
Presented by: Vettec, Inc. 

11:30 a.m.
Growing Your Business for Generations to Come – Are We Shaping the Right Model?
Francisco Rodriguez, Integrated Robotics Manager, DeLaval, Inc.
Presented by: DeLaval, Inc. 

12:30 p.m.
Labor Issues and Animal Welfare – Are Milking Robots Part of the Solution?
Jouni Pitkäranta, M.Sc., Founder and Board Chairman, 4dBarn
Virpi Kurkela, DVM, Veterinary Specialist, 4dBarn
Presented by: 4dBarn 

1:30 p.m.
Essential Microbial Support: Improving Health and Performance with Probiotics
Dr. Mike Hutjens, Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois
Presented by: Chr. Hansen 


9:30 a.m.
Evolution of Hybrid Alfalfa and What’s Next
Sara Hendrickson, Forage Leader, Dairyland Seed
Chad Staudinger, Regional Sales Manager, Dairyland Seed
Steve Wagner, Alfalfa Plant Breeder, Corteva Agriscience
Presented by: Dairyland Seed 

10:30 a.m.
Better Haymaking – Greater ROI and Feed Quality for Dairy Operations Through Denser Bales
Jordan Milewski, Crop Preparation Marketing Manager, New Holland
Presented by: New Holland 

11:30 a.m.
Herd Insights Brought to Life with Augmented Reality
Roxie Muller, Innovation Manager, Nedap Livestock Management
Presented by: Nedap Livestock Management 

12:30 p.m.
Colostrum for So Many OTHER Reasons
Dr. Rick Dumm, DVM
Presented by: Dairy Tech, Inc. 

1:30 p.m.
Managing and Marketing Dairy Crossbreds
Dr. Grant Crawford, Technical Services Manager, Merck Animal Health
Presented by: Merck Animal Health 

9:30 a.m.
Colostrum for So Many OTHER Reasons
Dr. Rick Dumm, DVM
Presented by: Dairy Tech, Inc. 

10:30 a.m.
Estrotect Breeding Indicators – A New Reproduction Management Tool
Dr. Ky Pohler, PHD, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University
Presented by: Estrotect 

11:30 a.m.
Phixup – An Innovative and Natural Way to Maintain Optimum Ruminal Conditions
Rodrigo Araujo de Souza, PhD, Business Unit Manager North America, Timab Magnesium USA
Presented by: Timab Magnesium USA 

12:30 p.m.
Starting Calves with Force – Lifetime Health and Production Begin on Day One
Dr. David P. Casper, Technical Services Leader/Dairy Nutritionist, Furst-McNess Company
Presented by: Furst-McNess Company 

1:30 p.m.
Acoustic Pulse Technology – Increasing Milk Yield and Treating Mastitis Free of Antibiotics
Dr. Gabriel Leitner PHD, Chief Science Officer, Armenta
Presented by: Armenta 


9:30 a.m.
Colostrum for So Many OTHER Reasons
Dr. Rick Dumm, DVM
Presented by: Dairy Tech, Inc. 

10:30 a.m.
Starting Calves with Force – Lifetime Health and Production Begin on Day One
Dr. David P. Casper, Technical Services Leader/Dairy Nutritionist, Furst-McNess Company
Presented by: Furst-McNess Company 

11:30 a.m.
Microbial Inoculation Improves Silage Aerobic Stability after Short-Term Fermentation: Fact or Fiction?
Dr. Luiz Ferraretto, Associate Professor of Livestock Nutrition, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida
Presented by: Chr. Hanson 

12:30 p.m.
Component Production: Is Your Herd Efficiency Up to Par?
Dr. Hank Spencer, Technical Services Principal, Cargill Animal Nutrition
Presented by: Cargill Animal Health 

1:30 p.m.
Managing and Marketing Dairy Crossbreds
Dr. Grant Crawford, Technical Services Manager, Merck Animal Health
Presented by: Merck Animal Health 


9:30 a.m.
Simplified Farm Data Management with UNIFORM
Shawnna Finnerty, Project and Support Manager, North America, UNIFORM-Agri
Presented by: UNIFROM–Agri 

10:30 a.m.
DeLaval: 360 Degree Interactive Virtual Facility Tours
Jeff Prashaw, AIA, Project Design Manager, DeLaval, Inc.
Presented by: DeLaval, Inc. 

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Genomics and Reproductive Performance

For decades dairy production systems have faced the challenge of attaining adequate fertility levels. Insufficient reproductive performance will result on reductions on the proportion of cows at their peak production period, increments in insemination costs, and delayed genetic progress. Moreover, impaired fertility is one of the most frequent reasons for culling and increased days open are associated with a greater risk of death or culling in the subsequent lactation.

An historical trend for declining dairy fertility has likely resulted from high prevalence of anovulation, reduced fertilization, and embryonic survival. Contributing factors to this condition include changes in cow physiology associated with greater milk production, challenges for optimal nutritional management, housing, increased herd size, reduced estrus expression, and current genetic makeup. In addition, the level of inbreeding has increased in the Holstein population, with present average values greater than 5%.

An uneventful and timely calving is a desired trait for improved fertility of dairy cows.

Relevant to this problem, starting in the sixties, breeding programs selecting for milk production have been very successful and current trends indicate increments on milk yield per cow of 1 to 2% per year. However, some unfavorable genetic correlations between production and other traits may exist, resulting in undesirable side effects, such as a higher risk for behavioral, physiological, and immunological problems.

However, although these negative associations between production and fertility traits are probable, it is possible to select for improved milk yield and fitness traits, including fertility. This fact is evidenced by increments in reproductive performance occurring in Holsteins after the implementation of genetic evaluations for daughter pregnancy rate (DPR) in 2003. The trend for DPR indicate a partial recovery in dairy fertility, despite no apparent slowing down in the rate of increase of milk production per cow.

Genetic Selection and Improved Fertility: It’s Not That Simple

Fertility traits are multi-factorial in nature, which makes it difficult to determine the degree of involvement of genetics on reproductive outcomes. It has been established that reproductive traits are largely influenced by the environment and may be affected by multiple genes with small individual effects. Consequently, genetic progress for fertility, by way of conventional breeding strategies is hindered by low heritability, which represents the proportion of visible variation attributable to genetic differences among animals.

From the biological perspective, genetic variation affecting fertility may be directly involved in the physiology of reproductive processes. However, genetics may also determine, to some extent, the behavior of other related traits that have an impact on fertility. Among others, these comprise factors such as the ability to maintain adequate body condition and feed intake during the transition period, the potential for adequate immune responses resulting in adequate health, and the capacity to retain early pregnancy.

Some significant obstacles can be anticipated when the logistics of selection for fertility are planned. High costs of reliable data collection, the long time period required for validation, and biased phenotypes, such as non-return rates and DPR, are a few of these challenges. Adding to these limitations, the influence of factors unrelated to fertility, such as breeding policy and voluntary waiting period, is a constant difficulty for precise reproductive estimations.

A New Hope: Genomic Tools are Here to Stay

Although small heritabilities for reproductive performance traits have been reported, when more objective measures of fertility were evaluated (interval to first ovulation, anovulation, and pregnancy loss), heritabilities were moderate to high (0.15 to 0.40). For reproductive disorders, such as metritis and retained placenta, heritability estimates were close to 0.20. Notably, genetic variation is manifest when DPR is considered, as daughters of the highest and lowest sires for DPR differ by 29 days open per lactation.

With the arrival of low cost genotyping, which is the ability to read the DNA, the use of marker analysis (single nucleotide polymorphisms; SNP) in the evaluation of dairy cattle genetics has become a reality. The use of genomic analyses allows for estimation of breeding values at birth, which reduces the costs of proving bulls and increases the genetic gain because of shorter generation intervals.  In addition, genotyping platforms commercially available from several companies have become widely used in research, as well as at the farm level, where genotyping of females is gaining momentum.

As with genetic evaluations, genomic selection has extended to multiple traits of economic interest, including more specific health problems. In the US, indirect health predictions are available from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding and recent data indicate that these traits result in genetic improvement for resistance to adverse health events. Producer-recorded health events have been successfully used to identify genetic differences between individuals regarding susceptibility to common health disorders including retained placenta, metritis, displaced abomasum, ketosis, lameness, and mastitis.

Matching Fertility and Genomics?

Specific reproductive traits that are currently evaluated by genomic analyses in the US include daughter pregnancy rate, sire calving ease, daughter calving ease, sire stillbirth rate, daughter stillbirth rate, heifer conception rate, and cow conception rate.

New research exploring genomic variation related to novel fertility traits is in progress. As a result, multiple genomic regions associated with variation in cattle reproductive traits have been mapped. More recently, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) performed with thousands of SNP markers have facilitated the resolution of associated regions and the discovery of candidate genes.

Interestingly, genomic markers have been identified for many reproductive traits including ovulation rate, pregnancy rate, DPR, non-return rate, and estrus intensity. Genetic variation has also been identified for gestation length, dystocia and stillbirth, and postpartum fertility. In addition, genomic analyses have offered the capability for locating lethal recessive genes affecting fertility outcomes. As an example, five recessive defects on fertility were recently identified by examining haplotypes that had a high population frequency but were never homozygous. These lethal effects may result in conception, gestation, and stillbirth losses.

As indicated previously, some physiological measures of fertility, such as resumption of ovarian cyclicity, have moderate heritabilities. What is interesting is that cows resuming estrous cyclicity soon after calving are more likely to show estrus and to become pregnant in a timely manner. Therefore, decomposing aggregate reproductive phenotypes into their detailed components could result into an effective tool for selection. For example, calving interval could be decomposed into several reproductive components such as the postpartum interval to commencement of estrus cyclicity, expression of estrus, conception, maintenance of pregnancy, and gestation length.

Presently, a major goal for advancing in genomic selection for fertility is the collection of high numbers of accurate fertility phenotypes associated with the corresponding genotypes, coupled to large scale evaluations of the association between direct measures of fertility. These fertility measures include uterine health, resumption of postpartum ovulation, detection of estrus, pregnancy per A.I., and maintenance of pregnancy. Collecting accurate data represents another challenge and potential strategies may include using DHI resources and data recorded within on-farm herd management software programs.

Finally, selection for traits with low heritabilities could be integrated into new reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transplant, that allow for higher rates of genetic improvement by increasing the reproduction of superior females. It is reported this strategy could increase genetic gain by 10 to 20% compared with traditional breeding schemes.

Our Research Effort

Our team of researchers from multiple United States institutions was awarded a 5-year grant to explore genomic variation associated with reproductive traits in dairy cattle (Genomic Selection for Improved Fertility of Dairy Cows with Emphases on Cyclicity and Pregnancy; Grant no. 2013-68004-20361 from the USDA NIFA). The overall objective was to develop a fertility database with genotypes and phenotypes based on objective and direct measures of fertility in Holstein cows. The subsequent goal was to identify SNPs and haplotypes significantly associated with fertility traits by use of genome-wide analyses and to consider this information to obtain genomic-estimated breeding values that can be applied in selection of dairy cattle for improved fertility.

Consequently, our approach was to test a significant number of cows (approximately 12,000 individuals from 7 states in the USA) that were enrolled at calving and monitored weekly on farm until pregnancy confirmation. The evaluations included uterine health, metabolic status during transition, resumption of postpartum ovulation, estrus, pregnancy per AI, and pregnancy loss, under different management practices and environments.

Our initial analyses indicated that overall, 71% of the population resumed ovarian cyclicity by 50 DIM. Conception rates at first and second A.I. were 32.8% and 33.7%, respectively. Pregnancy loss between 32 and 60 days after A.I. were 10% and 8.7% for first and second A.I, respectively. Overall, 19.7% and 4% of the population was sold or died before 305 DIM.

Using this population, a reproductive index (RI) calculating the predicted probability of pregnancy at first A.I. was developed. The RI considered logistic regression models that included cow-level variables that were thought to have a genetic component (diseases, anovulation, BCS, milk yield, etc.). Interestingly, when the index from this population of cows was categorized as low, medium, and high, there was a consistent agreement between categories of the predicted RI and the measures of fertility collected from dairy cows.

By means of the developed RI, our population of cows was ranked as highly-fertile pregnant (850 cows) and a lowly-fertile non-pregnant (1,750 cows) for subsequent DNA analysis. At this point, preliminary genome-wide analyses with our high- and low-fertility subpopulations are confirming that there is potential for genomic selection in the traits of interest. We are evaluating genomic variation for dichotomous variables (uterine disease, anovulation, detection of estrus, pregnancy per AI, pregnancy loss) and for a continuous variable (predicted probability of pregnancy based on the RI, services per conception) to maximize opportunities for prediction accuracy.

Our initial analyses have estimated the heritability and the marker effects for lameness, metritis, mastitis, resumption of cyclicity, pregnancy after first A.I., and the RI. Significant markers have been associated with genes in chromosomal regions previously reported as contributing to variation in fertility and health traits in dairy cattle. In addition, causal associations among multiple traits, including retained fetal membranes, metritis, clinical endometritis, resumption of cyclicity by 50 days in milk, pregnancy after first A.I., and lameness early in lactation were investigated. Finally, selection models using significant markers are going through checking and further validation. This large scale evaluation will eventually be combined with current selection traits to further refine genomic selection of cattle by dairy producers.


Fertility is a key component of modern dairy production systems. However, a trend for declining dairy fertility has been evident in diverse production systems. Although fertility traits are strongly influenced by the environment, there is evidence for genotypic variation providing opportunity for selection, as suggested by a partial recovery in dairy fertility since the incorporation of daughter pregnancy rate into bull genetic evaluations. There are current efforts placed in collection of high numbers of accurate fertility phenotypes associated with the corresponding genotypes, coupled with large scale evaluations of the association between direct measures of fertility (uterine health, resumption of postpartum ovulation, detection of estrus, pregnancy per A.I., and maintenance of pregnancy) and genomic variation on dairy cows under different management practices and environments. As the cost of genotyping is decreasing, the number of animals subject to genomic evaluations is expected to continue increasing. If adequate markers and causal variants for fertility traits are identified, molecular breeding value could be estimated for each trait enabling selection to proceed population-wide.


Dairy Girl Network to Host Three Events at World Dairy Expo.

The Dairy Girl Network (DGN), an organization supporting all women in dairy by enhancing lives and creating opportunities, announces three events taking place during this year’s World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

Once again, DGN will be hosting its annual Connect Networking Event on Wednesday evening. Join us on October 2 from 5:30-9:00 p.m. at the Sheraton Madison Hotel, right across the street from the Expo grounds. This annual networking session offers a welcoming environment with great conversations and connections for dairywomen in town for Expo. Come to learn about the fast-growing Dairy Girl Network and make some life-long connections. A light dinner will be provided during the networking event.

DGN’s latter event of the week, Sharing Wisdom, will be taking place on Friday, October 4 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Sharing Wisdom Educational Session titled “Recovering from a Downturn” will be hosted in Mendota 3, Exhibition Hall, Alliant Energy Center. Join our expert panel of industry professionals and dairy leaders as we navigate ways and stretch your thought process to build a road to recovery. The dairy industry has experienced an unprecedented downturn in key areas including financial, behavioral and on-farm inputs. Our diverse panel will discuss and emphasize new ideas on how to emerge from challenging times and reset your course. With forward thinking they will share a combination of real-life perspectives and expert sentiments. During the session, you can also look forward to hearing DGN Founder and President Laura Daniels with a welcome and discussion and DGN updates will close the session. The event will also have a networking lunch to conclude.

Registration for the Connect Networking Event and Sharing Wisdom Educational Seminar are now open. Those interested can visit to learn more and register. DGN asks that those who plan to attend pre-register by September 27th to secure their seat.

Finally, DGN will again host the exclusive Expo Family Lounge at World Dairy Expo. Located on the second floor of Exhibition Hall, right up the elevator, the Family Lounge provides a much-needed quiet space for families and new mothers. Amenities in the Lounge include two private nursing/pumping areas and a fridge for temporary storage, a diaper changing station with supplies, toys and play space for little ones and a place to rest and recharge. This quiet space is perfect for families or nursing mothers to escape the hustle-and-bustle of Expo. A Lactation Consultant will also be available to answer any questions on Thursday from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. The Lounge will be open all week, October 1 to 5, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Dairy Girl Network is supported by vision sponsors: Dairy Herd Management and Mycogen Seeds and sustaining sponsors: DeLaval, Diamond V, DMI and Land O’ Lakes, in addition to contributions by event sponsors. Event sponsors for DGN’s World Dairy Expo events include Cargill, Compeer Financial, CP Feeds, Dairy Farmers of America, The National FARM Program, Merck, Papillon, Purina, Star Blends and WinField United. Learn more about the organization and sponsorship opportunities at

The Dairy Girl Network connects all women of the dairy industry, encouraging ideas and camaraderie in an effort to achieve personal and professional development. Designed as a welcoming network of passionate women involved in dairy, relationships will grow through shared experience, support and inspiration.

Body Condition in Transition Cows

Excellent nutrition during lactation results in proper body condition in dry cows, which is a determining factor for a successful next lactation. Body condition is regulated by physiological and genetic mechanisms and can be easily influenced by environment (e.g. feeding levels, stocking densities). Good body condition in dry cows can only be achieved with correct management throughout the entire lactation.

The transition period is considered one of the most challenging times for dairy cows and extends from three weeks before parturition to three weeks after parturition (Drackley, 1999). One of the main challenges during this period is a physiological drop in intake coupled with an increase in the energy demands (mainly from the initiation of lactation), which causes a negative energy balance (Drackley, 1999). This predisposes dairy cows to mobilize fat tissue to make up for the lack of energy, which in turn decreases the body condition of these animals.

When cows are not properly managed (e.g., overstocking, inadequate nutrition, high incidence of diseases), the drop in dry matter intake is magnified and cows intensively mobilize fat tissue, subsequently developing ketosis, which is an important risk factor for metabolic and infectious diseases, as well as poor production and fertility (Benedet et al., 2019). Furthermore, due to intensive genetic selection toward higher milk yields in the last decades, the mobilization of adipose tissue has been greatly intensified (Cousillas et al. 2019).

Body condition score (BCS)

A system to subjectively measure cows’ body reserves was first designed in the 70s (Lowman eta al., 1973). Since then, multiple systems aiming to score the degree of apparent fat tissue accumulation were developed around the world. In the United States, a 5-point body condition score system that progresses in quarter points (0.25 points) has been widely adopted (Ferguson et al., 1994). You can learn more about the description and use of this scoring system through practical educational materials developed by Penn State Extension (Link: body condition in dairy cows).

Numerous studies suggest an optimum calving BCS between 3.0 and 3.5. A lower BCS than this may be associated with lower production and reproductive performance, while a higher BCS (>3.5) may reduce feed intake and increase risk for metabolic diseases (Lüttgenau et al., 2016). Furthermore, during the transition period animals should lose no more than 0.5 BCS points (Roche et al., 2009). A practical summary of the recommended BCS across the production cycle is provided in Figure 1.

Body condition and its relationship with health and performance

There is a general perception that thin cows may have more health issues; however, there is not much research supporting this hypothesis. Conversely, there are many studies suggesting that there is an association between over-conditioned cows and impaired immune response (Roche et al., 2009). This may be caused by the greater BCS loss post calving that is associated with over conditioned cows (Contreras and Sordillo, 2011).

It has been reported that fresh cows with BCS >3.5 have 30% greater odds of succumbing to milk fever than cows with BCS of 3.0 (Roche and Berry, 2006). This might be due to the decreased post-caving dry matter intake observed in cows with greater BCS (>3.5) and the higher demand of calcium for milk production (Roche et al., 2009). Additionally, cows with a BCS of >3.5 at calving are at a higher risk of developing ketosis compared to those with a BCS of 3.25 (Gillund et al., 2001).

Figure 1
. Body condition score recommendations for lactating and dry dairy cows.

There are only limited studies that have evaluated the relationship between body condition and infectious diseases such as mastitis or metritis. For instance, in a study involving almost 10,000 dairy cows, cows that lost body condition during the dry period had a greater incidence of uterine diseases and indigestion (Chebel et al., 2018). Similarly, losing body condition during the dry period was associated with a higher likelihood of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory treatments (Chebel et al., 2018). Furthermore, there is evidence that indicates that rapid loss of condition during the transition period may reduce the chances of recovery from infectious diseases (Contreras and Sordillo, 2011).

In addition to the negative effects that body condition loss has on animal health, losing body condition before or after calving affects the fertility of dairy cows. For instance, cows that lost body condition during the dry period had a lower pregnancy rate after first and second postpartum inseminations (Chebel et al., 2018); while a lower proportion of cows that lost body condition during the first 60 days after calving became pregnant compared to cows that maintained or gained body condition (Carvalho et al., 2014).

Body condition profile

Generally, the body condition profile of a cow starts high and slowly declines to a lowest point at 40 to 100 days in milk (DIM). On the other hand, milk production starts low and peaks almost at the same time that body condition reaches its lowest point. However, soon after milk peaks are reached, cows slowly drop production and start replenishing body reserves. This is a physiological hormone-regulated process that cows experience as their bodies prepare for the next lactation.

Management has an effect on fat accumulation, whereas condition lost is generally regulated by genetics (Roche et al., 2009). It has been calculated that up to 60% of variations in BCS are due to differences in genetic makeup (Roche et al., 2009). This might explain why there are cows that start accumulating body reserves faster than others, which in many cases may end up as over conditioned and lower production cows that need to be dried off earlier.

In dry cows, the increase of body condition can get accentuated when an inappropriate diet is provided. It is a common practice to provide leftovers from the lactating cow ration to the dry cows or use the lactation ration as part of the dry cow ration. These lactating cow rations are designed to have high energy that this particular group of cows may not need. Unfortunately, these practices can accelerate the fat accumulation process during the dry period. It is recommended that cows do not lose or gain body condition during the dry period; otherwise, cows would be more likely to develop ketosis. Additionally, small herds that have only a few dry cows, tend to mix rations for more than one day. This practice may cause a low feed intake which can result in body condition losses in the cows.

Study Case

A field study case was conducted on a 60-cow dairy farm in Lancaster County, PA, last winter (2018) to evaluate body condition changes and its impacts on metabolic status in transition cows. Eleven dairy cows of different parities were enrolled at 35±3 days prior to calving and followed for 63±3 days after calving. Body condition scores were recorded weekly by the same person during the study period. Blood samples for assessment of ketones body concentration were collected at 0±3, 7±3, 14±3, 21±3, 28±3 and 35±3 days after calving. Concentration of ketone bodies (β-hydroxybutyrate; BHB concentrations) were measured using a handheld device (BHBCheck™, PortaCheck & PortaScience, Moorestown, NJ).

Figure 2.
Body condition score (solid blue line; average ± standard deviation) and ketone bodies concentrations (β-hydroxybutyrate; solid red line; average ± standard deviation) of peri-parturient dairy cows. * indicates statistical differences.

Results indicate that the average body condition of this group of cows at calving (± 3 days) was 3.82 (Figure 2). This condition rapidly dropped to 3.39 on day 7 ±3 after calving and to 3.18 at day 14±3 after calving (Figure 2). Body condition reached the lowest point at day 21±3 after calving with an average body condition of 3.05 (Figure 2). There were statistically significant differences in BCS between the pre-calving days -28, -21 and -14 and post-calving days (Figure 2).

Even though a drop in BCS is expected after calving, the study animals lost condition in a very rapid and high manner. The total BCS loss was 0.77 points after 3 weeks post-calving. As mentioned before, this rapid and large fat mobilization upsurges the risk of infectious and metabolic diseases and decreases cow performance and fertility, increasing the likelihood of early culling of those animals.

It is recommended that cows maintain body condition during the dry period; however, dry cows are often over conditioned or even worse, underconditioned. Adjusting body condition during the transition period is not recommended, and nutritional recommendations to achieve good body condition in different groups must be followed. It is crucial that producers identify, through regular monitoring of BCS, cows that are accumulating fat early during the lactation period and mange those animals nutritionally different to avoid over conditioning.

Figure 3.
Circulating concentration of ketone bodies (β-hydroxybutyrate; average ± standard deviation) in blood of post-partum dairy cows grouped by parity. Different letters within the same group of columns represent significant differences.

The average blood BHB concentration at calving was 1.04 mmol/L and, although there were numerical differences between post-partum days, these differences were not statistically significant (Figure 2). Regardless of post-partum days, second and first lactation cows had the highest BHB concentrations between 14±3 and 21±3 days after calving (Figure 3). This pattern in BHB concentration often reflects management issues, such as overstocking, that does not allow younger cows to compete with older animals in order to cope with the challenges of the transition period. In this group of cows, there were two subclinical ketosis cases (i.e., BHB > 1.2 mmol/L) and one cow died due to hypocalcemia complications.

Feeding nutritionally poor diets, overstocking, and commingling first lactation cows with older cows are management practices that can increase fat mobilization during the transition period. These issues are easy to identify and address in conventional farms if proper monitoring of BCS is performed on a weekly basis; however, addressing some of these issues may be costly (e.g., adding a new barn). Alternative solutions such as grouping cows for fewer days in milk and dividing pens with gates or fencing may be possible options in these situations.

This particular farm fed lactating cow ration to the dry cows, which could be one of the reasons that dry cows had a greater body condition score than recommended. Also, it was reported that the farm had issues with reproductive performance, which may be another important factor that could cause the observed over conditioning in dry cows. This is a vicious cycle since poor reproductive performance predisposes cows to have a long lactation with low milk production, leading to over conditioning; while over conditioned cows are at a higher risk of developing metabolic diseases during the transition period which impairs reproduction. A critical first step toward addressing this issue is to actively and accurately monitor and treat metabolic and infectious diseases in cows during the post-partum period and assess and polish the reproductive program to maximize reproductive performance. Implementation of other best management practices, such as preventing heat stress and avoiding overstocking of transition cows, may be beneficial for addressing this issue.


Team Canada Returns from a Successful EYBS 2019

Team Canada (L-R): Pier-Olivier Lehoux, Frédéric Fortier, Lee Morey, Brooke Boonstopple, Clarissa McCallum, Francis Blanchette, and Brent Sayles. Photo credit: Holstein Canada

Holstein Canada, along with the provincial Branches, was once again pleased to send a team of six youth to participate in the 2019 European Young Breeders School (EYBS) in Battice, Belgium. Team Canada was comprised of Lee Morey (Alta.), Brent Sayles (Ont.), Clarissa McCallum (Ont.), Frédéric Fortier (Que.), Francis Blanchette (Que.) and Brooke Boonstopple (N.B.). Pier-Olivier Lehoux of Lehoux Holsteins accompanied the team to provide leadership and guidance throughout the event.

These six participants competed against 150 youth from 15 European countries and, new this year, a team from Australia. Team Canada had a strong showing with several notable individual results, with all members placing in the top 25 overall: Brent Sayles placed 2nd, Brooke Boonstopple placed 8th, Francis Blanchette placed 13th, Clarissa McCallum placed 16th, Frédéric Fortier placed 17th, and Lee Morey placed 25th.

The five-day event included numerous workshops, Judging and Clipping competitions, and Conformation and Showmanship classes. Each team was judged on their participation, teamwork, and how they cared for their animals.

Holstein Canada and the provincial Branches have been collaborating to send a team from Canada every year since 2013. Team members are selected by their provincial Branches and are winners of provincial competitions and/or successful candidates from an interview process held within their respective provinces.

EYBS is a hands-on interactive event that falls under the “Practical Learning Opportunities” pillar of the Holstein Canada Young Leader Program, with some bonus international travel. Young Leaders interested in becoming members of a future EYBS Team Canada are encouraged to contact their provincial Holstein Branch for more information.

Dairy Farm Losses In Wisconsin Could Mean Trouble For Trump

Wisconsin is again leading the nation in farm bankruptcies. As part of the economic distress, nearly ten percent of the state’s dairy farmers alone may quit the business this year. While analysts say low milk prices don’t help, the Trump administration’s trade and tariff policies are also being criticized.

Dairy farm closings are nothing new in Wisconsin. During just the last decade, about 40% of Wisconsin dairy operations have shut down. Mark Stephenson studies dairy policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and says milk prices have been low for five years.

“It’s not that the low is so awfully low. It’s that it’s been persistent. Normally, theses cycles are about three years in length, not five,” he says.

Stephenson says milk prices are low because supply still outpaces demand. Part of the issue is improved dairy science make cows more productive.The extended low prices come as many farmers have drawn down their financial reserves, he points out.

In Jefferson, west of Milwaukee, farmer Jeremy Chwala says he and his family still grow corn, soybeans and other crops on their 70 acres, plus other properties nearby. But he sold off his milk cows two years ago. Chwala says his hand was forced when he and other farmers lost a contract with a local milk plant that had exported product to Canada.

“We decided to disperse the herd because nobody was taking milk. There was such a glut of milk on the market, and the prices were terrible and had been terrible,” he tells WUWM.

With the loss of dairy income, Chwala now works in town changing tires at a service center. But he still raises calves for other farmers. With Mexico and China cutting back on importing U.S. dairy products in retaliation for U.S. tariffs on imported goods, Chwala, who says he voted for Trump, now questions the president’s trade war.

“I hate to talk politics, but I think we needed a president to stand up to these other countries, because they were taking advantage. But he’s affecting the farm economy, cause we don’t have a market. You know, it’s a global market nowadays. It ain’t United States, it’s global. And, will it help? I think eventually, but how many people are going to suffer before it helps?” he asks.

Chwala says he’s not sure if he’d vote for Trump again.

While many of the Wisconsin dairy farmers who have left the business are small producers, even larger farms say they’re hurt by the trade war.

Julie Maurer’s dairy near Manitowoc that has more than 1,200 cows. Maurer says to eke out a profit, the farm has to be very cost effective.

“That we’re not wasting labor and fuel and getting as much production out of cows as we can, and as much production out of the land as we can. It really makes you take a double and triple-check of everything to make sure you’re being efficient,” she explains.

Even with the bankruptcies, dairy is still a big player. Wisconsin’s remaining 7,500 dairy farms, along with milk and cheese plants, still contribute about $45 billion to the state’s economy.

But parts of the rural economy is suffering. A recent Marquette University poll found tariffs are unpopular in the state. So, while the Trump administration says it’s willing to expand aid to farmers hurt by its trade war, it’s unclear whether that will be enough for the president to again win the support of rural Wisconsin.


Pharma, not dairy, main hurdle to ratifying USMCA

A leading U.S. farmers’ organization says it wants the new North American trade agreement renegotiated to fix a major flaw — one that has nothing do with Canada’s much-attacked supply-management system for dairy.

The National Farmers Union says the new deal’s extended patent protection for new pharmaceuticals must be reduced so that less expensive generic versions of new drugs can be available to consumers sooner.

Patty Edelberg, the vice-president of the Washington-based group, says American farm families that face growing stress and shrinking markets need better access to affordable health care — which includes pharmaceuticals — than a greater slice of Canada’s protected dairy market.

Opening up access to Canada’s supply-managed dairy market was a major U.S. priority during the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was punctuated by fierce criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump that Canadian farmers were hurting their American counterparts with unfair practices.

Republicans are pushing hard on Capitol Hill this week, urging the Democrats to introduce a ratification bill for the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in the House of Representatives, the lower house of U.S. Congress the Democratic party controls.

Before doing that, the Democrats want changes to the USMCA, including the new intellectual-property protections for pharmaceuticals as well as stronger labour and environment provisions, and that push is also supported by the farmers’ union.

Other farm groups, as well as politicians from milk-producing states, are also pushing the Democrats to move forward with USMCA.

Neither Canada nor the U.S. has ratified the new deal with votes in Parliament or Congress. Congress returned from its summer recess this week and the Canadian federal election campaign begins officially on Wednesday, meaning Parliament can’t sit until some time after Oct. 21.

READ MORE: Prairie canola farmers face uncertain market heading into harvest

The Liberal government has said it won’t renegotiate the new deal, considering it closed, but Edelberg echoed the Democratic line that changes will have to be made, especially in the patent-protection provisions for medicines, before the farmers’ group is willing to endorse the new deal.

“Without access to quality health care, and prescription drugs is a huge part of that, it’s a tough sell for farmers,” Edelberg said in an interview Tuesday.

“We have to go back to the negotiating table,” she added. “Why is pharma in a trade deal? It’s never been there before. It didn’t come from Canada; it didn’t come from Mexico. It came from our own big pharma industry here in the U.S. and once it’s in a trade deal it’s never coming out.”

Canadian dairy farmers also don’t like the deal, known north of the border as the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, and are critical of the increased access that it allows for American products.

WATCH: Federal government announces $4.2-million investment in southern Alberta trade corridors

“If ratified as is, CUSMA will concede an additional four per cent of our dairy production for U.S. dairy farmers to supply the Canadian market while limiting our ability to export our own dairy products,” Jacques Lefebvre, the chief executive of Dairy Farmers of Canada, said in a statement to The Canadian Press.

“In addition, the agreement includes the elimination of competitive dairy classes. The federal government has said that it is committed to having a thriving dairy industry, yet CUSMA creates significant challenges for our sector.”

Edelberg said the increased U.S. access to the Canadian market is essentially negligible and won’t solve the problems that farmers in her country now face.

READ MORE: As ‘Goldilocks’ era nears end, Canadian banks brace for tougher times

“Your dairy industry is a 10th of the size of our dairy industry,” she said.

“The only thing that we’re going to be doing by increasing our dairy exports to Canada is ruining your system of supply management … and us messing up your dairy industry isn’t helpful for the little bit it’s going to help ours.”

Quite simply, U.S. farmers produce more milk than they can sell, and unless they can find a way to drive up more demand domestically, the number of smaller family farms will continue to shrink while production is consolidated among larger factory farms, said Edelberg.

WATCH: Trump, Trudeau speak ahead of G7 meeting focused on trade, economic issues

“I don’t think there’s going to be enough dairy traded between our two countries to save the U.S. dairy industry. We make and produce way too much milk in this country to be able to rely on a country the size of Canada to fix our dairy program.”

Farmers are a key constituency for Trump and persuading the Democrats to introduce a USMCA ratification bill is important for his own fortunes as he seeks re-election next year. It would give him a win on trade as he pursues a globally disruptive trade war with China.

Trump’s senior economic adviser, Peter Navarro, said Tuesday he’s “100-per-cent” confident the House of Representatives will ratify the new deal by the end of the year, and that its Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the country’s most senior Democrat, will do the right thing and introduce the bill.

“We hope to get this done in the next 30 to 60 days and today is going to be an important day talking to the people of America so that they can encourage their representatives to do the people’s business when they get back to Washington,” Navarro said on MSNBC’s “Squawk Box.”


86% of US Adults Prefer Dairy Milk and Large Margin Want Increased Milk Offerings in School Meals

A new Morning Consult national tracking poll of 2,200 Americans points to a number of revealing consumer preferences for milk and related beverages. When given the option to choose among whole, reduced fat 2%, low fat 1%, skim, other (almond, soy, oat, other plant-based, lactose-free), or “do not consume” milk, respondents overwhelmingly chose 2% and whole milks because they believe they are most nutritious for themselves and their families. Further, 86% of U.S. adults prefer dairy milk over “other” beverages, including plant-based beverages. Additionally, by a margin of more than 2-1, U.S. adults say it’s important to offer low-fat flavored milks with school meals; and by a 3-1 margin, U.S. adults say it’s important to offer 2% and whole milk with school meals. The poll was conducted by Morning Consult in partnership with the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA).

Poll Results

The full survey results may be found here. Here are 8 key findings:

  1. A whopping 67% of adults across key demographics believe 2% and whole milk are the most nutritious types of milk. Thirty-six percent of adults believe 2% milk is the most nutritious, while 31% believe whole milk is the most nutritious. 
  2. At least 86% of adults prefer dairy milk compared to 10% who prefer “other” including plant-based beverages and lactose-free milk.
  3. Strong opinions about offering flavored milk in schools vastly outweigh strong opinions against. Half of the adults believe it is important that the public school their child attends offers low-fat flavored milk with school meals, while just 22% believe it is unimportant. Twenty-nine percent have no opinion.
  4. Adults feel similarly about fuller-fat milk with school meals—by a 3-1 margin, U.S. adults say it’s important to offer 2% and whole milk with school meals: 53% believe it is important that milks like 2% and whole are offered in schools, while just 18% feel it is unimportant. Currently, only low fat 1% and skim milks are allowed in schools.
  5. Overall, more women than men believe it is more important that their children have access to fuller-fat and flavored milks in school. 
  6. Forty-two percent of SNAP participants prefer whole milk for themselves or their families. SNAP participants also report that they believe whole milk is the most nutritious (46%), the only demographic to do so. Of the 2,200 respondents, 336 self-identified as SNAP participants.
  7. Respondents with incomes under $50,000 (inclusive of 336 SNAP and 115 WIC participants, respectively, who self-identified) believe more strongly than those with higher incomes (above $50,000) that fuller-fat milks are most nutritious and prefer offering these options as well as low-fat flavored milks in schools for their children.
  8. Variety is key: More than three-quarters (77%) of adults found it important to have a variety of options to choose from when purchasing types of milk.

IDFA Statement on Results

“As the U.S. school year gets underway and millions of American families get back to the routine of juggling the work-school-life balance, maintaining proper nutrition for themselves and their families is top of mind,” said Michael Dykes, D.V.M., president and CEO of IDFA. “Therefore, it is important that policymakers and regulators who influence what we eat stay grounded in the reality of what American families prefer and value. Clearly some policy decisions and discussions—especially those regarding school meals and nutrition programs—are completely out of step with consumer preference and habits, as well as sound dietary guidance. Families recognize that milk provides numerous health benefits, including better bone health, helps to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and is the leading food source of calcium, vitamin D, and potassium in the diet of American children. The public’s opinion is clear. Will our policymakers now listen?”

IDFA members are responsible for 90 percent of the milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and cultured products, and dairy ingredients produced in the United States and sold throughout the world. IDFA members produce traditional dairy as well as dairy alternative products.

Dairy Consumption Continues to Grow in United States

Data from the Economic Research Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirms that U.S. dairy consumption continues to grow, as seen in Figure 1 below. The results from the Morning Consult poll help to underscore a reality that often goes unreported or is misreported—dairy consumption inclusive of milk is growing in the United States.

dairy consumption

Nutritional Recommendations and Research on Dairy Consumption

According to the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, American children and adolescents over four years old are not consuming enough dairy to meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendations. As the American Academy of Pediatrics states, “Dairy products play an important role in the diet of children. … In fact, milk is the leading food source of three of the four nutrients of public health concern (calcium, vitamin D, and potassium) in the diet of American children 2-18 years.” Moreover, for individuals who require reduced lactose or lactose-free dairy products, these are widely available.

A growing body of data and research supports dairy’s healthfulness. Of note, a recent recommendation by Australia’s Heart Foundation that healthy Australians can include full-fat milk, cheese and yogurt without increasing their risk of heart disease or stroke is important, official nutritional guidance related to dairy. A study released last summer in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition came to similar conclusion about the fats in dairy products such as whole milk. As the researcher in that study told The Atlantic magazine: “I think the big news here is that even though there is this conventional wisdom that whole-fat dairy is bad for heart disease, we didn’t find that,” said Marcia de Oliveira Otto, assistant professor of epidemiology, human genetics and environmental science at the University of Texas School of Public Health. “And it’s not only us. A number of recent studies have found the same thing.” This study published in Lancet in 2018 is another example.

Details on Morning Consult Poll

This poll was conducted by Morning Consult, a national survey firm that also publishes analysis of polling and survey data on public policy issues. This poll was conducted from August 16-18, 2019. The interviews were conducted online and the data were weighted to approximate a target sample of adults based on age, educational attainment, gender, race, and region. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.


Fonterra to shed large number of jobs to balance books

Economist Peter Fraser draws a ruler over Fonterra’s performance.

Fonterra has confirmed there will be job losses as it heads towards reporting a massive loss at the end of the month.

The extent of the cuts is unclear, but a number of sources have confirmed to Stuff they have heard about the losses.

It is understood middle management positions are more likely to go than processing plant workers.

A Fonterra spokeswoman acknowledged there would be cuts but would not say how many. “We have been open with employees that with a new strategy comes a new structure. Our new strategy is about being more focused, prioritising New Zealand milk, and being closer to our customers.


Coalition seeks moratorium on large livestock operations in Nebraska

A coalition of citizen and environmental groups is calling for a moratorium on large livestock operations in the state.

At a media event in rural Valparaiso on Monday, the groups unveiled a petition seeking support to put a temporary stop to what they call “factory farms.”

Randy Ruppert, a Nickerson resident who has been a frequent critic of the Costco poultry processing plant in Fremont, said such a moratorium is needed because state and local zoning laws are inadequate to deal with large confined animal feeding operations.

Most county zoning regulations “are 40 years out of date,” said Ruppert, who helped to start Nebraska Communities United in 2015.

The event was at Pine Crest Farms Bed & Breakfast in advance of a Saunders County Planning & Zoning Commission hearing Monday night in Wahoo on a proposed poultry farm near Morse Bluff that would raise chickens for the Costco plant that started up this month.

The bed and breakfast also is about 3 miles from the site of a proposed poultry farm in northwest Lancaster County.

That operation, near Northwest 27th Street and West Ashland Road, would have 380,000 chickens in eight barns. It is tentatively scheduled for a public hearing before the Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commission on Oct. 2, after having two earlier scheduled hearings delayed as it tried to work out issues with county roads in the area.

It’s the second poultry operation proposed in Lancaster County that would raise chickens for the Costco plant.

An operation that would have 190,000 chickens in four barns at 13350 West Wittstruck Road, near Crete, was approved last year. However, that approval was appealed in Lancaster County District Court, and a ruling is still pending after a trial last month.

A citizen task force that met for nearly six months has recommended changes to Lancaster County’s rural zoning rules that would make it harder to site a large livestock operation in the county.

Many of the proposed regulations the task force recommended are in the petition’s recommendations, including increased setbacks, at least a 30-day notice for properties near a proposed operation and proof of financial responsibility for disaster and decommissioning.

Residents who live near the proposed Saunders County poultry operation, which would have 12 barns and more than 550,000 chickens, said they received only five days’  notice of the hearing before the county planning and zoning board.

They said they are particularly concerned about the fact that it does not appear to be a local operation. The farmer who owns the land plans to lease it to a company called Y24 LLC, which is owned by Jody Murphey, an executive officer at North Carolina-based Gallus Capital Debt Fund and Gallus Capital Equity Fund.

According to media reports, Murphey may be involved in nearly a quarter of all the Costco-related poultry applications in Nebraska.


2020 National Holstein Convention will be held in Lancaster, PA

We invite you to Pennsylvania for the 2020 National Holstein Convention – where we are leading the Holstein vision. The 2020 National Holstein Convention will be held June 22-26, 2020 in Lancaster, PA.

​While here, you’re invited to visit world-renowned farms and cattle on pre-convention and host day tours. Our nation’s history is rooted here in Pennsylvania and we’re offering tours that step back in time to witness Amish culture and visit the battlegrounds in Gettysburg. If you’re up for a sweet adventure, check out the tour to Hersheypark.

Check back on the website as the year goes on for more details on this exciting 2020 National Holstein Convention! Follow along on social media with our event hashtag #2020HolsteinVision and join in with your own fun posts leading up to the event!

Source: National Holstein Convention 2020

Dean Tumbles as Struggling Milk Company Opts to Go It Alone

Top U.S. milk processor Dean Foods Co. is giving up hopes of selling the company and will go it alone under the direction of new Chief Executive Officer Eric Beringause. Shares reversed gains in after-hours trading.

The Dallas, Texas-based company’s board concluded a review of strategic alternatives including a possible sale, saying in a statement Friday that a standalone operating plan under Beringause is the best way to go.

“We are confident that his oversight of and adjustments to our operating plan will build on the current momentum and drive improved performance in the business,” Chairman Jim Turner said in the statement.

American dairy companies are grappling with a decline in cow milk consumption as alternatives like almond milk erode the beverage’s popularity and retailers such as Walmart Inc. step into the market. Per capita consumption of fluid milk fell for a ninth straight year in 2018 and is about 40% below levels of the mid-1970s, U.S. Department of Agriculture data show.

At the same time, dairy prices are up, increasing costs, with the Dallas, Texas-based set to burn cash this year. Last month it reported wider-than-expected losses for a fourth straight quarter.

Beringause’s surprise appointment in July was an indication to some that Dean would focus on a turnaround instead of a sale. At the time, he pledged to take “a fresh look at the direction of the business.”

In the past year, Dean shares have loss more than 80% of their value, making it the worst performer among 106 global packaged food companies tracked by Bloomberg. The stock, which rose 9.5% in regular trading on Friday, tumbled 10% after hours on the news.


Global Dairy Alternatives Market is Expected to Reach USD 38.9 Billion by 2025

Wide adoption of almond milk, rich in protein, fiber, lipids, and energy content is projected to drive the demand for dairy alternatives. Moreover, rising rate of milk allergies among consumers is also responsible for the growth of the market. The global dairy alternatives market is expected to grow from USD 15.5 Billion in 2017 to USD 38.9 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 12.50% during the forecast period 2018-2025, according to the new report published by Fior Markets.

Dairy Alternatives are the products which are prepared from plant-based which include almond, pea, soy, cashew, and others. Dairy alternatives are products with a milk like texture, which are lactose free and are a great substitute of dairy based products. These products offer numerous benefits including lactose-free, gluten-free, sugar free, GMO-free, cholesterol free. They reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetics and other numbers of health gains. Almond milk has a number of benefit such as it is nutritious, low in calories, helps in maintaining the sugar level in the blood, dairy free, & build up bone structure and is high source of vitamin D. For instance, Vitasoy International Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) launched high calcium plant milk in Australia. On international World Plant Milk Day, company launched this product and shared the health benefits of plant milk.

Consumer fondness for a vegan diet is a major factor driving the market. In addition, growing rate of milk allergies among consumers and nutritional applications provided by plant-based dairy alternatives are two factors fuelling the growth of the market. However, uneven prices of raw materials may obstruct the growth of the market. Nevertheless, mounting demand of dairy alternatives products in emerging economies may boost the market in forthcoming years.


Key players operating in the global dairy alternatives market include The Whitewaves Food Company, The Hain Celestial Group, Blue Diamond Growers, Sunopta, Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company, Freedom Foods Group, Eden Food, Nutriops S.L., Earth’s Own Food Company, Triballat Noyal , Valsoia S.P.A, Dohler GmBh, Organic Valley, and Panos Brands LLC. To enhance their market position in the global Dairy Alternatives market, the key players are now focusing on adopting the strategies such as product innovations, mergers & acquisitions, recent developments, joint venture, collaborations, and partnership.

  • For instance, In October 2016, Sanitarium opened an office in Shanghai to multiply its products and services globally. The company also launched an international version of Weet-Bix called ‘Nutri-Brex’ into the Chinese domestic market.
  • In 2017, Cognex acquired ViDi Systems SA. This acquisition enabled Cognex to have ViDi deep learning software for developing new innovations in industrial machine vision.

The soy segment is dominating the dairy alternatives market with a market share of 25.40% in 2017

The source segment is classified into soy, almond, coconut, rice, oats, hemp, others. The soy segment dominated the dairy alternatives market in 2017. The segment is dominating because of its high nutritional value of soy protein which helps in reducing the cholesterol level and fighting with heart disease. It is also used in energy drinks and dietary supplements products.

Plain based segment held the largest market share of 64.7% in 2017

Formulation segment includes flavored and plain. Plain based segment is dominating the market and valued around in 2017. Consumer preference towards plain beverage is driving the growth of the market

Protein segment held a market share of 35.80% in 2017

Nutrient segment is divided into segments such as a protein, starch, vitamins and others. Protein segment dominated the market in 2017. Proteins act as a building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Rising health concerns and increase in demand for balanced diet enriched with high quantity of nutrients has forced consumers to incline more towards protein consumption.

Online stores segment valued around USD 4.57 Billion in 2017

The distribution channel segment includes supermarkets, health food stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, online stores and others. The online stores segment held a market share of 29.50% in 2017. The usage of online services has also increased in developed as well as developing markets due to factors such as faster accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

So good segment is growing with the highest CAGR of 14.6% in 2017

The brand segment includes silk, dream, almond breeze, sunrise naturals, so good, so delicious, australia’s own organic, ecomil, alpro and edensoy. The so good segment has grown rapidlyin 2017. It is the kind of soy milk which is highly demanded because it provides all the nutrients and is natural.

Browse full report with TOC at

Milk segment held the largest market share of 30.10% in 2017

The application segment includes milk, ice creams, yogurt, cheese, creamers, others. The Milk segment has dominated the segment in 2017 due to health concerns related to lactose intolerance and the hectic lifestyles of the working middle-class population.

Regional Segment Analysis of the Dairy Alternatives Market

  • North America (U.S. , Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Spain, Rest of the Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan India, Rest of APAC)
  • South America (Brazil and Rest of South America)
  • Middle East and Africa (UAE, South Africa, Rest of MEA)

Asia Pacific region dominated the global dairy alternatives market with USD 6.21 Billion in 2017 where as the North America region held the second dominant position in the market. The Asia Pacific region is dominating because of fast urbanization, diet variation, and liberalization of foreign direct investment in the food sector. Besides this, rise in income level, increase in purchasing power, growth of the middle-class population and increasing consumer awareness are also some of the factors which is leading to growth of the market. North America is the fastest growing region as the production and consumption of dairy alternative milk is increasing day by day in the developed nations such as U.S. and Canada.

About the report:

The global dairy alternatives market is analysed on the basis of value (USD Billion). All the segments have been analyzed on global, regional and country basis. The study includes the analysis of more than 30 countries for each segment. The report offers in-depth analysis of driving factors, opportunities, restraints, and challenges for gaining the key insight of the market. The study includes porter’s five forces model, attractiveness analysis, raw material analysis, supply, demand analysis, competitor position grid analysis, distribution and marketing channels analysis.

For Instant Purchase:

Customization of the Report:

The report can be customized as per client requirements. For further queries, you can contact us on or +1-201-465-4211. Our executives will be pleased to understand your requirements and offer you the best-suited reports.

About Fior Markets

Fior Markets is a futuristic market intelligence company, helping customers flourish their business strategies and make better decisions using actionable intelligence. With transparent information pool, we meet clients’ objectives, commitments on high standard and targeting possible prospects for SWOT analysis and market research reports. Fior Markets deploys a wide range of regional and global market intelligence research reports including industries like technology, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, food and beverages, chemicals, media, materials and many others. Our Strategic Intelligence capabilities are purposely planned to boost your business extension and elucidate the vigor of diverse industry. We hold distinguished units of highly expert analysts and consultants according to their respective domains. The global market research reports we provide involve both qualitative and quantitative analysis of current market scenario as per the geographical regions segregated and comprehensive performance in different regions with global approach. In addition, our syndicated research reports offer a packaged guide to keep companies abreast of the upcoming major restyle in their domains. Fior Markets facilitates clients with research analysis that are customized to their exact requirements, specifications and challenges, whether it is comprehensive desk research, survey work, composition of multiple methods, in-detailed interviewing or competitive intelligence. Our research experts are experienced in matching the exact personnel and methodology to your business need.


Milk Futures Continue to Push Forward in Chicago Tuesday

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Front-month milk futures held above $18 mark with another day of strong cheese prices Tuesday. September traded 13 cents higher to $18.20/cwt while October was up 23 cents, November rallied 20 cents and December added 16 cents. Both September and October posted new lifetime contract highs.  December up 16 cents at $17.13. January through April contracts two to five cents higher.

The spot product market continues to rage on.  Blocks up $0.0525 at $2.0525 One trade was made at that price. Barrels up $0.02 at $1.82. Two trades were made at $1.8125 and $1.82. Butter up $0.0250 at $2.20. Fifteen trades were made ranging from $2.18 to $2.20. Dry whey unchanged at $0.38. Nonfat dry milk down $0.0025 at $1.0375. One trade was made at that price.

Grains were finally able to print green numbers on the screen. Corn jumped 7 cents, soybeans traded 14 higher and the wheat market grew 5 to 10 cents.

Joel Penhorwood Joins Select Sires’ Communications Department

Select Sires is excited to welcome Joel Penhorwood to the cooperative’s communications department as the new multimedia communications specialist. In this role, Penhorwood will develop multi-channel digital marketing outreach and communications pieces while assisting with online training programs for the professional development of Select Sires’ workforce.

Penhorwood is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a bachelor of science in agricultural communications. Since 2013, he has worked for Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal as a radio news broadcaster and communications specialist. He demonstrates an expansive understanding of print, radio and digital media and has managed many campaigns with great success.

“Joel’s past work experiences and unique skill set will be a tremendous asset to the Select Sires cooperative. His reputation in his field, background in production agriculture and strong ties to the dairy industry will undoubtedly enhance our communications efforts,” says Leslie Maurice, director of communications. “I am very excited for Joel to bring his passion for agriculture to our team and look forward to his contributions and creative ideas.”

Penhorwood serves his local and agricultural communities as a member of the Goshen Friends Church Discipleship team and a missionary advocate for Mission Aviation Fellowship, as well as a 4-H advisor and Logan County Farm Bureau Trustee.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of six farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

Australian milk production still falling

DRY CONDITIONS: Dry conditions are continuing to hurt Australian milk production.

Australian milk production continues to fall, despite higher milk prices in a number of regions this season.

Australian milk production continues to fall, despite higher milk prices in a number of regions this season.

The first lot of figures from Dairy Australia for season 2019-20 reveal a continuation of the trend from last season with production down 8.4 per cent in July compared with the same month last year.

Tasmania – which was one of the few bright spots in 2018-19 – has had a poor start to the season with production there down 14.0pc.

South Australia, which had bucked the trend last year, also suffered a big drop – down 13.0pc.

The tough drought conditions are continuing to bite in Queensland (down 13.3pc) and NSW (down 10.6pc).

High water prices and the impact of herd culls are hitting production in northern Victoria, which was down 11.5pc for July.

Falls in Western Australia (down 2.9pc), eastern Victoria (down 3.2pc) and western Victoria (down 6.4pc) were lower than the national average.

The figures for July were released by Dairy Australia on Friday – just a week after it released the 2018-19 season figures, which were delayed as it was forced to revise previously released reports after discovering additional data for northern Victoria and southern NSW.

Australian milk production in 2018-19 was 8.8 billion litres, down 5.7pc from 9.3 billion litres the previous year.

Dairy Australia said it anticipates a further drop in national milk production of 3-5pc to 8.3 to 8.5 billion litres during the current 2019-20 season, due to continued high input costs and the reduced size of the national herd.


Seven Listeria infections linked to organic dairy products

Seven people in France have been infected with the same strain of Listeria after consuming organic dairy products.

The outbreak was identified by the National Reference Center for Listeria and an eighth case is under investigation.

Investigations by Santé Publique France and the Directorate-General for Food (DGAL) have identified the consumption of organic dairy items by the affected people and made the link with products made by La Ferme Durr following analyses of food samples.

The company, based in Bas-Rhin, Alsace, has withdrawn from sale and recalled all dates of Durr brand organic dairy products including natural yogurt and yogurt with fruit, cream, cottage cheese, and cheese. Products were sold directly at the firm, in markets and stores throughout France. Puddings identified by the name ‘Les Flans’ are not affected.

Production halted

French authorities said all production from the company is shut down until further notice. They added people who have the affected dairy products should not consume them and should bring them back to the point of sale.

Everything will be done to resume production under the required sanitary conditions, according to a company statement.

The firm said it was “dismayed and deeply sorry” for the potential impact the incident could have and added it is the first time such a problem had happened in their history.

The company thanked consumers for their support and said it hoped those affected recovered quickly.

It can take up to 70 days after exposure to Listeria for symptoms of listeriosis to develop. Symptoms of the infection can include vomiting, nausea, persistent fever, muscle aches, severe headache, and neck stiffness.

Pregnant women, the elderly, young children, and people such as cancer patients who have weakened immune systems are more at risk of serious illnesses, life-threatening infections, and other complications.


Florida’s milk prices are rising as dairy farmers struggle with tariffs and trade tensions

Dairy farmers are barely breaking even as the price of milk rises at Florida grocery stores. WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

Dairy farmers say their industry has been in trouble for years, and there are only a handful of dairy farms left in Florida.

There are none in Southwest Florida, including Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties.

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They’re blaming it on tariffs and trade tensions with Mexico.

Rising milk prices are being felt by shoppers in Southwest Florida.

Florida consumes more milk than it produces: about 2.4 billion pounds a year compared to the 40 billion pounds produced in California and 30 billion in Wisconsin.

Dairy farmers like Matt Lussier say they’re losing money.

“Dairy farmers are suffering. The current administration’s trade policies have really hurt the dairy industry. The tariffs to China have certainly hurt us,” Lussier said.

Republican Matt Caldwell, a former state representative, said dairy has become a global market. Caldwell ran for State Agriculture Commissioner and comes from a family of Florida farmers.

“Over the past four years, the prices they have been getting didn’t even cover the cost of production. From the farmers’ standpoint, these higher prices are going to mean they can actually stay in business,” Caldwell stated.

With milk prices rising, many people are looking for alternatives like almond, cashew and even oat milk.

Demand for dairy products in the U.S. remains fairly high. Milk is selling for about $4 a gallon in most stores. The price could rise slightly higher in the next couple of months.


Arla introduces supercooling to transport fresh products worldwide

Every year, Arla exports more than 1 billion kilo of products based on milk from the company’s 10,300 farmer owners from across Northern Europe to international markets as far afield as Asia, the US and Australia. While some fresh dairy products are frozen and flown, this method doesn’t suit the majority of Arla’s fresh portfolio, triggering its innovation team to investigate alternative transport solutions. Today, the company reveals it has developed a revolutionary supercooling tool that enables fresh products to travel long distances on ships, opening up international export opportunities.

“An easy and well known way to distribute foods to distant markets is freezing and flying but this destroys the quality of some of our products. We’re seeing more and more markets requesting chilled, fresh tasting and natural products rather than frozen products that require defrosting or products with preservatives. Our new, innovative cooling tool overcomes this challenge, creating possibilities to expand our product portfolio globally,” says Lars Dalsgaard, SVP Product and Innovation.

Arla is investigating the properties of each individual dairy product and understanding the conditions it will encounter during the journey from a European cow to, for example, an Asian consumer. These in depth studies are enabling the company to identify precisely which factors affect product quality during transportation.

“We have found that the relationship between time and advanced cooling is one of the keys to unlocking portfolio limitations in markets outside of Europe. Controlling these variables enables us to put the product into hibernation mode, or ‘to sleep’, a bit like Sleeping Beauty – and deliver it fresh and in top quality at its arrival,” explains Lars.

A supercool new launch in Australia
Expanding the range of Castello® cheeses in Australia to fulfill the needs and demands of Australian consumers has long been on the company’s wish list. Given the country’s geographical location and distance from Denmark, where a large proportion of the Castello range is produced, it’s proved a challenge to bring some of brand’s short shelf-life products to market because they can’t be frozen.

Recently, the first shipment of supercooled Castello® Decorated Cream Cheeses docked in Australia, having been stored in special containers under super cooled conditions.

“We are thrilled by the quality of the product and excited to launch a unique and premium offering of cream cheeses for Aussie consumers. Supercooling has been instrumental for the launch of Castello® Decorated Cream Cheeses, but this is just the beginning!” says brand manager for Castello in Australia, Rucha Sarma.

Coming to more markets
The new process can unlock significant growth opportunities by bringing a broader portfolio of short shelf-life products to markets.

“This may sound simple, but achieving the extremely precise time versus temperature balance, which supercooling requires, demands unwavering persistence and passionate focus from our innovation team. In close collaboration with supply chain, logistics and local markets, they’re making mission impossible, very possible,” says Lars.

The new tool is currently being tested on a range of different fresh dairy products from milk and yogurt to cheeses.


Can You Make Overcrowding Work for You?

What is overcrowding? Overcrowding may be too simple of a term to use when we talk about dairy housing. You really need to ask, “What is it I am limiting to the cows?” There can be many limiting elements to any given housing system, but just like a chain the housing system is only as good as its weakest link. Start with the basics; air, water, feed, and stalls.

Stalls are the often-used metric to measure overcrowding. It easy to see, measure and calculate cows per usable stall. However, it may not be the limiting factor! Many times, it is one of the other basics of animal housing.

Feed space is also easy to measure. The total usable feed space divided by the number of cows in the pen gives inches per cow. Now the evaluation of that is much harder. The old golden rule of thumb is 24 inches per cow to allow all cows to eat at the same time. However, many of todays cows are a little wider than 24 inches or maybe don’t like to push together that tightly at the bunk. What animals are in the pen? Are first lactation animals mixed with older cows? Do submissive animals have to compete with boss cows to get bunk space? Feed access is also important. Ideally feed should be available 21 plus hours per day and consistently pushed up, so it is within reach when a cow gets her chance at the bunk. So, the question is how many cows can eat at one time, and is feed there? Some freestall layouts, like the 3 row or 6 row, will have limited feed space even when the stall stocking density is held to 100%.

When we look at air, we really are evaluating ventilation. The goal of any ventilation system is to maintain excellent air quality within the shelter by controlling moisture, temperature, gas and pollutant levels. Air quality inside the shelter should be equal to or better than air quality outside the shelter. While year-round ventilation is needed, summertime is when cows are most often stressed by poor ventilation with inadequate heat abatement. Natural ventilation, the most often used ventilation in freestall housing, is driven during the summer primarily by outside wind speeds and the opening(s) into the shelter. While as designers and managers of the housing system we don’t have any control over the outside wind speed, the size of the openings is within your control. As freestall housing has evolved over the years shelters have become much higher and much more open on the sidewalls in an effort to provide better natural ventilation during summer months. A key factor to summer ventilation is square feet of opening per cow. If the windward sidewall and/or endwall opening is 11 square feet plus per animal within the shelter, summertime ventilation is much better. If that opening is less than 8 to 9 square feet, ventilation is probably going to be compromised.

What about water. A couple of things to remember about water are; first it is the second most important thing you need for life, right after oxygen, second milk is 87% water, and third pound for pound cows drink twice as much water as they eat in TMR. So, water availability is an important factor when evaluating dairy housing. The easiest factor to evaluate is inches of water space per cow. Simply add up the accessible linear water space in the pen and divide by the number of animals in that pen. The goal is to be at 3inches plus per animal in lactating groups. If the waterer space is too low, can extra waterers be added to the pen, or larger waterers be installed in place of smaller ones? The harder factor to evaluated is flow rate of water to the watering stations. To get a handle on that you need to make some observations of the waterers during peak demand times such as right after cows return from milking or during parlor cleanup time. Are any of the waterers going dry, because the demand for water is out pacing the piping’s ability to deliver it to the waterer?

Other factors also come into play when pens are overstocked. As animal numbers within a given pen are increased animals have less open space to move from feed, to water, to rest, and socialize. Wider feed alleys and freestall alleys in newer housing is promoted for just this reason. Also, as numbers within the pen increase the time away from the pen during milking may increase if no changes are made to how groups are moved to and from the parlor. Ideally time away for the pen should be no more than 3 hours per day. Changes may be needed to increase parlor throughput or decrease the number of animals moved to the parlor at one time to optimized time cows have access to the resources within the shelter.

Limiting resources affects animal behavior such as feeding and resting time and aggression, and also the animal environment such as air quality, cleanliness and heat stress. In short there is no easy answer to the question “Can You Make Overcrowding Work for You?”. It really is dependent for how well you can manage and modify your given facilities to provide for the cows needs without limiting needed resources.


High Ranking DWP$ Genomic Young Females – September 2019

Registration NumberNameDate of BirthSire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%MilkMilk Rel.SCSPLLivDPRUDCFLCBWCDSBMast Rel.WT$CW$DWP$
840003205768524LARS-ACRES ARROW AURORA-ET20190707MELARRY FRAZZ ARROWHEAD-ET590.04970.131585762.529.
840003208823743S-S-I LEGACY 9031 10940-ET20190713PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.121130.29899752.398.
840003145444953HOUIN S-S-I 16 362-ET20190709PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET800.011000.022539752.538.33.8-0.91.370.86-1.463.445132341266
840003207410520BADGER SSI 15631 16330-ET20190702PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.091070.201367752.638.
840003208823773S-S-I ZAREK 8955 10970-ET20190720PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET670.04880.071808742.488.13.2-0.61.610.82-0.455.448220681256
840003207410525BADGER SSI 15631 16335-ET20190704PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET650.081070.201363752.618.
840003206882446BOADWINE CABOT 17708-ET20190705BOMAZ ALTACABOT-ET520.081070.25969762.538.
840003204988735TERRA-LINDA SOLUTION 10483-ET20190714FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET620.021110.151827762.656.93.1-
840003205563277ROSYLANE-LLC FUTURE 1220020190716MELARRY FRAZZLED FUTURE-ET650.0264-0.031945752.599.
840003208823718S-S-I ZAREK 8237 10915-ET20190707PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET640.02990.091952752.647.83.9-0.41.591.18-0.013.846174711244
840003205768514LARS-ACRES ARROW JUDITH-ET20190705MELARRY FRAZZ ARROWHEAD-ET550.051010.181340752.519.
840003207082414JOOK MERRIMAC 20163-ET20190725NO-FLA MERRIMAC-ET720.061030.121801752.737.73.1-
840003150675492PINE-TREE 7716 ALCO 8420-ET20190722WESTCOAST ALCOVE550.111290.35834752.816.42.9-0.21.790.66-0.765.441185541232
84000320931554320190721FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET510.081030.24969762.556.82.3-
840003150675503PINE-TREE 7710 PURS 8431-ET20190728PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT-ET570.10930.21947742.688.
84000320931554120190720FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET730.071130.161774752.825.90.4-1.42.821.380.084.247164391228
84000320931553020190716FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET600.04900.111583752.697.53.3-
840003151644215SP-B-LIEVES FRAZZLED 61120190214MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET690.00830.002246782.578.13.8-0.21.711.10-0.354.450201481224
840003207410517BADGER SSI 15631 16327-ET20190708PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.06990.151493752.628.
84000320456694220190613FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET600.04950.131584762.707.94.7-0.61.982.01-0.964.047150691216
840003205428470NO-FLA MERRIMAC ZO 52749-ET20190801NO-FLA MERRIMAC-ET710.04930.061996742.825.52.6-
84000320894943420190709FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET710.101260.261389752.926.32.6-0.31.511.600.853.741127251208
84000320931554920190723FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET740.08940.111694752.617.62.7-2.21.921.12-0.203.645182351205
840003204988740TERRA-LINDA SOLUTION 104-TW20190717FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET740.071130.171730752.555.91.1-1.11.630.600.224.040175181205
840003208823716S-S-I LEGACY 11371 10913-ET20190706PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.09950.151371762.408.
840003208823780S-S-I LEGACY 8919 10977-ET20190721PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET690.061090.161666752.568.53.9-0.31.730.56-0.554.645113251199
840003205768515LARS-ACRES ARROW AUSTIN-ET20190705MELARRY FRAZZ ARROWHEAD-ET670.01970.062102762.637.
840003205756554BGP SLF SOLUTION 18677-ET20190717FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET730.081050.151654762.815.72.3-1.81.371.541.273.344175701196
840003208823749S-S-I SOLUTION 8550 1094620190716FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET600.04910.111571742.668.
840003208823724S-S-I SOLUTON 8568 10921-ET20190708FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET520.02900.111546752.666.93.2-0.32.691.76-0.344.244229541193
840003207082437JOOK DIVERSITY 20186-ET20190728DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET550.061200.261266752.557.82.4-0.11.911.500.063.940131211189
840003208823776S-S-I LEGACY 8804 10973-ET20190721PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET840.041080.062406752.807.73.9-
840003145444950HOUIN S-S-I 16 359-ET20190703PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET770.081100.151786752.696.62.8-0.61.910.970.024.442118191185
840003204119749MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4912320190612BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET660.06940.121583782.654.
840003205704209MELARRY S-S-I 2948 12500-ET20190713PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET710.041040.101980752.787.82.7-0.41.330.13-0.144.648116651185
840003208823710S-S-I LEGACY 7672 10907-ET20190705PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.07960.161344752.607.
840003204566963RMD-DOTTERER SSI 4040-ET20190630PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET580.021040.141743752.697.
840003205428470NO-FLA MERRIMAC ZO 52749-ET20190801NO-FLA MERRIMAC-ET710.04930.061996742.825.52.6-
840003205334649TTM TV HUEY 4120-ET20190610T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET720.04890.061960752.657.62.9-1.51.551.10-0.032.846168311178
840003204988736TERRA-LINDA SOLUTION 10484-ET20190714FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET500.001010.141661762.517.
84000320931555220190724FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET590.05590.021440752.677.
84000320575661120190803FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET540.041020.171418752.748.
840003145444946S-S-I HD 12089 355-ET20190619S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET570.06910.141353752.479.
840003204119715MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4908920190607BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET540.02760.061568782.567.
84000320894945320190712FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET520.071020.221083752.748.
840003205563254ROSYLANE-LLC FRZLD 12177-TW20190630MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET630.02890.071869792.507.93.3-0.81.670.75-0.944.752170361170
840003204865271JENNY-LOU RIVTNG HIDEOUT-ET20190616S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET600.07870.141277752.449.
840003208823806S-S-I LEGACY 8714 11003-ET20190727PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET750.04910.052086752.617.72.9-0.51.770.84-0.845.141138221168
840003204865272JENNY-LOU EFFECT 525720190617SANDY-VALLEY EFFECT-ET550.02680.031614752.688.
840003204119596MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4897020190520BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET710.01910.032228782.787.
840003209251427BLUMENFELD JOSUPER 680420190710UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ET620.03830.061764802.737.53.4-
84000320894943920190710S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET670.031110.141909752.796.
840003205334653TTM MOOLA EGYPT-ET20190703MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET580.03900.101610752.617.
840003204119713MOOODY-SD KENNEDY 4908720190606PINE-TREE MOD KENNEDY713-ET570.081160.261165762.657.
840003206882338BOADWINE ACHIEVER 17600-ET20190610ABS ACHIEVER-ET610.051100.191533762.757.
840003207082366JOOK NOBLE 20115-ET20190710MR SPRING NOBLE-ET70-0.0483-0.062731752.636.72.7-0.62.471.160.174.046183231155
840003204330768HOLLERMANN ROCKFORD 145120190519HILMAR C ROCKFORD-ET770.051100.122037752.626.92.0-
840003207145219HORSENS S-S-I 3344 4058-ET20190701PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.041120.171661752.748.14.5-
840003207145246HORSENS MOOLA 4085-ET20190715MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET450.03710.091211752.457.
840003208410604PEN-COL LEGACY JENNIFER-ET20190811PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET580.04910.121548752.728.
840003205768447LARS-ACRES SPEEDY 2326520190618S-S-I BG FRAZZLED SPEEDY-ET530.06860.151173762.736.
840003204988747TERRA-LINDA ROME 10495-ET20190722DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET720.031090.112045752.598.
840003208410589CHERRYPENCOL LG LAURI-ET20190728PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET650.07930.131509752.687.
840003207410561BADGER S-S-I 15396 16371-ET20190804DIRT-ROAD CANNONBALL-ET550.061070.211259752.477.
840003150675480PINE-TREE 7716 PURS 8408-ET20190714PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT-ET600.08910.161234742.607.53.4-0.91.450.490.174.342249-21145
840003204119676MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4905020190531BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET660.02850.041986782.717.
840003207410519S-S-I BG 2671 16329-ET20190710PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET650.04920.091752742.757.
840003206964110WELCOME EISAKU GALLY-ET20190706SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET640.05880.101603752.799.
840003208410587CHERRYPENCOL LUSH-ET20190724PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.05750.051639752.528.
840003205756561BGP SLF SOLUTION 18684-ET20190720FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET530.05800.121261762.697.
840003205768546LARS-ACRES SSI 23364-ET20190711PEAK POLYMER-ET640.05950.121659752.847.12.6-0.51.731.32-0.084.448152571135
840003208823707S-S-I RENEGDE 8645 10904-ET20190705S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET780.111230.231552742.736.
840003207145250HORSENS S-S-I 3344 4089-ET20190718PEAK AZTEC-ET670.061030.151609752.798.
84000320801319020190714BOMAZ YOSHI-ET510.03990.171360762.796.22.1-0.31.440.54-0.853.447187581132
840003204119569MOOODY-SD DYNAMO 4894320190517MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET620.05830.091572762.597.02.7-0.11.681.27-0.573.848176331132
84000320931553720190718FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET840.011020.022616762.887.02.2-1.51.650.29-0.224.64557481132
840003207145211HORSENS S-S-I 3344 4050-ET20190624PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET680.051150.171751752.767.
840003206882369BOADWINE TOPSHOT 1763120190616BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET660.03830.041883772.717.
840003209251438BLUMENFELD CABOT 681520190722BOMAZ ALTACABOT-ET500.02700.051479762.598.
840003204924050MAJR 7437 DYNASTY 536-ET20190711MR RUBICON DYNASTY-ET710.081150.201590762.697.73.4-
840003150675504PINE-TREE 7705 DANTE 843220190728MR MCCUT DANTE 1407-ET780.061100.122001772.677.03.3-1.71.480.660.164.648109-211123
840003208410577CHERRYPENCOL L LUNA-ET20190715PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.06920.111636742.518.
840003206964140WELCOME BILLY LAURELI20190724MR RI-VAL-RE FREE BILLY-ET670.071020.151578752.757.14.2-0.41.490.99-0.715.04899351121
84000320575661320190804FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET430.05950.22934762.628.
84000320628943320190603PEAK AZTEC-ET630.06950.141515752.578.
840003208643199WEBB-VUE SOLUTION 9513-ET20190621FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET610.07880.131391762.615.21.5-
840003204988756TERRA-LINDA ROME 10504-ET20190724DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET620.051110.181594752.706.62.1-1.41.340.810.024.439138341120
840003207726608TTM-LFD LEGACY REVEAL-ET20190803PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET550.07910.171139752.478.
84000320575662120190807FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET730.02870.012250762.825.12.2-
840003205563268ROSYLANE-LLC FRZZLD 1219120190709MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET730.001010.042357792.637.12.8-
840003205768565LARS-ACRES SSI 23383-ET20190717PEAK POLYMER-ET580.07970.181222752.755.
840003204988728TERRA-LINDA SOLUTION 10476-ET20190703FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET480.02980.161412762.566.42.3-
840003204119778MOOODY-SD JOLT 4915220190619FARNEAR TBR DELTA-JOLT-ET460.01850.121384762.577.
84000320710322520190427BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET650.031060.131849782.906.
840003204988741TERRA-LINDA BILLY 10489-ET20190718MR RI-VAL-RE FREE BILLY-ET650.081140.211424752.716.54.3-0.61.661.300.504.24386271117
840003205756555BGP SLF DYNAMO 18678-ET20190718MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET620.021050.131804762.707.03.2-
84000320931554020190720FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET680.01870.022147762.676.52.3-1.11.831.301.013.244148511114
84000320881231220190626HIGHERRANSOM SAMSUNG-ET430.091020.29558762.897.
840003209251436BLUMENFELD ESCALATE 681320190721N-SPRINGHOPE ESCALATE-ET580.07980.181244762.617.
84000320496263220190305MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET450.07930.22839782.526.
840003204119674MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4904820190531BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET640.03990.111802782.756.53.6-0.71.29-
84000320594073920190726BOMAZ ALTAROBSON-ET320.12810.3018762.347.
840003204119612MOOODY-SD DYNAMO 4898620190522MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET650.031010.121820762.657.43.9-1.00.950.95-0.564.251156-71112
84000320628942320190524MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET560.04930.131490752.516.
84000320931553520190717FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET700.03910.061986752.596.52.6-1.61.881.860.953.842106651112
840003208823807S-S-I LEGACY 1320 1100420190727PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.06910.141405752.509.
84000320931553420190717FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET660.05880.091664762.698.13.6-0.81.760.910.313.143106501111
840003130112595TTM OA CRIMSON 10084-ET20190521ABS CRIMSON-ET680.021210.152084752.905.92.9-2.10.760.60-0.343.14211621110
840003204119675MOOODY-SD AltaFORCE 4904920190531PEAK ALTAFORCE-ET680.06890.091708752.827.
840003204249532K-STAR HUEY TABITHA20190616T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET530.03840.101458762.617.
840003206289439MELARRY 372420190606MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET290.04720.18588792.586.54.9-0.81.660.82-1.484.647308841108
840003204119678MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4905220190531BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET620.01810.041902782.826.
840003208823762S-S-I SOLUTION 8463 1095920190718FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET510.04970.171289752.785.42.3-
840003205756572MS BGP SLF NOBLE 1869520190723MR SPRING NOBLE-ET66-0.02890.002364762.596.63.0-0.42.860.090.685.151131331106
84000320526714620190606BOMAZ DAMIEN KANZO-ET480.02830.111380752.547.
840003205768445LARS-ACRES LIO AMSTERDAM-ET20190618MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET630.001100.112109762.765.
840003204566967S-S-I RMD 7613 4044-ET20190710DE-SU BARCELONA 14195-ET530.091160.30901752.597.
840003208410580CHERRYPENCOL L LENA-ET20190716PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET750.081000.121732752.697.
84000320744186020190713GIL-GAR FUMAGALLI-ET420.08970.26647762.925.43.0-0.61.901.54-0.205.046243641103
840003209251445BLUMENFELD MERRIMAC 6822-ET20190725NO-FLA MERRIMAC-ET760.06790.031881742.837.
840003205563271ROSYLANE-LLC FRZZLD 1219420190710MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET530.041000.171391782.517.12.6-
840003150675479PINE-TREE 7716 ALCO 8407-ET20190712WESTCOAST ALCOVE620.101260.301129752.845.62.5-1.41.760.71-0.496.94474651101
840003207082358JOOK MOOLA 20107-ET20190706MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET570.03890.111553752.468.
84000320931552820190715FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET690.06990.131675752.686.22.1-0.81.510.940.805.143123521098
840003204119593MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4896720190520BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET680.05870.081718782.925.
840003150675501PINE-TREE 7668 MOOLA 842920190727MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET500.07840.161027752.656.
840003209251439BLUMENFELD CROSBY 6816-ET20190722DENOVO 14566 CROSBY-ET620.05900.121530762.648.
840003205069544CRMRYCRK MAJSTIC 496320190627BLUMENFELD MOD MAJESTIC-ET390.03700.12985762.717.65.3-0.51.581.27-0.615.551295451096
84000320776553920190629HIGHERRANSOM SAMSUNG-ET490.10760.18724752.808.
840003207410511BADGER SSI 15511 16321-ET20190630FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET650.02900.061933752.677.62.3-0.71.940.740.172.24712171095
840003150675489PINE-TREE 7593 PURS 8417-ET20190719PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT-ET640.041020.141693752.697.
84000320628942920190529S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET640.0268-0.011885752.717.93.1-
840003205756549BGP SLF DYNAMO 18672-ET20190715MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET82-0.03105-0.022968762.836.40.8-2.41.780.58-1.534.649-10651094
840003205428482NO-FLA JALIB KAYLIN 5276120190804NO-FLA JALIB-ET700.01860.022184752.875.21.9-0.31.661.070.195.150199171093
840003204865265JENNY-LOU RIVETING 5250-ET20190613S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET610.04710.041633752.619.
840003208823737S-S-I LIAISON 8238 10934-ET20190711PEAK ALTALIAISON-ET760.04930.052131752.677.63.1-1.11.510.790.243.84167311091
840003205768547LARS-ACRES SSI 23365-ET20190711PEAK POLYMER-ET660.04800.041802742.707.03.3-0.31.401.15-0.454.44619211091
84000320575660420190801FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET720.00870.002369762.646.92.9-2.62.301.79-0.514.444100231091
840003204119370MOOODY-SD FRAZZLED 4874420190418MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET42-0.01850.111472792.648.
840003206964113WELCOME DIVERSITY GLAZE20190707DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET450.05770.141011752.669.
840003208368707TRAILSIDE FUTURE 504720190622MELARRY FRAZZLED FUTURE-ET820.03970.022425752.867.
840003145444948HOUIN S-S-I 16 357-ET20190624PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET830.061100.112127752.796.12.5-0.51.800.92-0.695.1452241089
840003208823821S-S-I LIONEL 5600 11018-ET20190801MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET570.061270.281292752.685.82.7-
840003204119754MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4912820190612BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET600.02670.001817782.696.
840003207410553BADGER S-S-I 15396 16363-ET20190728DIRT-ROAD CANNONBALL-ET590.081170.251242752.587.03.0-0.52.671.910.454.94472-81087
84000320575661020190803T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET62-0.01790.002090762.728.14.1-
84000320575661220190804FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET630.051040.161601762.607.33.2-2.11.501.13-1.254.14294151086
840003200787428CHERRY-LILY LEGACY LIME-ET20190606PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET460.09840.21715752.467.
840003205428470NO-FLA MERRIMAC ZO 52749-ET20190801NO-FLA MERRIMAC-ET710.04930.061996742.825.52.6-
840003204119511MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4888520190509BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET500.06850.151122782.567.64.9-0.71.460.450.024.048156651084
840003204119662MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4903620190529BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET560.08650.091073782.617.
840003208823808S-S-I CANNONB 8657 11005-ET20190728DIRT-ROAD CANNONBALL-ET420.08690.16650742.
840003150675490PINE-TREE 7593 PURS 8418-ET20190719PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT-ET670.06990.131641752.587.
840003207410535BADGER SSI 15631 16345-ET20190712PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.04930.091824752.716.61.7-
840003200212245GRANSKOG-ACRES DERINDA20190615CLEAR-ECHO FRAZZ NEWSTAR-ET590.0262-0.011773762.507.
840003207410544BADGER SSI CANNONB 16354-ET20190719DIRT-ROAD CANNONBALL-ET520.051040.201250752.666.22.8-0.41.521.62-0.284.64016181078
840003208823753S-S-I LEGACY 8804 10950-ET20190716PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.02780.021968752.779.
840003205563278ROSYLANE-LLC RIVTNG12201-ET20190716S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET520.05980.181229752.677.
840003208823763S-S-I LEGACY 8919 10960-ET20190718PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.091200.251304752.607.53.0-
84000320894941220190703T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET540.041130.211417752.697.12.4-0.42.401.470.803.144109-251077
84000320693224920190724SANDY-VALLEY GENTRY 3117440.09750.19628752.597.
840003204119429MOOODY-SD MONTOYA 4880320190426PEAK ALTAMONTOYA-ET630.01830.041936762.846.
840003205756544BGP SLF SOLUTION 18667-ET20190714FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET600.03770.041731752.646.93.0-1.42.301.780.604.344173371075
840003204566968RMD-DOTTERER SSI 4045-ET20190710PEAK ALTALIAISON-ET640.09990.181296752.677.
840003205704213S-S-I ZAREK 9024 12515-ET20190716PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET680.03810.031939752.547.13.3-1.21.740.640.424.646111481074
840003205334643TTM TV ROLAN EMMY-ET20190518PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN512-ET500.06690.101074762.797.34.6-0.12.370.74-1.262.743225-71074
840003205756558BGP SLF TAHITI 18681-ET20190719DE-SU FRAZZ TAHITI 14104-ET68-0.01910.012337752.907.22.1-0.22.630.82-1.573.54527441074
840003208823802S-S-I ZAREK 8955 10999-ET20190726PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET670.05920.101729742.588.43.6-0.31.500.890.194.0426191073
840003205563261ROSYLANE-LLC FRZZLD 1218420190705MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET40-0.04650.011643792.457.
84000320881233920190707HIGHERRANSOM SAMSUNG-ET280.10520.1938762.837.
840003208823805S-S-I LIONEL 5600 11002-ET20190727MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET590.011120.151819752.757.
840003208410578CHERRYPENCOL L LEANN-ET20190716PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET650.081110.211359752.637.
840003207082355JOOK TORQUE 2010420190706BUSH-BROS TORQUE-ET400.07690.16674762.507.
84000320385703420190605MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET370.01500.031108772.548.
840003204119726MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4910020190609BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET590.02890.081763782.776.
840003205428462NO-FLA HAGAR SABRINA 5274120190731NO-FLA HAGAR 44088-ET690.07960.131591752.695.41.5-
840003150675493PINE-TREE 7429 FUTU 8421-ET20190723MELARRY FRAZZLED FUTURE-ET550.051090.211298762.747.43.6-0.92.840.59-1.285.24934331069
840003205756559BGP SLF HUEY 18682-ET20190719T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET400.01770.111221762.567.
840003207410554BADGER S-S-I 15511 16364-ET20190728PEAK POLYMER-ET600.051000.161482742.837.43.8-0.70.981.03-0.734.743139-11069
840003205756547BGP SLF SOLUTION 18670-ET20190715FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET630.02900.071868762.746.41.7-1.21.891.030.122.946119401069
840003208823759S-S-I SOLUTION 8589 1095620190717FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET710.0170-0.052277752.687.32.3-0.91.831.340.103.745122461068
840003205428462NO-FLA HAGAR SABRINA 5274120190731NO-FLA HAGAR 44088-ET690.07960.131591752.695.41.5-
84000320456691620190521SIEMERS BLOOMFIELD-ET430.081030.28694772.707.
840003208410584CHERRYPENCOL LG LARK-ET20190718PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.08950.171239742.718.
840003204988745TERRA-LINDA BRASS 10493-ET20190721BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET610.03970.121708752.777.
840003204119736MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4911020190609BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET640.08990.171374782.655.72.2-0.10.950.710.693.747123401064
840003208823719S-S-I BARCEL 8657 10916-ET20190707DE-SU BARCELONA 14195-ET540.07880.171104752.608.
840003201743573ROSYLANE-LLC ROME 1799-ET20190621DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET570.04810.091513762.488.
840003205768526PRESTON SSI 5716 23344-ET20190708PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET570.061180.241315752.538.
84000320710325220190514BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET650.04890.081783782.697.33.4-1.51.770.63-0.014.643112331063
84000320688207120190511BUTZ-HILL DELTA-WORTH-ET410.00950.161316762.837.
84000320136813420190731T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET400.08820.21630752.516.
840003204119619MOOODY-SD FRAZZLED 4899320190523MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET790.0086-0.032563782.595.91.3-2.61.890.46-0.334.24959631062
84000320931552920190716FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET620.031010.131719752.756.63.2-1.11.511.000.193.83992291062
840003206882389BOADWINE DLT-WORTH 17651-ET20190621BUTZ-HILL DELTA-WORTH-ET610.051120.191536752.777.
840003139887830MELARRY LADYSMAN FLAMING-ET20190604PEAK ALTALADYSMAN-ET640.06790.081537752.686.02.8-
840003206964157BACON-HILL BRASS KAIMEN-ET20190802BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET560.03830.091575752.667.02.3-1.12.641.39-0.104.443123511061
840003150675499PINE-TREE 7739 GAME 8427-ET20190725REGAN-DANHOF GAMECHANGER-ET670.04890.081780752.627.
840003205146380SHELAND NOBLE2 LUCK-ET20190708MR SPRING NOBLE 2-ETN490.07880.19966752.618.
840003203984723WEBB-VUE SOLUTION 9497-ET20190613FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET670.06950.121611772.816.73.0-
840003207145231HORSENS SSI 3344 4070-ET20190706PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET580.031000.131669752.687.
84000320555531220190723MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET420.02600.051227782.568.

High Ranking TPI® Genomic Females – September 2019

Registration NumberNameBirth DateGFISire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%MilkFeed Eff.Yield Rel.SCSPLFert. IndexPTATUDCFLCBWCType Rel.DCEDSBGTPI
HO840003204166369DENOVO BUNDLE 832-ET201907129.6DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET810.061110.122074268752.569.00.11.902.310.94-0.52722.92.82966
HO840003208004195PLAIN-KNOLL LEGACY 2666-ET201907269.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET770.081120.151817263752.569.02.11.401.281.07-0.28733.93.42952
HO840003208823743SSI-DUCKETT 109402019071310.5PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.121130.29899241752.398.61.91.832.200.670.50723.43.82934
HO840003204062713REGAN-DANHOF R CARA-ET201907059.8S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET560.06650.071241156752.479.34.32.543.021.871.03733.53.62918
HO840003207410520BADGER SSI 15631 16330-ET201907029.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.091070.201367252752.638.81.81.692.220.95-0.67724.43.92917
HO840003208443967FB 28253 ROBERT 606114-ET201907259.3SCHOENE-KUH ALTAROBERT-ET500.10990.26713203752.588.94.21.572.251.550.63722.84.02911
HO840003204326593WET RENEGADE MARLA-ET201907099.4S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET760.061120.141944246742.627.12.21.861.251.320.72723.44.52910
HO840003208410578CHERRYPENCOL L LEANN-ET201907169.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET650.081110.211359252752.637.81.51.782.670.49-0.72743.63.42910
HO840003208823707SSI-DUCKETT 10904201907059.5S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET780.111230.231552284742.736.40.61.801.761.43-0.29723.74.62909
HO840003208441190FB 164 ENTITY 603337-ET201907109.6DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET650.061170.201570243752.618.21.71.331.921.170.33713.63.72908
HO840003209343380OCD LEGACY TAYA 53035-ET201907219.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.071140.201562249752.467.40.91.972.250.740.05733.64.32901
HO840003207410525201907049.7PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET650.081070.201363243752.618.41.31.742.501.18-0.40723.53.22894
HO840003208441175FB 60942 BUNDLE 603322-ET2019071010DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET690.041010.111842227742.698.41.02.332.471.270.16702.93.72886
HO840003143986730SIEMERS SOLUTION ROZ 31761201907029.7FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET590.041080.181531212732.658.20.92.412.381.541.06722.13.12878
HO840003143986660SIEMERS ROBRT PARI 31691-ET201906199.3SCHOENE-KUH ALTAROBERT-ET630.101200.281142247732.936.92.61.691.841.600.63703.54.52877
HO840003207410553BADGER S-S-I 15396 16363-ET2019072810.2DIRT-ROAD CANNONBALL-ET590.081170.251242236752.587.0-0.22.782.671.910.45754.64.92876
HO840003206349634OCD ESQUIRE MINT 49344-ET2019071310.2ST GEN R-AGRO ESQUIRE-ET760.13940.171254227752.766.71.52.512.471.051.42733.43.22872
HO840003151564732AARDEMA H44328201906179.3FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET510.021270.251482228732.399.00.41.521.891.590.54713.83.62871
HO840003205768526SSI-LARSON 23344201907089.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET570.061180.241315229752.538.01.71.761.771.060.70724.13.62871
HO840003204062653REGAN-DANHOF LEGACY CACI-ET201905229.5PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET790.07930.071968247752.588.
HO840003206219147LEANINGHOUSE RAPID 27123-ET201907209.9ST GEN R-HAZE RAPID-ET770.061030.111937246752.588.
HO840003208949434201907099.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET710.101260.261389263752.926.30.62.371.511.600.85723.43.72865
HO840003204326596WET RENEGADE MELANIA-ET201907109.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET600.06930.141392206742.598.02.41.712.191.420.33723.14.02862
HO840003207145211201906249.2PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET680.051150.171751248752.767.81.51.451.980.99-0.09703.65.42861
HO840003150675513PINE-TREE 7829 GAME 8441-ET201908089.7REGAN-DANHOF GAMECHANGER-ET620.08970.181259226752.888.42.61.652.231.33-0.39722.03.12859
HO840003206349591OCD LEGACY MISSY 49301-ET201907059.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET720.08980.131625230762.418.41.81.701.730.510.45744.64.72859
HO840003208410580CHERRYPENCOL L LENA-ET2019071610.2PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET750.081000.121732250752.697.81.51.652.060.54-0.66744.34.02856
HO840003208442238FB 22 MONTREAL 604385-ET201907209.7BOMAZ MONTREAL-ET620.091250.281235268752.926.91.01.721.981.32-0.82713.73.82856
HO840003208823716SSI-DUCKETT 10913201907069.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.09950.151371227762.408.
HO840003208181842AURORA LEGACY 21674-ET201906269.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET650.121020.231034235732.617.92.21.621.821.080.23714.94.62853
HO840003208441513FB 1255 SOLUTION 603660-ET201907169.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET660.051120.171707250762.677.71.01.651.871.16-0.80753.63.92852
HO840003208181931AURORA CRIMSON 21763-ET201907169.2ABS CRIMSON-ET600.031140.181655233732.578.61.61.531.890.83-0.05705.14.92850
HO840003208444483FB 7683 VENTURE 606630-ET201907299.5DENOVO 2705 VENTURE-ET640.031060.131822232752.708.
HO840003207726608TTM LFD LEGACY 1540-ET201908039.5PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET550.07910.171139201752.478.83.11.701.821.200.14724.14.72849
HO840003208440248FB 2639 SOLUTION 602395-ET201907109.1FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET620.081170.251279239752.606.81.41.351.621.220.65723.23.02849
HO840003208949399201906299.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.061230.251425255752.617.60.81.702.040.55-0.44724.15.02849
HO840003208436596201907059.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET670.071320.261547275752.577.8-2.21.992.121.58-0.33724.53.12848
HO840003208436569WINSTAR DIVERSITY 6072-ET201906279.2DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET760.011190.102403260752.717.7-0.21.691.611.22-0.37713.84.02847
HO840003207410517201907089.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.06990.151493228752.628.61.41.772.281.29-0.55724.34.12846
HO840003202762048OCD SOLUTION BABY 92652-ET201907069.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET640.071080.191431244752.518.2-1.32.362.771.52-0.63744.04.12845
HO840003145444950201907038.7PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET770.081100.151786257752.696.
HO840003151564747201906259.7SILVERRIDGE V TIMBERLAKE750.00920.002434227732.748.51.91.631.840.42-0.71702.33.12843
HO840003208443777FB 1385 SOLUTION 605924-ET201907239.6FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET620.021000.111829213772.788.90.71.892.391.790.13752.33.32843
HO840003208949439201907109.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET670.031110.141909235752.796.12.11.761.611.610.17734.23.92843
HO840003204062727DANHOF GC DIZARA-ET2019071710.1REGAN-DANHOF GAMECHANGER-ET500.06760.121114170752.708.93.91.742.631.620.28741.92.62842
HO840003209365437LEVEL-PLAIN LEG VALUE-ET201907209.2PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET620.031050.131791236752.588.71.61.551.930.85-1.14724.45.02842
HO840003145444948201906249.2PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET830.061100.112127271752.796.10.41.801.800.92-0.69734.95.12840
HO840003205704092SSI-TOG Y6772019071010PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET710.071110.171687251752.577.60.51.792.040.43-0.17724.25.12840
HO840003145444946201906199.1S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET570.06910.141353199752.479.21.81.612.101.660.24723.54.52839
HO840003151564744AARDEMA TRAILBLAZER-ET201906239.3FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET560.04920.131449199742.588.32.51.882.441.510.07724.04.02839
HO840003204566967201907109.6DE-SU BARCELONA 14195-ET530.091160.30901234752.597.
HO840003204457542OCD YOLO LILAC 52962-ET2019070710BGP YOLO-ET570.04730.061474184762.618.22.42.363.241.39-0.53743.34.42838
HO840003208181860AURORA RIVETING 21692201906309.5S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET580.06800.111317181742.516.
HO840003208004171PLAIN-KNOLL 2642201907119.2S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET810.061050.102061239762.706.1-0.12.311.851.221.21743.84.22833
HO840003150675503PINE-TREE 7710 PURS 8431-ET201907289.3PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT570.10930.21947212742.688.71.91.582.241.500.03711.52.82832
HO840003151643749OCD FOXCAT CINERGY 47945-ET201907109.2BPS PANTHER FOXCATCHER-ET630.071040.181412225742.557.60.71.442.361.140.38723.13.42832
HO840003207082437JOOK DIVERSITY 20186-ET201907289.4DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET550.061200.261266236752.557.80.71.901.911.500.06724.23.92832
HOUSA000144803464RONELEE RENEGADE BROOKLN-ET201904159.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET730.091000.151521240752.646.90.31.782.071.630.18733.44.32832
HO840003150675482PINE-TREE 7829 GAME 8410-ET2019071510REGAN-DANHOF GAMECHANGER-ET660.091030.191342245752.867.71.41.782.171.28-0.80722.73.82831
HO840003208410594PEN-COL LEGACY BEST-ET201908049.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET590.081220.281178258752.698.10.11.692.061.06-0.70743.73.52831
HO840003206349649OCD 49359201907159.1FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET620.03870.081719202752.489.51.11.912.511.34-0.14724.84.82830
HO840003204988747TERRA-LINDA ROME 10495-ET201907229.5DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET720.031090.112045234752.598.40.71.621.011.180.63744.34.12829
HO840003204166378DENOVO GODIVA 841-ET201907169.4DENOVO 14649 GODIVA-ET700.08960.131562228752.627.8-
HO840003208444112FB 390297 SOLUTN 606259-ET201907289FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET780.041090.092199257752.847.9-0.71.711.671.11-0.56732.12.62828
HO840003208436604WINSTAR ENTITY 6107-ET201907059.5DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET590.03990.131639208752.647.31.91.892.290.970.27723.42.72827
HO840003204382419FLY-HIGHER LEGACY SINDY-ET201906259.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.021030.131773231752.519.
HO8400032045669682019071010.3PEAK ALTALIAISON-ET640.09990.181296229752.677.31.51.951.871.36-0.12724.03.12826
HO840003206349618OCD BIG AL NOODLE 49328-ET201907109.1A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET680.081170.211514254752.786.90.01.932.231.410.03725.25.12826
HO840003209315541201907209.4FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET730.071130.161774253752.825.9-1.12.542.821.380.08743.34.22825
HO840003206882338BOADWINE ACHIEVER 17600-ET201906109.6ABS ACHIEVER-ET610.051100.191533235762.757.42.11.441.801.02-0.30723.93.52824
HO840003208004211PLAIN-KNOLL CASCADE 2682-ET2019080410REGAN-DANHOF CASCADE-ET460.05850.171009174762.726.73.82.732.961.570.45754.83.72824
HO840003151643783OCD HUEY NAPPY 47979-ET201907219.3T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET450.05920.191061175752.379.11.72.302.581.870.86734.45.22823
HO840003203325891VANDEN-BERGE BRYCEHARPER-ET201906099.8S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET680.021010.082051226732.796.11.02.342.461.04-0.19712.92.52823
HO840003204924050MAJR 7437 DYNASTY 536-ET201907118.8MR RUBICON DYNASTY-ET710.081150.201590263762.697.7-0.81.882.061.05-0.59744.14.42823
HO840003143986828SIEMERS BRS HANINA 31859-ET2019072210BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET560.08830.151127192732.757.41.82.793.031.590.17713.73.42822
HO840003208851710DENOVO CRIMSON 10459-ET201907229.3ABS CRIMSON-ET650.051210.211644253752.868.41.50.891.261.06-0.16703.54.42819
HO840003204326555WET LEGACY MORRIE-ET201906079PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.001010.072173227762.597.90.91.772.730.11-0.60745.54.62818
HO840003206349639OCD SOLUTION SOY 49349-ET201907159.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET610.081010.191265221752.738.3-0.62.642.761.680.28733.43.52817
HO840003207410561BADGER S-S-I 15396 16371-ET2019080410.6DIRT-ROAD CANNONBALL-ET550.061070.211259212752.477.90.81.921.701.400.67752.92.92816
HO840003208436559WINSTAR ENTITY 6062-ET201906239.1DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET650.081220.251383262752.726.6-0.11.811.641.11-0.42712.13.02816
HO8400032084462912019080310.1MR FRAZZLED ARISTOCRAT-ET640.01940.072009200762.488.70.31.962.221.600.64743.63.22816
HO840003208447057201908059.5SCHOENE-KUH ALTAROBERT-ET760.07930.081846223762.847.81.31.891.761.100.79742.83.62816
HO840003151643734OCD HUEY MISSY 47930-ET201907069.4T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET620.041190.201675248762.876.90.61.921.861.35-0.50753.02.62815
HO840003207410953201907059.6FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET680.03940.081919210762.577.71.51.592.020.970.57733.23.72815
HO840003208443586201907209.1FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET820.071050.111982251752.756.4-
HO840003202645351GREEN-BANKS ACHIEVER 7877201907039ABS ACHIEVER-ET690.081100.191497250762.855.8-
HO840003204166382DENOVO MONTREAL 845-ET201907189.4BOMAZ MONTREAL-ET660.111290.301160283752.897.
HO840003206964110WELCOME EISAKU GALLY-ET201907069.6SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET640.05880.101603203752.799.21.81.831.841.860.38723.13.62814
HO840003208823813SSI-DUCKETT 11010201907299.6S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET750.06720.001916195752.727.11.72.392.301.450.60722.92.92814
HO840003204988735TERRA-LINDA SOLUTION 10483-ET201907149.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET620.021110.151827228762.656.9-
HO840003206349668OCD SOLUTION SOY 49378-ET201907189.5FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET530.02960.131561195752.458.
HO840003206349708OCD SOLUTION SOY 49418-ET201907239.5FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET540.02840.091555181752.528.10.52.543.002.120.24733.74.02811
HO840003207410519201907109.3PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET650.04920.091752211752.757.81.71.632.261.080.04713.23.72811
HO840003209343365OCD LEGACY SOY 53020-ET201907179.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET580.07990.191226223752.708.
HO840003204326554WET NOBLE POPPIE-ET201906069.6MR SPRING NOBLE-ET460.06940.21935199752.608.
HO840003208443890FB 522 VENTURE 606037-ET2019072410DENOVO 2705 VENTURE-ET680.041220.191809261752.647.8-0.71.331.641.13-0.46724.21.52810
HO840003152015350SDG 5000 HUEY 866-ET2019071910T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET560.081040.221105229752.617.41.91.581.651.90-0.58733.53.92809
HO840003208949412201907039.3T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET540.041130.211417214752.697.10.12.582.401.470.80732.23.12809
HO840003204166377DENOVO BUNDLE 840-ET201907169.3DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET790.061080.112017258742.936.
HO840003205428242NO-FLA RENEGADE ME 52521-ET201906279.1S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET760.071020.111871231742.755.
HO840003145444953201907099.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET800.011000.022539255752.538.3-
HO840003201755814DENOVO PERK 3286-ET2019071710FB 6860 SPECTRE PERK-ET480.091070.28762211752.548.01.61.801.741.850.39723.23.92807
HO840003201829531WILRA BILLY 2031-ET201907109.4MR RI-VAL-RE FREE BILLY-ET710.11990.181312246742.888.
HO840003143986755SIEMERS HUEY PARIS 31786-ET201907069.4T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET780.031050.072246233752.995.00.82.442.441.230.92744.94.52806
HO840003146447579JENNITON SKYWLKR MADISON-ET201904119.5BOMAZ SKYWALKER-ET690.11960.171253241752.836.11.31.852.141.08-0.54731.63.92806
HO840003206219152LEANINGHOUSE DTLNE 27128-ET201907219.5PEAK ALTADATELINE-ET660.04780.041783176752.427.40.72.493.071.401.53715.04.72806
HO840003206349616OCD CASCADE MISSY 49326-ET2019071010.2REGAN-DANHOF CASCADE-ET720.061040.131759241752.796.
HO840003206069894MORNINGVIEW SOLUTION 6662201907109FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET600.05940.141486200752.597.
HO840003201829524WILRA BILLY 2024-ET201907059.3MR RI-VAL-RE FREE BILLY-ET630.091000.191255245742.718.81.90.741.790.87-1.39702.94.22804
HO840003208445775201908099.5T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET710.051240.181894263752.656.0-0.81.782.100.45-0.13734.54.52804
HO840003208446927201908049.9T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET720.021030.082169235752.676.71.11.391.811.06-0.25733.33.32804
HO840003204166353DENOVO MONTREAL 816-ET201907089.5BOMAZ MONTREAL-ET500.09910.22783214752.849.32.41.622.311.45-1.17722.33.72803
HO840003204457535OCD SOLUTION MENNA 52955-ET201907068.9FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET620.021010.111866220752.628.00.81.792.341.20-0.39724.44.52803
HO840003204865271JENNY-LOU RIVTNG HIDEOUT-ET2019061610S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET600.07870.141277202752.449.21.11.852.370.730.20744.14.12803
HO840003206349653OCD SOLUTION SOY 49363-ET201907169.6FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET600.051020.161477224752.648.10.51.782.341.22-0.36733.43.42803
HO840003141609313RICHMOND-FD MOOLA MALINA201906309MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET650.06830.091540206752.558.40.91.882.591.32-0.14744.04.82802
HO840003204865265JENNY-LOU RIVETING 5250-ET201906139.7S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET610.04710.041633182752.619.02.11.872.831.24-0.23743.24.32802
HO840003208444618FB 390297 SOLUTON 606765-ET201907319.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET710.021010.082108232752.728.1-0.21.901.871.33-0.33733.13.42802
HO840003208446504FB 1255 ARSTCRT 608651-ET201908069.2MR FRAZZLED ARISTOCRAT-ET610.051040.171497217762.676.
HO8400032045669162019052110.6SIEMERS BLOOMFIELD-ET430.081030.28694204772.707.82.91.882.331.38-0.14744.63.72800
HO840003204988736TERRA-LINDA SOLUTION 10484-ET201907149.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET500.001010.141661185762.517.
HO840003208823780SSI-DUCKETT 10977201907219.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET690.061090.161666250752.568.50.21.351.730.56-0.55735.64.62799
HO840003209464265HYDE-PARK 6512-ET201907039.9BOMAZ ALTASOHOT-ET690.081190.221492254732.756.60.90.941.331.130.39703.73.32799
HO840003201755801DENOVO BUNDLE 3273-ET2019070810DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET710.121240.271263269752.746.2-2.22.452.740.600.34725.54.62798
HO840003206349735OCD ROME RAEDEN 49445-ET2019072810.2DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET760.041030.082142241752.597.90.21.671.180.85-0.08733.13.12798
HO840003208444665201908019.9MR FRAZZLED ARISTOCRAT-ET540.061130.241201221752.796.
HO840003209251445BLUMENFELD MERRIMAC 6822-ET201907259NO-FLA MERRIMAC-ET760.06790.031881213742.837.
HO840003210107965JENNITON HOTJOB ELEANOR-ET201908019.3PEAK ALTAHOTJOB-ET690.04850.061849207752.626.
HO840003150675490PINE-TREE 7593 PURS 8418-ET201907199.8PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT670.06990.131641233752.587.91.31.361.360.94-0.47722.62.92797
HO840003204457511OCD CASCADE MISSY 52931-ET201907029.6REGAN-DANHOF CASCADE-ET650.09860.141281196752.776.01.12.802.810.881.37732.93.52797
HO840003207289406SS-TM LEGACY ASPIRE 1635-ET201906279.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET790.06830.031981222762.797.61.41.842.280.690.09744.63.32797
HO840003151564726AARDEMA H44322201906129.4SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET680.041040.121863231732.797.11.41.581.800.75-0.02703.54.02796
HO840003207082414JOOK MERRIMAC 20163-ET201907259NO-FLA MERRIMAC-ET720.061030.121801250752.737.7-0.61.762.161.28-0.91723.33.92796
HO840003208823822SSI-DUCKETT 11019201908019.3S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET660.05780.051712183752.656.32.22.402.520.701.10722.72.12796
HO840003204166362DENOVO BUNDLE 825-ET201907109.9DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET790.061200.152058276752.887.0-0.71.631.650.69-0.59724.34.42795
HO840003204326553WET LIAISON MERYL-ET201906069.7PEAK ALTALIAISON-ET540.12930.24705196752.596.
HO840003204326565WET ENTITY PORTER-ET201906189.1DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET540.041230.251426244752.727.80.11.811.811.77-0.64724.44.82795
HO840003208441392201907149.4SCHOENE-KUH ALTAROBERT-ET550.101010.24915203752.767.42.61.841.491.361.36723.13.92795
HO840003210107961JENNITON SKYWLKR PANDORA-ET201906219.5BOMAZ SKYWALKER-ET640.14980.24855239752.906.
HO840003151564725AARDEMA H44321201906129.6FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET740.06990.101874226742.547.0-
HO840003206219070LEANINGHOUSE DYNMO 27046-ET201905299.7MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET680.05810.051805205762.747.70.42.322.671.35-0.19742.82.82794
HO840003208410598CHERRYPENCOL L LALA-ET201908079.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET600.08940.171249223752.588.60.91.422.560.60-0.76724.53.92794
HO840003204166337DENOVO ENTITY 800-ET201907059.7DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET600.061230.251415257752.895.91.01.421.881.06-0.75713.14.42793
HO840003204062693REGAN-DANHOF R CAMIE-ET201906219.1S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET530.06660.081145158752.359.23.11.992.321.310.71724.13.82792
HO840003206349739OCD RENEGA FRANCES 49449-ET201907289.4S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET590.091030.231066221752.855.
HOUSA000144803503RONELEE RENEGADE AMY-ET201904239.2S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET660.07790.081529191752.608.
HO840003206219146LEANINGHOUSE PRSUT 27122-ET201907199.5PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT740.04800.012086202752.808.
HO840003208445875FB 390297 HUEY 608022-ET201908109.2T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET610.081060.211285228752.568.01.21.611.421.000.20733.43.52790
HO840003209343369OCD BIGDOLL LAVAGE 53024-ET201907189.2KINGS-RANSOM BIG DOLLARS-ET640.06850.101499198752.588.01.11.912.171.130.62722.23.92790
HO840003143986733SIEMERS ROBERT ROZ 31764-ET201907039.9SCHOENE-KUH ALTAROBERT-ET720.07910.101668220742.856.
HO840003202762014OCD RIVETING MISSY 92618-ET2019062610S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET460.07730.15840158762.487.82.42.522.951.610.80743.73.82789
HO840003208441394FB 70 DYNAMO 603541201907149.4MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET650.051150.181664250762.846.5-0.11.921.941.51-0.59734.04.52789
HO840003208443658201907219.1FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET630.03850.071742194762.518.01.41.652.051.600.44753.53.92789
HO840003208823753SSI-DUCKETT 10950201907169.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.02780.021968208752.779.02.21.442.240.89-1.13733.43.82789
HO840003208851686DENOVO BUNDLE 10435-ET201907099.1DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET620.131180.31860260752.826.50.91.331.660.88-0.37712.83.52789
HO840003205359357DENOVO CROSBY 10420-ET201906299.9DENOVO 14566 CROSBY-ET780.03940.042230227752.757.80.01.901.511.240.28722.62.92788
HO840003201670278KINGS-RANSOM LEGAC DOZER-ET201905169.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.041200.181837252752.686.1-
HO840003204382468FLY-HIGHER PURSUIT SADIE-ET201907179.5PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT620.02860.061808193742.579.11.51.781.981.190.30723.03.22787
HO840003207410958201907129.3PEAK ALTAHOTJOB-ET680.0172-0.022094177752.637.60.72.512.911.330.72713.33.22787
HO840003208410586CHERRYPENCOL LAVERN-ET2019072310PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.03780.041766199752.698.
HO840003204119775MOOODY-SD MILESTONE 49149201906189.6PEAK ALTAMILESTONE-ET710.07830.071708198752.776.31.12.982.631.081.20744.65.52786
HO840003205146380SHELAND NOBLE2 LUCK-ET2019070810.2MR SPRING NOBLE 2-ETN490.07880.19966186752.618.
HO840003206349695OCD SOLUTION SOY 49405-ET201907229.6FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET680.03890.051971219752.558.3-0.31.902.551.31-0.74734.14.52786
HO840003200569587SANDY-VALLEY PURSUT 7255-ET2019070210PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT560.07710.101158166752.628.02.81.982.341.410.99721.12.92785
HO840003204988755TERRA-LINDA SOLUTION 105-ET2019072310.6FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET46-0.01920.111639161762.537.02.42.542.011.581.26742.62.42785
HO8400032057566102019080310.4T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET62-0.01790.002090193762.728.10.32.523.011.55-0.79742.73.52785
HO840003143986673SIEMERS LEGACY ROZ 31704-ET201906219.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET590.05810.091485201752.599.31.71.632.490.56-0.77733.43.52784
HO840003201829497WILRA ROME 1997-TW-ET201906309DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET700.051200.181861264752.657.41.20.790.880.41-0.71724.43.92784
HO840003201829498WILRA ROME 1998-TW-ET201906309DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET700.051200.181861264752.657.41.20.790.880.41-0.71724.43.92784
HO840003204062723REGAN-DANHOF R CARI-ET201907159.6S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET660.04720.021789176752.427.
HO840003204326589WET RENEGADE MERCEDES-ET201907069.1S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET680.03930.071972203752.736.60.82.362.411.210.92733.64.82784
HO840003206349607OCD RAPID SHIMMER 49317-ET2019070710.2ST GEN R-HAZE RAPID-ET660.09920.151307205742.786.20.42.532.331.661.36713.33.12784
HO8400032090751672019071110.6MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET660.031080.131863236782.428.6-0.81.412.060.74-0.31764.54.62784
HO840003205563278ROSYLANE-LLC RIVTNG12201-ET2019071610S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET520.05980.181229203752.677.
HO840003206349741OCD YOLO MENNA 49451-ET201907299.5BGP YOLO-ET500.05920.171170203752.608.72.01.812.440.74-0.76733.83.82783
HO840003208441486FB 60751 ENTITY 603633-ET201907159.3DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET720.05920.071928208762.776.70.62.352.281.621.14714.46.32783
HO840003209365433LEVEL-PLAIN LEG VAPE-ET201907099PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET550.01940.111684215752.598.11.41.682.101.37-1.49724.34.52783
HO840003151564718AARDEMA GLITZ 44314-ET2019060610DENOVO 7947 GLITZ-ET690.05960.101794224742.708.50.81.491.740.96-0.04713.13.12782
HO840003208181852AURORA LEGACY 21684-ET201906289PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.07890.131376209732.678.12.81.601.580.730.14714.75.12782
HO840003205756605201908029.2MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET750.0088-0.012476217762.767.00.02.452.251.36-0.33742.63.52781
HO840003208013884201907129.7FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET530.061000.201205210762.737.11.21.712.371.60-0.07752.83.32781
HO840003208823763SSI-DUCKETT 10960201907189.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.091200.251304261752.607.5-1.11.582.270.83-0.59735.85.22781
HO840003208949453201907129.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET520.071020.221083217752.748.11.21.902.151.85-0.41723.84.22781
HO840003204865253JENNY-LOU RIVETING HOOK-ET201906039.9S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET580.08770.121128187752.417.62.01.932.590.520.28743.72.92779
HO840003208410589CHERRYPENCOL LG LAURI-ET201907289.9PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET650.07930.131509214752.687.61.21.682.020.800.30743.53.02779
HO840003204326572WET POSITIVE MEADOW-ET201906219.3PROGENESIS POSITIVE650.051190.201657251752.776.
HO840003204382446MS FLY-HIGHER PRST SONNY-ET201907069.5PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT650.03790.031893191742.568.42.51.961.850.660.10722.95.12778
HO840003204988740TERRA-LINDA SOLUTION 104-TW201907179.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET740.071130.171730254752.555.9-0.31.571.630.600.22734.34.02778
HO840003206964127WELCOME LEGACY KEONY-ET201907179.9PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET580.03700.041592171752.638.
HO840003208441640201907189.6SCHOENE-KUH ALTAROBERT-ET470.081030.26807192752.677.52.11.912.001.471.32724.04.02777
HO840003208436638WINSTAR ENTITY 6141-ET201907179.4DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET600.041080.171586216752.756.32.11.531.830.260.78722.43.72776
HO8400032084447282019080210T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET730.03930.052077218752.627.70.31.811.761.390.35723.83.62776
HO840003208823735SSI-DUCKETT 10932201907079.1DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET620.061050.181479239752.747.11.71.441.760.96-0.95723.83.82776
HO840003150675504PINE-TREE 7705 DANTE 8432201907289.5MR MCCUT DANTE 1407-ET780.061100.122001253772.677.0-1.01.891.480.660.16754.04.62775
HO840003201255939201908069.4FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET760.06980.091928246752.966.50.41.532.021.54-0.70733.13.32774
HO840003202762087OCD ROME LORALIE 92691-ET2019072010DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET690.051190.181809262752.677.2-0.31.841.610.57-0.73735.55.02774
HO840003207082358JOOK MOOLA 20107-ET201907069.4MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET570.03890.111553200752.468.
HO840003205756564201907209.4MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET610.071020.191328227762.686.90.11.772.281.06-0.20742.23.92773
HO840003207145250SSI-HORSENS 4089201907189.9PEAK AZTEC-ET670.061030.151609229752.798.01.31.341.431.020.24702.84.52773
HO840003202762042OCD BIGDOL FRANCES 92646-ET201907059.3KINGS-RANSOM BIG DOLLARS-ET670.05940.111702216752.808.00.81.722.250.750.29733.34.42772
HO840003206349605OCD FOXCAT CINERGY 49315-ET201907078.7BPS PANTHER FOXCATCHER-ET530.061110.241177229742.637.70.31.382.310.77-0.45713.23.02772


Randall Geiger of Ran-Rose Farms Obituary

Randall Andrew Geiger, age 69, of rural Reedsville, Wisconsin, passed away on Monday, September 9, 2019, at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Milwaukee, Wis. He was surrounded by his wife of 50 years, his two children, and their spouses following an 18-day hospital stay due to complications of a heart attack. The lifelong dairyman began that final journey from earth to heaven side-raking hay on the family’s 152-year-old farm. A true farmer, he left this earth with his farm boots on.

A fully committed volunteer, Randy worked the Manitowoc County Farm Bureau’s food stand at the county fair just two days before Flight for Life took him to the Milwaukee hospital. In the family’s minds, we paraphrase a quote from Bonnie Ayars about Randy’s life commitment: “An ‘open heart’ in all of life can bring about open heart surgery. While every attempt was made to fix his physical heart, Randy’s ‘real giving heart’ remains unchanged, and it never needed to be fixed.”

He entered this world on January 24, 1950, in Green Bay, Wis., the fifth of thirteen children born to the late Monica (Kopidlansky) and Norbert Geiger Sr. For two years, he attended Sacred Heart Seminary in Oneida and later graduated from Brillion High School Class of 1968. He earned accreditations from the Badger Business School and Fox Valley Technical Institute.

On August 1, 1969, Randy married Rosalie Pritzl at St. Mary’s Church in Reedsville. A unique member of Holy Family Parish, Randy was baptized at Holy Trinity of Kasson; received first communion, confession, and confirmation at St. Mary’s in Brillion; was married at St. Mary’s in Reedsville, and his mother went to school and his parents were married at St. Patrick’s of Maple Grove. Those four churches formed Brillion’s Holy Family Parish.

Dairyman, servant leader, mentor, family man, and devout Christian described Randy’s life mission. Following his father’s untimely death in 1966, Randy began a 50-year career dairy farming as he and his wife, Rosalie, bred and developed a prized herd of registered Holsteins. In 1994, Ran-Rose Cream Spirit amassed lifetime production of 342,000 pounds or 40,700 gallons of milk and then earned the title of Wisconsin’s lifetime milk production leader. Together, Spirit and her three direct maternal descendants made 1.3 million pounds or 155,000 gallons of milk. That achievement stands in rare company in global dairy cattle breeding circles.

With Randy’s compassionate cow care, the milk quality at Ran-Rose Farms, with Randy being the “Ran” and Rosalie being the “Rose,” was among the very best in the nation. From 1996 to 2015, the herd was awarded the Manitowoc County DHIA Udder Health Award each and every year and maintained a somatic cell score — a measure of cow and udder health — under 100,000 cells. In 2013, the herd averaged a “hall-of-fame level” 37,000 cells on all shipped milk to their milk plant. In 2002, the herd was recognized by the National Mastitis Council as a National Dairy Quality Award winner. Over the decades, the herd accrued Progressive Breeder of Registry awards, over a dozen Progressive Genetics Awards, Gold Medal Dams, and Dams of Merit recognitions from Holstein Association USA. Twelve times a cow from the Ran-Rose herd earned Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion honors at the highly competitive Manitowoc County Fair.

Randy also raised outstanding crops on his 376-acre farm. At the World’s Forage Superbowl, held in conjunction with World Dairy Expo, he garnered a second place finish and two fourth-place honors in the extremely competitive Dairy Hay Division. Those “farm crops” he nurtured also included well-over 20 high school students who learned life lessons working on his farm.

It’s also on that farm where he raised his most important “crop,” his children with his wife Rosalie. He was a supportive, loving, and committed husband, father, and grandfather. His joy was in his family, and he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to cheer them on in sports, academics, and in day-to-day living life to its fullest.

At age 27, Randy began a lifetime of service as a community leader when he threw his hat into the school board race for the Brillion School District. He won as a write-in candidate, outpolling five other candidates by 500 votes and defeating two incumbents. That early life story foreshadowed Randy’s future commitment to his fellow citizens. After moving to the Reedsville area, Randy served for ten years on the Reedsville School Board, holding positions as Vice President and Clerk.

Following the bankruptcy of rural Brillion’s Kasson Cheese plant in May 1989, Randy began a crusade to find some way to help the 170 farmers who collectively lost $2.1 million in milk check money that year. After writing well over 250 letters and making countless phone calls to elected officials, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson signed a bill into law in April 1991 to restore half of the money following potential state negligence in a bonding issue regarding the Kasson plant. “If nobody says anything, nobody does anything,” said Randy in a news interview after standing directly behind the Governor at the bill signing. With that foundation, Randy went on to become a visible and effective voice in local, state, and national public policy, lobbying elected officials at all levels on behalf of farmers and rural residents.

He was the 16-year President of the Manitowoc Milk Producers Cooperative, and later served as an officer for the FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative. For the past year, Randy was employed part-time in the member-services division for FarmFirst.

Nationally, Randy lent leadership to the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion & Research Board for six years and served on both the Wisconsin Beef Council and Eastern Wisconsin Dairy Herd Cooperative boards up until his death. From 2008 to 2013, Randy was on the board of directors of the National Milk Producers Federation and helped guide its Environmental and Milk Marketing Committees, routinely advocating in Washington, D.C.

He also served as a director for World Dairy Expo and gave tours to school children at that international event. Randy gave guidance to the Wisconsin Dairy 2020 Task Force following an appointment by Governor Thompson. He also served on the executive committee for the Wisconsin Agri-Business Council; was president of the Manitowoc County Holstein Breeders; was a delegate to the Cooperative Network; and its predecessor, the Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives; and was a board member of Lakeshore Federated Cooperative. He served as a delegate to Equity Livestock Cooperative, AgSource Cooperative, Genex Cooperative, and Northstar Select Sires. Randy was active in the Manitowoc County and Wisconsin Farm Bureau, serving as a delegate for both and as a member of the Farm Bureau’s State Dairy Committee.

Locally, Randy was vice-chair of the Rockland Township Smart Growth and Land-Use Planning Committee. He was a lifetime member of Holy Family Parish and St. Mary’s Parish and served as a confirmation sponsor to over a dozen young people.

While Randy didn’t strive for excellence to earn awards, he appreciated the honors bestowed upon him. He earned the Cooperative Network’s Cooperative Builder Award and received the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Honorary Recognition Award. Randy was presented as a Master Agriculturalist by the Wisconsin Agriculturalist and garnered Lakeshore Technical College’s Dairy Honor Award. He was named Friend of the Manitowoc County Farm Bureau and was bestowed Manitowoc County’s Outstanding Ag Leader Award. Additionally, Randy was recognized with these awards: Outstanding Service from the Reedsville FFA, Honorary Chapter Degree from the Brillion FFA, Outstanding Young Farmer from the Brillion Jaycees, Outstanding Young Farm Couple from the Manitowoc Milk Producers Co-op, and the Community Service Award from the Calumet County Farmers Club.

Survivors include his wife, Rosalie Geiger of Reedsville; a son Corey (Krista Knigge) of rural Mukwonago; and a daughter Angela (Nate) Zwald and their three children, Mary, Allison, and Zachary, all of rural Beaver Dam. Randy’s surviving siblings include Sandy (Michael) Siehr of Mishicot; Norbert (Colette) Geiger Jr., of Brillion; Michael (Karen) Geiger of Greenleaf; Martha (Earl) Haag of Larrabee; Monica (Tony) Schmidt of Brillion; Paul (Karen) Geiger of Forest Junction; Albert (Kay Lynn) Geiger of Brillion; Mary Ann (Steve) Piepenberg of Chilton; Simon (Rhonda) Geiger of Brillion. Also surviving are a sister-in-law Betty Geiger and brother-in-law Dennis Schmitz both of Chilton; a sister- and brother-in-law Annie and Robert Krueger of New London; and a brother-in-law Ken Konop of Brillion. Randy is further survived by 35 nieces and nephews from the Geiger Family and 10 nieces and nephews from the Pritzl Family.

He was preceded in death by an infant brother, Gerald Geiger; brother James Geiger; sister, Barbara Schmitz; sister-in-law Jacqueline Konop; and brother-in-law Elmer John Pritzl. He was also preceded in death by his parents, Norbert and Monica, and his father- and mother-in-law, Julia and Elmer Pritzl, whom Randy held in high esteem as they trusted him and his wife, Rosalie, with carrying on the family farm dating back to 1867. To say the least, those two couples had a special bond.

There were a number of special people in Randy’s life. Helping young people get started in agriculture was perhaps his proudest accomplishment next to his wife and children. To that end, he holds Dan Dvorachek, Josh Krahn, and Jonathan Petersheim as his “adopted farm sons.” Many other young people learned viable life lessons at Randy’s “farm classroom.”

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 14 at Holy Family Catholic Church in Brillion. The Rev. Tom Pomeroy will officiate with burial to follow at Kasson’s Holy Trinity Cemetery between Brillion and Reedsville.

Friends may call at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Brillion on Friday, September 13, 2019, from 3:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. There will be a parish prayer service at 7:30 p.m. The visitation will continue at the church in Brillion on Saturday from 9 a.m. until the time of Mass at 10:30 a.m.

In lieu of flowers, donations and memorials will be accepted in the name of Randy Geiger. Contributions will be allocated to a scholarship fund in Randy’s name to help young people get their start in agriculture and to the American Heart Association.

Everyone at The Bullvine sends our deepest thoughts and sympathy’s to the family and friends of Randall.


High Ranking TPI® Genomic Young Bulls – September 2019

Registration NumberNameRequesterNAAB codeBirth DateGFIProFatFEYield % Rel.SCSPLLIVFIPTATUDCFLCBWCType % Rel.DCEDSBGTPI
HO840003209365435NETTEKOVEN 924Select201907169.270123282752.687.
HO840003202560470ADAWAY HIGH DEMAND 2390-ETSelect201907039.26998218762.577.
HO840003204457520OCD YOLO MUFASA-ETSelect2019070310.049116216752.648.
HO840003208779290SHELAND 723Select201908069.866107222752.637.
HO840003207771401FB 4344 ROBERT 187996-ETGenVis201907158.458111236762.708.
HO840003207410344JOHNSON 785Select201908049.471132274752.637.
HO840003150687458PINE-TREE 7705 GAMEC 574-ETHO201907299.671112254752.608.
HO840003204165375DENOVO 16137 KARIM-ETABS201907059.658128269752.726.
HO840003206963867WELCOME-TEL B 4290-ETSelect201908049.56180200752.578.
HO840003208823706SSI-DUCKETT 10903Select201907059.470100237752.519.
HO840003209343355OCD LEGACY GOOGLE-ETSelect201907158.958104226762.637.
HO840003148929453SANDY-VALLEY ELKHART-ETSemex2019062310.87677206752.708.
HO840003205436197PEAK STRGZ PRSUT 82127-ETAlta201907249.46780190732.528.
HO840003151855949BULLCREST CHALNGER 10455-ETSemex201901279.75488207742.739.
HO840003209343368OCD TIMBERLAKE COLOGNE-ETSemex2019071710.06573182752.737.
HO840003207770700FB LOTUS MERRIMAC 187295-ETABS201907018.869125274752.597.
HO840003205611093KINGR 10973Select201907119.76396224752.787.
HO840003205436593PEAK CROWN MLKTM 62473-ETAlta201907129.88797237742.577.
HO840003207082440JOOK PURSUIT 20189-ETHO201907289.96882201752.498.
HO840003209365438NETTEKOVEN 927Select201907219.65998223752.688.
HO840003200270304LADYS-MANOR 1085Select2019070110.048122221752.667.
HO840003202157415TTM LEGACY AVID-ETSelect201908049.675130290762.706.
HO840003148929434SANDY-VALLEY 4049Select201907259.372104237752.527.
HO840003151790923PENN-ENGLAND BARB 1500A-ETSelect2019071010.152109213762.637.
HO840003200122712IDEAL 12832Select201907309.34387180762.428.
HO840003205436615PEAK HTMAM TMBRLK 62495-ETAlta2019072210.071101247732.948.
HO840003205436813PEAK HARROW PRSUT 4343-ETAlta201907199.95785188722.707.
HO840003208823765SSI-DUCKETT 10962Select201907189.46387203752.569.
HO840003148280194AARDEMA LEGACY DARA-ETSelect201907109.073103246752.767.
HO840003205436611PEAK PLRS PRSUT 62491-ETAlta201907199.28798249732.747.
HO840003205436810PEAK ELVT PRSUT 4340-ETAlta201907139.16491216732.568.
HO840003141608877BRANDT-VIEW DOCTOR DUSTY-ETHO201906209.85794202752.647.
HO840003205611110KINGR 10990Select201908079.462104216762.587.
HO840003148929426SANDY-VALLEY 4041Select201907069.175105248752.795.
HO840003207410336JOHNSON 777Select201907279.568115255752.647.
HO840003205436134PEAK PLRS TMBRLK 82064-ETAlta2019070810.27272194732.638.
HO840003202762024OCD RIVETING MISSY 92628-ETSelect2019063010.05277167762.586.
HO840003204381649ROSYLANE-LLC RVT17 BLAKE-ETHO201907199.15369154752.558.
HO840003200270289LADYS-MANOR 1070-ETSemex201905119.246105194752.568.
HO840003205704217SSI-TOG Y337Select201907179.95798216752.648.
HO840003209251440BLUMENFELD ROME 6817-ETSelect201907239.670109246752.607.
HO840003151643747OCD FULLMARKS TACO-ETSemex201907099.95887189752.748.
HO840003206219144LEANINGHOUSE ARTCT 27120-ETHO2019071810.15790193752.518.
HO840003207410323JOHNSON 764Select2019070110.054102216752.558.
HO840003205704222SSI-TOG Y333Select201907159.960110235752.636.
HO840003205611103KINGR 10983Select2019072810.056101219752.449.
HO840003150687461PINE-TREE 7829 GAMEC 577-ETHO201908059.95886202752.718.
HO840003205436616PEAK SCOUT PRSUT 62496-ETAlta201907229.663108225722.727.
HO840003150687463PINE-TREE 7829 GAMEC 579-ETHO201908059.761100241752.828.
HO840003201118979CHERRYPENCOL ENDGAME-ETSelect201905189.86782217752.619.
HO840003205611108KINGR 10988Select201908059.25798205752.667.
HO840003206349711OCD RENEGADE LASER-ETSelect201907239.06893219742.687.
HO840003200122709IDEAL 12829Select201907259.96189192752.616.
HO840003204988731TERRA-LINDA DISCJOCKEY 1-ETSemex2019070510.05578177752.708.
HO840003208823722SSI-DUCKETT 10919Select201907079.46597226752.619.
HO840003205611097KINGR 10977Select201907229.65897216752.756.
HO840003208823717SSI-DUCKETT 10914Select201907079.277108269752.587.
HO840003205436142PEAK MISSY LWSON 82072-ETAlta201907099.468113239732.875.
HO840003209365436NETTEKOVEN 925Select201907179.45694213752.558.
HO840003150687471PINE-TREE 7829 ZAREK 587-ETHO201908109.461112240742.599.
HO840003204499973Z-HAPPY ROBERT 7366-ETAlta201906229.36198215732.686.
HO840003206963843WELCOME GEOFFRY 4266-ETSelect201907129.73784171762.3510.
HO840003200122714IDEAL 12834Select201908019.75990223752.568.
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HO840003150687460PINE-TREE 7829 GAMEC 576-ETHO2019080410.368103238752.867.
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HO840003208037160WINSTAR BIG AL 2601-ETSelect201907249.550116235752.618.
HO840003205436806PEAK ELVT PRSUT 4336-ETAlta201907059.67281218732.668.
HO840003133032648CROWELL 149Select201907259.64480150752.388.
HO840003205030359CO-OP 15132-ETGenex201906079.758108233742.529.
HO840003206349782OCD RENEGAD FRANKENSTEIN-ETSelect201908049.773116260752.935.
HO840003208823793SSI-DUCKETT 10990Select201907239.45886193752.559.
HO840003200122707IDEAL 12827Select2019072110.153105215752.716.
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HO840003202074925REGAN-DANHOF R 13260-ETSelect201907109.26570179752.348.
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HO840003205436168PEAK MADEN PRSUT 82098-ETAlta201907169.95891193732.687.
HO840003206219177LEANINGHOUSE ACRAT 27153-ETHO2019080810.07690207762.717.
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HO840003148280195AARDEMA TIMBERLAKE 6901-ETSemex2019071210.66679210752.687.
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HO840003205030357CO-OP 15130-ETGenex2019060210.067122273732.896.32.7-0.21.511.781.68-1.49724.04.52788
HO840003204381644POWERS CYCLE RVTNG SHAQ-ETHO201906229.65161160762.708.
HO840003206219178LEANINGHOUSE ACRAT 27154-ETHO2019080810.05082167762.707.
HO840003148929458SANDY-VALLEY 4073Semex201907159.36995226752.667.
HO840003204326954WET RENEGADE MATCH-ETSelect201907059.864103227742.617.
HO840003208823730SSI-DUCKETT 10927Select2019070910.16871189752.507.
HO840003204165393DENOVO MERRIMAC 16155-ETABS201907139.669122267752.638.13.9-1.91.531.601.32-0.55713.74.02785
HO840003204988751TERRA-LINDA ROME 10499-ETSelect201907229.458100217752.428.
HO840003207410339JOHNSON 780Select2019073110.158104220752.627.
HO840003148929456SANDY-VALLEY 4071Semex201907139.55890180752.616.
HO840003148929465SANDY-VALLEY 4080-ETSemex2019062910.16890214752.816.
HO840003205611096KINGS-RANSOM D 10976-ETSemex201907229.85989204752.536.
HO840003151643771OCD FULLMARKS TARANTINO-ETSemex201907169.45682173752.648.
HO840003204165377DENOVO SAIGE 16139-ETABS201907069.570114254752.805.
HO840003208823732SSI-DUCKETT 10929Select201907109.567102229762.597.
HO840003204326952WET DOCTOR ROBERT-ETZoetis201906299.864111231752.805.
HO840003208410588PEN-COL EXPERT-ETSelect201907279.35093205752.648.
HO840003202074913REGANCREST GC 13248-ETHO201906308.85383177752.517.
HO840003143986789SIEMERS YOLO PARO 31820-ETSemex201907139.55594184752.905.
HO840003206219174LEANINGHOUSE ACRAT 27150-ETHO2019080710.36271172752.658.
HO840003201755811DENOVO VENTURE 3283-ETABS201907159.263122267752.727.22.8-
HO840003151643725OCD MICK BALLYHOO-ETSelect2019070510.35483190742.548.
HO840003206349736OCD 49446Select201907289.46674197752.378.
HO840003149934660PLAIN-KNOLL NEMO 10952-ETSelect2019080110.15171166772.638.
HO840003150905539JC-KOW VIRTUE 111-ETABS201906239.557119251762.786.92.3-
HO840003206349636OCD TIMBERLAK CRAIGSLIST-ETSemex2019071310.37473192752.866.
HO840003206349775OCD 49485Select201908038.95593205752.677.
HO840003202157411TTM DELSON ANALYZE-ETAlta201907309.456106230732.687.
HO840003205030361CO-OP 15134-ETGenex201907159.06187200742.688.
HO840003205436151PEAK ECHO PRSUT 82081-ETAlta201907109.75788208722.768.
HO840003205436187PEAK ECHO MLSTON 82117-ETAlta201907209.371101248732.796.
HO840003208823781SSI-DUCKETT 10978Select201907219.175102252752.697.
HO840003148929454SANDY-VALLEY 4069-ETSemex201907069.98196249752.905.
HO840003149934653PLAIN-KNOLL RNGADE 10945-ETSelect201907219.587109260762.806.22.2-0.71.601.370.570.46743.83.42774
HO840003204165371DENOVO BUNDLE 16133-ETABS201907039.868102238742.766.
HO840003204165405DENOVO MONTREAL 16167-ETABS201907169.94691208752.708.
HO840003149934646PLAIN-KNOLL LEGACY 10938-ETSelect201907089.15989214752.567.
HO840003200270305LADYS-MANOR 1086-ETSelect201907039.266102211752.676.
HO840003200787678MORNINGVIEW HOTJOB 548-ETAlta201907049.880105249732.765.10.4-
HO840003205611091KINGR 10971Select2019071010.16390208752.735.
HO840003206515242JETT-FUEL CRIMSON 8568-ETABS201906158.959111245762.648.
HO840003204165410DENOVO MONTREAL 16172-ETABS201907198.556116252752.847.
HO840003204988705TERRA-LINDA KENOBI 10453-ETABS201906129.56794216762.746.
HO840003207410328JOHNSON 769Select201907149.765107220752.566.
HO840003208823748SSI-DUCKETT 10945Select201907159.85488195742.808.
HO840003206349621OCD TIMBERLAKE DANNYBOY-ETSemex2019071010.16065185752.638.
HO840003208823799SSI-DUCKETT 10996Select201907259.15958145762.438.
HO840003201755810DENOVO VENTURE 3282-ETABS2019071510.045106221752.6210.
HO840003204165452DENOVO CRIMSON 16214-ETABS201907209.258111236752.747.
HO840003204326956WET RENEGADE MAVERICK-ETSelect201907099.66379188742.557.
HO840003206349628OCD BIG AL NIGERIA-ETSelect201907119.465111222752.766.
HO840003208823731SSI-DUCKETT 10928Select201907099.17471189752.808.
HO840003148280152AARDEMA TIMBERLAKE 6858-ETSemex2019062010.06383199752.667.
HO840003149934657PLAIN-KNOLL LEGACY 10949-ETSelect201907299.66569190752.608.
HO840003150910990SSI-LARSON 1254Select201907119.355104223752.596.
HO840003150910991SSI-LARSON 1255Select201907119.157120239752.547.
HO840003205436617PEAK ZNITH PRSUT 62497-ETAlta201907229.66992217732.628.
HO840003148929457SANDY-VALLEY 4072Semex2019071510.25591188752.548.
HO840003204381646POWERS CYCLE RVTG SHANE-ETHO201907069.55778200762.708.
HO840003201895174DYKSTRA 31543-ETGenex201908049.9100104274742.756.72.0-0.50.961.14-0.31-0.46714.85.52765
HO840003204988713TERRA-LINDA KENOBI 10461-ETABS201906159.76786205762.827.
HO840003206963841WELCOME GEOFF 4264-ETSelect201907099.85887180752.587.
HO840003201895169DYKSTRA 31538-ETGenex2019072810.057104238732.818.
HO840003204165376DENOVO MERRIMAC 16138-ETABS201907059.563110247752.658.64.9-0.21.501.191.27-0.52713.44.42764
HO840003204165395DENOVO BUNDLE 16157ABS201907149.658106230752.708.
HO840003205611067KINGR 10947Select201905319.462105247752.736.
HO840003206963853WELCOME HUMBUG 4276-ETSelect2019072510.15588186752.706.
HO840003151980243MISTY-MOOR SQUARE PANTS-ETGenVis201906209.183107264752.776.30.7-0.61.491.830.53-0.34734.25.02762
HO840003204165396DENOVO MONTREAL 16158-ETABS201907149.254113242752.846.
HO840003208823764SSI-DUCKETT 10961Select201907189.46565179752.599.
HO840003148280180AARDEMA POPSTAR 6886-ETSemex2019070210.57091222742.707.
HO840003148929430SANDY-VALLEY 4045Select201907189.46897215752.676.
HO840003204165388DENOVO MONTREAL 16150-ETABS201907119.055105233742.916.
HO840003204165390DENOVO SAIGE 16152-ETABS201907129.869106235752.756.
HO840003206349684OCD 49394Select201907219.44887176762.458.
HO840003204165364DENOVO ENTITY 16126-ETABS201907029.655117238752.805.
HO840003204457509OCD 52929Select201907019.35989201742.617.
HO840003205436148PEAK EMRLD CHLNGR 82078-ETAlta201907109.954103218732.676.
HO840003206350311OCD 60011Select201907309.84973168752.508.
HO840003206963868WELCOME-TEL F 4291-ETSelect201908059.54879183752.558.
HO840003151643765OCD TIMBERLAKE 47961-ETSemex201907159.57075200752.787.
HO840003205068729HENDEL 769Select2019072610.35896211752.576.
HO840003206963856WELCOME GALVEN 4279-ETSelect201907279.45684181752.468.
HO840003135379065COMYN 9065Select2019071110.27398228762.856.
HO840003204165454DENOVO BUNDLE 16216-ETABS201907239.76293215742.738.
HO840003205436190PEAK CHYNE PRSUT 82120-ETAlta201907219.74773166732.548.
HO840003205425355UNITED PRIDE 81785-ETGenex201906238.870106247752.676.
HO840003204326953WET RENEGADE MONTEREY-ETSelect201907049.86889219752.637.
HO840003205436138PEAK ECHO PRSUT 82068-ETAlta201907099.55481187722.627.
HO840003204145632G-DERUYTER 53387Semex201907149.149110211752.637.
HO840003204165372DENOVO BUNDLE 16134-ETABS2019070310.067127269752.915.42.3-0.61.561.921.05-0.15725.24.12755
HO840003204457525OCD 52945Select201907039.76971180752.517.
HO840003208410592CHERRYPENCOL RICO-ETSelect2019073110.16874201752.667.
HO840003203239707SYRYCZUK 2966-ETGenex201907069.151101222742.709.
HO840003150919054JIMTOWN NEWARK-ETSemex201905209.660100206762.805.
HO840003202074941REGAN-DANHOF R 13276-ETSelect201907189.66684206752.766.
HO840003208823790SSI-DUCKETT 10987Select201907239.26098219752.568.
HO840003209343403OCD 53058Select201907289.45482191752.498.
HO840003204457519OCD 52939Select201907039.05883184742.717.
HO840003205436127PEAK MADEN TMBRLK 82057-ETAlta2019070810.56880196732.846.
HO840003205436609PEAK GIFAN TMBRLK 62489-ETAlta2019071910.46183183732.657.
HO840003150687451PINE-TREE 7829 GAMEC 567-ETHO201907239.45999223752.837.
HO840003200787675MORNINGVIEW HUEY 545-ETSelect2019061710.25694211752.696.
HO840003204165367DENOVO CRIMSON 16129-ETABS201907029.170114260752.678.34.9-
HO840003200122713IDEAL 12833Select2019080110.24486169762.637.
HO840003206349652OCD TIMBERLAKE 49362-ETSemex2019071610.28177208752.816.
HO840003208410585PEN-COL GEMSTONE-ETSelect201907219.65676194752.649.
HO840003143986864SIEMERS POSITIVE HALL 31895Semex201907309.861111234762.815.
HO840003200122708IDEAL 12828Select201907259.04894184752.786.
HO840003200787686MORNINGVIEW 556-ETSemex2019071010.95273153752.497.44.4-
HO840003204165445DENOVO GODIVA 16207-ETABS201907089.963113256762.806.72.2-0.21.681.631.68-0.94734.43.82748
HO840003205068726HENDEL 766Select201907249.952110222752.657.
HO840003206702801PENN-ENGLAND LEHIGH1502A-ETSelect201907169.177103236752.814.10.8-1.32.672.181.840.46724.54.52748
HO840003204381650ROSYLANE-LLC LIONEL 18-ETHO201907219.274120264752.805.5-
HO840003205436811PROGENESIS M EXPLSN 4341-ETAlta201907159.072119277732.857.
HO840003208823786SSI-DUCKETT 10983Select2019072210.04177165752.498.
HO840003206349615OCD 49325Select201907099.34291174752.678.
HO840003208037161WINSTAR 2602Select201907249.55599220752.727.
HOUSA000144776373WA-DEL BRASS BARTEL-ETSelect2019041210.06192226762.727.
HO840003205436594PEAK HTMAM TMBRLK 62474-ETAlta2019071210.56799232732.956.
HO840003206300339WEBB-VUE RIVETING 315-ETSelect201907029.66179191752.685.
HO840003200787682MORNINGVIEW RS 552-ETSelect201907079.86190201762.626.
HO840003203211484FAIRMONT DISCJOCKEY 6933-ETSemex201905209.84869158752.657.
HO840003206349610OCD 49320Select201907089.65192181752.667.
HO840003143986749SIEMERS ROB PARISO 31780-ETSemex201907059.168107250752.885.
HO840003205611088KINGR 10968Select201907059.575103235752.715.30.6-0.21.981.621.510.58735.04.12743
HO840003148929432SANDY-VALLEY 4047Select201907239.77395223752.655.
HO840003151643768OCD TIMBERLAKE 47964-ETSemex2019071610.07873200752.736.
HO840003201755797DENOVO MONTREAL 3269-ETABS201907079.653112228752.966.
HO840003202074825DANHOF SWIFT 13160HO2019042410.47386219762.687.
HO840003206963839WELCOME GALE 4262-ETSelect201907079.45683191752.728.
HO840003133088592ROSYLANE-LLC ROME 9855-ETSelect201907109.24475163752.528.
HO840003151643775OCD 47971Select201907189.64584181752.608.
HO840003205436620PEAK SCOUT PRSUT 62500-ETAlta2019072410.15494193722.717.
HO840003206709311WINSTAR EISAKU 2562-ETABS201907049.55887196752.815.
HO840003208823789SSI-DUCKETT 10986Select201907239.65472166752.528.
HO840003137984363MYSTIC 8653Select201906209.65363156752.668.
HO840003148280183AARDEMA TIMBERLAKE 6889-ETSemex2019070410.16964194742.637.
HO840003150910928SSI-LARSON 1192Select201903309.07384212742.687.
HO840003205770116EILDON TWEED TI MINISTER-ETGenex2019070510.25577176742.717.
HO840003205611086KINGS-RANSOM P 10966-ETSemex2019070410.26294223752.747.
HO840003206963847WELCOME-TEL HABIT 4270-ETSelect2019071410.35067146762.596.
HO840003208823826SSI-DUCKETT 11023Select201908029.361127251752.745.
HO840003143986740SIEMERS YO PARISTY 31771-ETSemex201907049.74980187752.836.
HO840003202074942DANHOF GAME 13277-ETHO201907199.160100221752.786.52.5-0.11.972.471.450.28743.94.02738
HO840003206145073BLUMENFELD MERRIMAC 6798-ETABS201907068.66189201752.597.63.7-0.31.982.321.440.02723.24.12738
HO840003201895138DYKSTRA 31507-ETGenex201906189.75997223732.867.
HO840003201829535WILRA BILLY 2035-ETABS201907159.363113255742.927.
HO840003204165414DENOVO PERK 16176-ETABS2019072210.164106227752.836.
HO840003205611186G-DERUYTER 53417Semex201907219.76186194742.697.
HO840003206349644OCD FOXCATCHER CRISTIANO-ETSelect201907158.95794211742.518.
HO840003148280204AARDEMA 6910Select201907209.64681176752.567.
HO840003202074963REGAN-DANHOF EISAU 13298-ETSelect2019073010.04766145742.688.
HO840003206289425MELARRY 3710Select201905279.36187206752.458.
HO840003208823771SSI-DUCKETT 10968Select201907209.46097221752.658.

Are Cows Telling You Something About Your Compost-bedded Pack Barn Management?

Figure 1.

Compost-bedded pack barns have become a popular system for housing dairy cattle. These barns consist of an open area without stalls that allows free movement of the cows around the barn, therefore providing cow comfort. To ensure cow comfort, different bedding materials can be used in compost- bedded pack barns. The most common bedding materials are wood shavings or sawdust, although wheat or rye straw can also be used. For the latter, however, bedding management can become more challenging.

Given that manure from the cows is mixed with the bedding material, the compostbedded pack barn system is considered a “living system” with a heavy load of environmental pathogens that may increase the incidence of mastitis. To minimize the incidence of mastitis, it is critical to ensure the bedding material is as dry as possible. This is accomplished through aeration of the bedding material, which can be done using a rototiller, a vertical plow or chisel, or any other tool combining these actions. Through the frequent and proper aeration, heat production from microbial activity will be maximized and water will evaporate more easily. This will result in much cleaner cows.

Even though one of the goals of the system is to ensure cow comfort, it has been quite common for me to observe unusual behavior when visiting farms with compost-bedded pack barns. This unusual behavior typically includes standing cows in the feeding alleys (despite the presence of feed) or cows standing in front of the compost-bedded area.

My interpretation of this unusual behavior is that cows are telling us something about the management of the bedding material. If cows avoid walking and laying down on the bedding, then it is fair to assume there may be something wrong with the bedding. My best recommendation is for one to walk around the barn and experience the footing. When you do so, are you walking on an irregular surface full of holes and hard bumps? (Figure 1.) Are you noticing tracks of tractor wheels on the ground? Are you stepping on saturated spots? Most importantly, are you uneasy when walking around your compost-bedded pack barn? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then very likely you are having trouble managing your compost-bedded pack barn. And if you are hesitant to walk around, then the cows might be as well.

Finding a problem is always easier than finding solutions. So, what should managers do after finding cows are not comfortable in the compost-bedded pack barn? Even though this is extremely hard (but not impossible) to accomplish, sometimes the best answer is to start all over from scratch. This may mean emptying the barn and placing fresh bedding material. After this, maintaining good aeration will become critical to maintain a dry, warm, and fluffy bedding that ensures a comfortable.

Source: May Virginia Dairy Pipeline, 

$18 Milk and $2 Cheese in Chicago Monday

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange front-month milk futures pushed past the $18 mark which cheese prices had strong support Monday. Block cheese had the highest close since November of 2011.  Class III milk surged higher nearby, but 2020 markets were not as excited. September hit $18.07, up 11 cents, October was a biggest mover, gaining 21 cents to $17.93 per cwt. Nearing the late July peak at $18.05. November gained 11 to $17.47 per cwt. January – March of 2020 saw gains of 4-8 cents to finish with an average of $16.31 per cwt. Class IV milk was a different story. September fell 6 cents to $16.20, October was unchanged at $16.25, and November fell 16 cents to $16.24 per cwt. January – March of 2020 was unchanged to down a penny. Averaging at $16.70 per cwt.

Dry whey down $0.0150 at $0.38. One trade was made at that price. Blocks up $0.0025 at $2.00. Six trades were made at $1.9975 and $2.00. Barrels up $0.0675 at $1.80. Two trades were made at that price. Butter up $0.0025 at $2.1725. Thirteen trades were made ranging from $2.17 to $2.18. Nonfat dry milk down $0.0075 at $1.04. One trade was made at that price.

Grain and feed markets continue to be flat. December corn fell 1 ¼ to $3.54 ¼, November soybeans were unchanged at $8.57 ¾, and September soybean meal gained $1.30 to $288.50 per ton.