Open House Celebrates Sale of Coopon Flora Farm to Milky Wave Inc.

An Open House held on June 15 celebrated the sale of the Coopon Flora Farm in Elmira, ON, now called Milky Wave Inc., from Wijnand Pon to the Henk Schuurmans family.

Open House Celebrates Sale of Coopon Flora Farm to Milky Wave Inc.

Schuurmans has been the herd manager on the 210-cow dairy operation for 25 years.  He was involved during the expansion from 65 cows in a tie-stall barn to a 195-cow freestall and parlor operation in 1994.  He also helped manage reconstruction after a devastating fire destroyed the barn in 1997.  Since the rebuilding following the fire, the farm has maintained a herd size of about 210 cows producing 11,300 kg (24,912 lb) of milk, with a 3.95 percent fat and 3.2 percent protein.

Over 450 guests helped celebrate at the Open House.  Among those in attendance were Wijnand Pon, owner of Koepon Holding and Alta Genetics, Cees Hartmans, CEO of Alta Genetics, and Doug Blair, founding partner of Alta Genetics.

Guests enjoyed seeing cows presented in the performance pen on the farm.  Featured were daughters by several of Alta’s most popular marketed sires, including AltaAVALON, AltaIOTA, AltaOTTO, AltaBAXTER and others.

A dinner buffet was served and entertainment included a band for the evening.

AltaBAXTER daughters


Performance Pen featured at the Open House


AltaAVALON daughter


AltaBUZZER daughter


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