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Ontario County Holstein Show 2014

DATE: Sept 1, 2014
LOCATION: Port Perry, ON
JUDGE: Jeff West. Associate: Steph Warner-Murphey


Grand Champion – Nipponia RD Lizabeth (Dundee), 1st Mature Cow, Ronald Werry, Kingsway Farms & Trentward Farms
Reserve Grand Champion – Beckholm Goldwyn Pricilla (Goldwyn), 1st Five Yr Old, Beckholm Holsteins
Honorable Mention Grand Champion – Vanhaven Outbound Dancer (Outbound), 1st Four Yr Old, Dappledale Holsteins

Junior Champion – Beaverbrock Goldwyn Zoey (Goldwyn), 1st Sr. Yearling, Beaverbrock Farms
Reserve Junior Champion – Elmcroft Dempsey Avery (Dempsey), 1st Intermediate Heifer, Elmcroft Holsteins
Honorable Mention Junior Champion – Hi-Maintenance Gold Chip Liv (Gold Chip), 1st Senior Heifer, Kenroe Farms, John & Bonnie Ayars

Junior Heifer (7)
1.  Legend-Maker Goldwyn Athena (Goldwyn), John Campsall, Adam Clark & Clrakview
2. Dappledale Avalon Carmel (AltaAvalon), Dappledale Farms & Carl Phoenix
3. High Point Geothermal (Windbrook), High Point Farms & Barclay Phoenix

Intermediate Heifer (9)
1. Elmcroft Dempsey Avery (Dempsey), Elmcroft Holsteins
2. Dappleholm Jude Rebel (Jude), Michael & Jessica Phoenix
3. Aleah Kane Abyss (Aleah Goldwyn Kane), Aleah Farms

Senior Heifers (10)
1. Hi-Maintenance Gold Chip Liv (Gold Chip), Kenroe Farms, J & B Ayars
2. Aleah Friday The Thirteenth (Benchmark), Aleah Farms
3. Phoenix Wind of Reenie (Windbrook), Barclay Phoenix & Cherry Crest

Summer Yearlings (6)
1. Hodglynn Fever Lyndsay (Fever), Carle Phoenix & Family
2. Millen Shadow Orchid (Shadow), Stevenlea Holsteins
3. Trandy Atwood Kelsey (Atwood), Trandy Farms

Junior Yearlings (10)
1. Vanderway Snowin L Red (Ladd P), Clarkview & Vale-O-Skene
2. Kentville Fever Mercedes (Fever), Aleah Farms, Peter Leach & Kevin Shier
3. Beaverbrock Sanchez Darling (Sanchez), Beaverbrock Farms

Winter Yearlings (6)
1. Beaverbrock Rose Marie (Attic), Beaverbrock Farms
2. Beckholm Sid Trista (Sid), Beckholm Holsteins
3. Elmcroft Dempsey Cheerio (Dempsey), Elmcroft Holsteins

Senior Yearling (4)
1. Beaverbrock Goldwyn Zoey (Goldwyn), Beaverbrock Farms
2. Beckholm Sanchez Precious (Sanchez), Beckholm Holsteins
3. Aleah Bouncy Ball (Epic), Aleah Farms

Junior Herd
1. Beaverbrock Farms
2. Elmcroft Holsteins
3. Carl Pheonix & Family (Phoenixholm)

Dry Cows (1)
1. High Point Roselyn (Damion), High Point Farms

Futurity (4)
1. Beckholm Sid Bella (Sid), Beckholm Holsteins
2. Loa-De-Mede Fever Jessica (Fever), Loa-De-Mede Farms Ltd.
3. High Point Rox Firecracker (Dempsey), High Point Farms

Junior Two Yr Old (7)
1. Beckholm Sid Bella (Sid), Beckholm Holsteins
2. Aleah Sid Oh Baby Girl (Sid), Aleah Farms
3. Loa-De-Mede Fever Jessica (Fever), Loa-De-Mede Farms Ltd

Senior Two Yr Old (6)
1. Calmar Colton Wendy (Colton), Clarkview, Clarkvalley & Jeff Stephens
2. Lorneva Braxton Dolly (Braxton), Werry Bros & Almet Farms Ltd
3. Aleah Damion Langley (Damion), Aleah Farms

Junior Three Yr Old (4)
1. Beckholm Goldwyn Deelila (Goldwyn), Beckholm Holsteins
2. Elmcroft London Kizzy (London), Elmcroft Holsteins
3. Therindale Fever Blackberry (Fever), Prospect Holsteins

Senior Three Yr Odls (5)
1. Beckholm Bolton Trilium (Bolton), Beckholm Holsteins
2. Clarkridge Picolo Pam (Picolo Red), Clarkviwe, GTroup & Vale-o-Skene

Four Yr Olds (10)
1. Vanhaven Outbound Dancer (Outbound), Dappledale Holsteins
2. Dappledale JLM Sherry (Marshall), Dappledale Holsteins
3. Phoenix Baxter Geometry (Baxter), High Point Farms

Five Year Old (2)
1. Beckholm Goldwyn Pricilla (Goldwyn), Beckholm Holsteins
2. Werrcroft Zircon Kendra (Zircon), Werrcroft Farms Ltd

Mature Cows (6)
1. Nipponia RD Lizabeth (Dundee), Ronald Werry, Kingsway Farms & Trentward Farms
2. Loa-De-Mede Spirte Liv (Spirte), Loa-De-Mede Farms Ltd
3. High Point Roxie Flash (Spirte), High Point Farms

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