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Nut Milk Exposed By Hilarious Facebook Video

A viral comedy video on Facebook exposes “nut milking” and the labelling of plant-based beverages that are often called “milk.” Nick Saik at Know Ideas Media clearly had some fun making this video about “organic, grass-fed nuts” and the liquid that we get from them. Yes, it’s all very satirical.

Recently USDA and U.S. the dairy industry has been working to implement and enforce the rules about what products can call themselves milk. Dairy farmers are making the case that nut milks aren’t really milks, because they don’t come from lactation. 

“Milking a 600 kg Holstein, now that’s easy. Milking a 1 gram almond, that’s hard.” That statement might raise some eyebrows for dairy farmers, but it’s intended to use humour to highlight to the consumer just why “Nut Milk” is not Milk.

The video made its debut on Aug. 3 by the Facebook page seeking “to bring pragmatism back to topics that are too far divided to allow for mutual understanding.

And though this video is satire, it asks a very serious and important question at the end.

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