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Newly proven sires show Genomics work

Following the April proof run published by AHDB Dairy, Cogent Breeding are delighted to launch no less than five new proven sires to their line-up, all of which closely mirror their original genomic evaluations. With a range of different proven bulls now available, all with a variety of different qualities that join the already abundant genomic line up, Cogent offer a powerful line up of UK focused, profitable genetics to suit a wide variety of customers.

“In the modern UK dairy environment, where recent volatility in milk prices has demonstrated the need for breeding cows that are as efficient as possible, it is important to have a range of different genetics to suit the variety of farming systems” says Andrew Holliday, Genetic Product Manager for Cogent. “These five newly proven sires, cater for this variety with bulls with an abundance of Milk, huge components and superior Type, we feel like we have something for everyone”.

With genetics that have been sourced from across the globe with cow families developed throughout North America and Europe, the quality and range of genetics available is second to none. 

Leading the line are two bulls that have already been in the spotlight since their launch as genomic sires. At +£461 PLI and +2.69 Type Merit, Mogul son, Mr Moviestar Mardi Gras is one of the most complete proven sires on the market. He is tailored for the UK market, excelling for Fat, Protein, health traits and conformation making a very appealing package. With daughters in the UK already averaging 92% GP or better and many sons already in AI studs around the world, the impact of Mardi Gras on the Holstein breed looks set to grow as he enters the next phase of his already impressive career.

Cogent Supershot is no stranger to the limelight after debuting as the global number one GTPI sire in April 2014, and then going on to be one of the leading sires of sons in the breed. Following his first preliminary daughter proof, the popularity of Supershot looks set to continue as his production figures closely follow his impressive genomic stats. At +£599 PLI and +939kgs of Milk, Supershot is a production powerhouse, with exceptional health traits and has sexed semen available.

Next proven graduate of note is the popular outcross sire, TW Goodwhone who debuts with a phenomenal Type Merit of +2.35. He is one of the best in the breed for Fat % (+0.30) and Protein % (+0.14) along with being extreme for Calving ease (+1.3). Goodwhone is also available sexed. 
Pictured L-R: Cogent’s Alan Robson and James Tomlinson, Bilsrow with his TW Goodwhone daughters

“The Goodwhone daughters have been the most impressive I have seen in my 3 years at Cogent” says Richard Bostock, Dairy Sire Specialist for Cogent. “They are extremely consistent with fantastic mammary systems and ideal rump structures. They look like they are the type of cows that will get better with age and I fully expect them to be the best cows in the herd in years to come”

The last two proven graduates for April are Bookem son, Cogent Diego who offers big volumes of Milk (+643kgs), improved Fertility (+3.7) and an impressive type linear that demonstrates lots of strength and width from nose to tail. Last but not least, Diepenhoek Model Man, who is one of the few bulls in the breed that can significantly reduce Stature (-1.81), improve Fat % (0.15) and offer breed leading Calving ease (+1.4) making him ideal for farmers looking for a smaller more efficient cow. 

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