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In order for the New Zealand Dairy Event (NZDE) to meet the restrictions for the government’s red traffic light COVID-19 protection framework, something had to give.
That turned out to be sacrificial exhibitors, who volunteered to withdraw from the event so that others could continue. One of them was the NZDE co-chair Johanna Wood.
The restrictions include that they can be no more than 100 exhibitors on the grounds and no more than six people in any aisle. There are 15 aisles of cows and 330-head of cattle to care for within that.
Johanna’s Northbrook Milking Shorthorn team included 13 head, six youth competitors and three adults. It wasn’t the most popular decision with her family, but Johanna felt it was the right thing to do.
“I think because of my position it’s about modelling an example,” Johanna said. “It just seemed that we could make a difference and we only live 15 minutes away from the show so we could easily get home. For the exhibitors who have travelled distances, that conversation is a little more challenging.
“Although, they did tell me this was the most organised they had been.”
Their team included Anja and Karl Wood, Catriona Trubshaw along with keen youth exhibitors, Ruby Trubshaw, Nikki Baker, Hayley Baker, Logan Baker, Fergus Lough, and Charlie Lough.
Johanna’s husband, David, will steward and Anja will be helping with results.
Other notable exhibitors who have also withdrawn include the Soffe family (Taranaki) the Moore family (Pahiatua), and the Harker family (Waikato).

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