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New Wave of Genetic Pacesetters at IPS

International Protein Sires (IPS) offers a new wave of genetic pacesetters as confirmed with the April sire summaries. “We’re pleased with the constant infusion of highly rated genetics in our Holstein sire lineup. Diversity is an added value with these additions. We have something for everyone; superior GTPI sires with excellent NM$ values. Additional strengths include, leading polled genetics, show winning type and red color along with the A2A2 attribute. These sires were selected to transmit durable, high performing cattle.” stated Ron Sersland, IPS President and CEO.

A new impact sire is 566HO1314 DRAGO at +2803 GTPI. DRAGO is one of only two bulls in the breed who is greater than +524 for milk and equal or greater than +0.35% for fat. In addition, DRAGO is +42 lbs. protein (+.09%). Further qualities include, +945NM$ and excellent health traits at +1012 DWP$. Type traits are also commendable at +1.76 and +2.28 UDC. Added to his genetic infusion, DRAGO is A2A2. DRAGO is sired by Achiever from a promising daughter of Detour. Multiple generations of 35,000 lb. pound producers dominate his maternal family.

566HO1215 GOAL is a new release at +2806 GTPI. GOAL excels with components at +104 lbs. fat (+.25%) and +49 lbs. protein (+.08%). An impact sire, GOAL is one of only two bulls in the breed who is 968NM$ and is equal or higher than +2.07 for type, +2.27 UDC and +1.97 FLC. A calving ease sire at 5%, GOAL is also noteworthy for health traits at +7.0 PL and +943 DWP$. GOAL is an Achiever son from a Delta daughter. High components are dominating qualities throughout his maternal family.

566HO1313 COMIC enters the Holstein lineup at +2795 GTPI. Another high component sire, COMIC is +90 lbs. fat (+.20%) and +51 lbs. protein (+.09%). Health traits are another strong attribute; +7.5 PL, +1110 DWP$ and +940NM$. COMIC also has noteworthy conformation; +2.60 UDC and +1.71 type. Worthy of note is COMIC’s A2A2 inheritance. A Guarantee son, COMIC is from a Duke daughter with only one cross to Mogul in the first four generations of his ancestry. His maternal family has multiple generations of 40,000 lb. milk producers.

566HO1312 REDLIGHT-Red is destined to be a dominate force with Red Holstein breeders. He is the #2 type bull and the #1 udder composite bull among R&W genomic sires. His type traits excel across the board; +3.78 type, +3.85 UDC and +1.95 FLC. REDLIGHT inherits dominate type from his superior cow family. He is a descendent of Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red (EX-96) and Stookey Elm Park Blackrose (EX-96) before that. REDLIGHT is sired by Unstopabull from a Very Good-86 daughter of Doorman.

566HO1310 CONTRAIRE at +2778 GTPI continues strong among the IPS genetic pacesetters. His strengths include; +1,690 lbs. milk, +95 lbs. fat (+.11%) and +65 lbs. protein (+.05%). Conformation qualities are highly rated; +2.33 type, +2.16 UDC and +1.50 FLC. And, CONTRAIRE’s health traits are commendable with a +5. productive life rating. CONTRAIRE descends from a dominate cow family in the Larcrest Holstein herd.

These new impact sires have set a course for genetic pacesetters in the Holstein breed. They join an excellent lineup of daughter proved sires for a balanced offering from International Holstein Sires. And, they fulfill the discrete demand for “Breeding cows, not numbers.” IPS semen may be obtained worldwide through company employees or independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may obtain additional information about IPS through their website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593


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