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Monanfran Farms Classification Results

Monanfran Farms had an outstanding classification prior to the holidays!! An overall BAA of 106.8 (increase of .8 from 106) totaling 15 EX, 68 VG, 84GP

First lactation VG two year olds include:
Co-Vale Talent Jen (Talent X Co-Vale Rubens Jaded)-VG-87 owned by Jason Randall
Monanfran ChaChaCha (Jasper X Monanfran Black Chardonney)-VG85
Monanfran Jas Call Me Sugar (Jasper X Canyon X Monanfran Black Chardonney)-VG85
Monanfran Reality Check (Reality X Redmarker X Ellbank Rubens Champagne)- VG86
Monanfran Because I Said So (Aspen X Bahama Mama Family)- VG 86
Monanfran Explode Marion is now VG-87 EX-91MS
Monanfran San Frosty Gin-TW (Sanchez)-VG 86
Monanfran Laurin Pearlie(Laurin X Durham)- VG 86

First Time Excellents:
Monanfran Black Velvet (Heatherholme Velvet X Bahama Mama Family)- EX 90 EX-92MS at 4-02
Monanfran Aspen Natalia- EX90 EX-91MS at 4-01
Monanfran-JS Sanchez Libby-ET (Sanchez X Savage-Leigh Gold Lizzy)- EX-90 EX-90MS at 3-03
Monanfran Rubens Gucci- EX-90 EX-90MS at 5-04

Other Notable Scores:
Pineyvale Dandy’s Dixon (Aspen X Pineyvale Grandslam Dandy 3E-95) is now EX-93 EX-94 MS!!!
Monanfran Final Cut Magic-EX-91 EX-91MS
Monanfran Liquor Holly is now 2E-91 EX-MS
Pintail-Point Rudy (September Storm Granddaughter of Brigeen Integrity Robin) is now EX-91 EX-92MS
Mer-Gold Advisor Sage-Red (Advisor Granddaughter of Derrwyn Miss Special)-VG-87
Mer-Gold Jet Riley-Red- VG88
Cameron-Ridge Deb Ruby-Red (Debonair X Rock-Home KHW Renita-Red)- VG-87 at 3-06

Be sure to check for further updates and pictures on their website:

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