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Markets Erratic After News From China

At the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Class III milk futures were mostly higher Wednesday, cash dairy closed mixed. Class III markets were higher as 1sthalf 2019 ranged from 7-14 cents higher. The 1sthalf 2019 average closed at $15.14 cents per cwt. December milk was unchanged at $13.71. The 2ndhalf ended at $16.39.  January 12 cents higher at $14.15. February up 16 at $14.58. March milk up 12 at $15.03. April through July settled 6 to 12 cents higher. The Class IV full year average settled at $15.89 per cwt. 

Barrels closed $0.0225 higher at $1.2775. Five trades were made, ranging from $1.26 to $1.2775. Blocks were up $0.0175 at $1.3475. Butter closed down $0.0125 at $2.1850. Dry whey unchanged Wednesday at $0.4325. Two trades were made. Nonfat dry milk was down $0.0050 at $0.92. Six trades made, ranging from $0.91 to $0.92.

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