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Love Me is the newest VG-89 2yr Old – But that is only half the story

ZBW Corvette Love Me is the Holstein breed’s newest VG-89 2yr Old, owned by Mason Ziemba, NY. This impressive 2yr Old scored VG-89 EEEEV (her maximum score) at just 2-03. 

But the story behind this cow is equally as impressive Kevin Ziemba shares it with us:

Looking back brings us to the present and takes us into the future for an amazing cow family. First, let me introduce ZBW Corvette Love Me, our new VG-89 Jr 2 Yr Old. Love Me went 89 on Monday @ 2-3 EEEEV.

In 2005 classifier Lynn Catter told us about a Durham he had just made EX going dry at Bill Browns. She was Stone-Rise Durham Lizzy. Dev Hurley (Gail Arnold) and I looked at Lizzy dry and liked her, but knew she needed work. Barb then negotiated a deal to buy half of Lizzy and bring her to ZBW. That year after calving she was All-NY 4 Yr Old. Lizzy went on in 2007 to be 3rd at Madison and be named HHM All-American that year. That same year classifier Richard Wright put Lizzy up for committee and she was raised to 95. Lizzy finished with 13 EX daughters, but being an early Durham who made 2 50,000 pound milk records with a VG-88 Blackstars Indy dam she caught the eye of sire analyst Rick VerBeek. Lizzy was flushed multiple times for son’s to go to Select. She had 2 Ramos sons, 1 Toystory, 1 Spearmint and a Goldwyn go to Select Sires. The Toystory son Lifestory was a relatively well sold young sire.

The Toystory mating though made Lizzy’s most influential daughter SRF-ZBW TS Louana. Louana had the dairy femininity from Toystory, but the size and rear udder from Lizzy. We showed Louana at Madison as a Winter Calf in 2007 where she placed middle of the class, but she caught the eye of many international visitors and the Genex team since her mother had just placed 3rd. Louana was flushed extensively to many of the top TPI bulls of the time. She made VG and EX daughters by Dorcy, Shottle, Atwood, Paddy and Observer. The Shottle mating made a high type bull Lupe that went to Genex and the Observer mating made a bull Lennon that went to Accelerated. Louana herself went 89 as a 2 Yr Old and was Reserve All-NY 2 Yr Old. In 2011 she calved with her second calf as a 4 Yr Old. David Crackstopped in and loved her. He bought half of her with Ferme Lejeune. She then moved to Jack Lomeo Jr to be prepped for movement to Quebec and while there maxed out in score at EX-92 before heading north.

The deal taking Louana to Quebec was that we got 5 embryos in return. We decided to mate her to Gold Chip and Dempsey since all of her previous matings were for bull or embryo contracts. This one was for us. We ended up with one heifer from each mating. Lucky for sure! Little did we know how lucky we were.

The Dempsey calf was pretty wicked. She was a Spring Calf in 2013. I almost sold her 2 different times, but Barb always had a special feeling about her. ZBW Dempsey Louana as a Jr 2 in 2015 was 1st and Reserve Intermediate Champion at NY State Fair. She scored 89 that year. She is on her second lactation now and is EX-92, was HM Grand Champion at NY Spring Jr Show and is due back in September to Brewmaster.

Dempsey Louana when she calved in 2015, we calved her in the horse pens at our new place and she delivered our first heifer calf after leaving managing Woodcrest Dairy. The calf she had was an off age silky black hided Corvette. Mason immediately named her “Love Me”. I remember Brian Oster and I looking at the calf and just saying wow.

Now I’m not going to over hype this nice young cow. I’m not declaring her the one. Time will tell and many will probably have an opinion. That’s fine! What I do know is that she has a great future. She herself calved with an off age Beemer heifer. We genomic tested that calf…2200 GTPI and 3.7 Type. Love Me is on service to Chill. The Story could just be starting on this modern day type cow family. Love Me has sisters by Solomon and Beemer. The Beemer Summer Yearling (Light Beem)is high type and was 1st at NY Spring Jr Show. Light Been has pregnancies by King Doc. The Fall Calf Beemer is a November model and she was just Reserve Jr Champion open and Jr Champion Jr Show at Oneida County. She’s 3.6 Type and 2300 GTPI. The Solomon March calf is pretty special and is also over 3.5 for type. Dempsey Louana also has pregnancies by Crush, Slater, Capture and Avalanche. The family is for me the focus and the culmination of a lot of decisions and luck along the way that we are quite proud of. If you’ve actually read this to the end I thank you

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