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Letter: Dairy co-ops work against farmers’ best interests

U.S. dairy farmers are getting financially milked until dry by their existing co-op management.

The existing co-op management self-serving policies encourage and accommodate maximum, excess milk production yielding the lowest milk price possible, resulting in maximum profit for co-op management, their joint venture processing partners and the management of their many supported “dairy industry” organizations including NMPF, USDEC, CWT, DMI, etc.

Dairy farmers have allowed themselves and their milk to be used by co-op management and all others in the “dairy industry” to benefit themselves at the expense of the dairy farmer milk maker.

What the remaining U.S. dairy farmers need is a milk price greater than the cost to make the milk and NDPO has the co-op management policies that will provide a sustainable profitable milk price from the marketplace for most remaining dairy farmers by balancing the milk supply with profitable demand.

Dairy farmers need to turn the tables — instead of dairy farmers competing with each other as to who can make the cheapest milk and be the last dairy farmer standing, dairy farmers need to share in making milk that is balanced with profitable demand so that milk buyers compete with each other as to who gets the milk.

Dairy farmer member-owned co-ops handle 81 percent of the milk in this country, so it is up to you co-op dairy farmer member owners to properly manage the milk you make and your co-op and you can succeed at both by implementing the co-op management policies of NDPO.

The marketplace will provide the dairy farmer milk maker with a profitable milk price when the milk supply is balanced with profitable milk demand.

To learn more, contact Mike Eby, NDPO Chairman, (717) 799-0057,, or like us on Facebook at National Dairy Producers Organization, or

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