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Landmark Achievement: ABS imports live bulls from the US to India



Chitale Genus ABS India created history by importing 13 top of the line Holstein bulls from ABS Global in the USA. These bulls are by far the best Holstein bulls ever available in India and also one of the top ones even in the USA. The bulls possess high genetic merit for production traits like milk, fat, protein etc. They have been carefully selected for long productive life in animals that are the need of the hour for the Indian dairy farmers. This import will significantly reduce the genetic lag between India and USA as dairy farmers in India can access same genetics as their counterparts in America. In total, 13 Holstein bulls made the trip from the US to Mumbai and will settle in the Brahma bull stud. Examples of the bulls on offer include Troy, Main Event and AltaSpring grandsons of Seagull-Bay Miss America and Boastful and Powerball-P sons of Bacon-Hill Molly, who is a Balisto-O-Style grand-daughter of Unique-Style Bolton Money.

“Frozen semen from these bulls will be used by farmers for producing high quality cows which will produce more milk, thereby, leading to more prosperous dairy farmers,USA” said Dr. Arvind Gautam, managing Director ABS India. He added that though India produces the highest amount of milk in the world, per animal productivity is very low compared the USA and other western countries. “We already have the best dairy genetics in India in Cows and Buffaloes though Embryo transfer and selection breeding but these imported one’s today are cutting edge and many steps above. It helps in consolidating our dairy genetic leadership in India ” said Dr. Arvind Gautam.

Due to being prized live animals, this special cargo brought a lot of interest at Mumbai cargo where they were very delicately handled by a team of Lufthanasa, GVK and Narendra Forwarders. Considering a long journey, Indian customs at Mumbai extended their full co-operation. The bulls were smoothly transport to Mumbai Animal Quarantine which would be their new house for few weeks. The bulls left Chicago on 1 August and arrived in Mumbai the following morning. They will spend 30 days in quarantine before they are transported to the Brahma stud.

It is truly a revolutionary step towards fast tracking the genetic progress and significantly increasing the productivity in Indian dairy animals. This will go a long way in changing the complexion of the dairy industry in India and is truly a quantum leap in dairy genetics and Indian dairy industry.

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