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Joel Phoenix Named 2013 Andrea Crowe Achievement Award Winner


The inaugural presentation of the Andrea Crowe Memorial Award was held at the Royal Winter Fair on November 8th, 2013 during the National Holstein Show. The award, designed to recognize a young Canadian adult who demonstrates enthusiasm and dedication to the dairy industry, as well as active involvement in their communities was presented by the Crowe family to Joel Phoenix.

Like Andrea, Joel possesses the “everyday love of the industry” and is a valued member of the Holstein fraternity. Joel was a 4-H member for twelve years and developed his skills to a level which enabled him to become a world renowned cattle fitter. He was always willing to help others in his 4-H club and continues to volunteer his knowledge to members and provides leadership to many young people working with their cattle in the industry.

He actively encourages more cattlemen to exhibit animals and get involved in show business, and will care for any animal in his string and assist other exhibitors. At the shows he is known for his sportsmanship, and never has a negative word towards a judge after a difficult defeat and is extremely humble when he often has show ring success. He is a knowledgeable source of advice for anyone who asks, and his honesty makes him a valuable partner to those who purchase animals with him.

Joel, along with his wife Jessica and son Jacob, farm in Cannington, Ontario. The farm company name is Phoenix Equestrian & Holsteins and their prefix is Dappleview Holsteins. The herd of twenty five registered milking cows is housed at other locations with around twenty heifers at Dappleview. Joel and his father, Jim, have owned and merchandised many All-Canadian and All-American nominations over the past ten years.

When someone was asked about Joel, they said,

“One of the most admirable things about Joel Phoenix is; that even when he is working with some of the biggest, most prominent names in the industry he is still Joel. He never hesitates to use his skill and strengths to help people when they need help. He never forgets where he came from and who his family and friends are.”

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