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Island Heat Wave Summer Sale Results


Another successful edition of the Island Heat Wave Summer Sale is now complete with an unofficial sale average $4149 on 97 lots Hosted by Brian Craswell auctions the sale was topped by Passion Goldwyn Arika.  Selling for $25,000 to Westcoast Holsteins, this Goldwyn is due in December, from an VG-88 Sanchez then MS Atlees Shottle Aubry EX-92 and ready for the fall shows. 2nd highest seller was  Ms Apples Uno Amberly-ET, Numero Uno X KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-95 2E 3* Grand Champion R&W Show WDE 2011. Sold to Dominique Lesvesque, QC.

Passion Goldwyn Arika sold for $25,000

LotSLSale PriceNotes
30$25,000 Passion Goldwyn Arika, Goldwyn X Allyndale Sanchez Angelica, Arika sells bred to sexed Gold Chip due in Dec. 2013 and is ready for the fall shows!
15$12,500 Ms Apples Uno Amberly-ET, Numero Uno X KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-95 2E 3* Grand Champion R&W Show WDE 2011
18$10,700 Speek-NJ Uno Cosmic-ET, Numero Uno X Planet X Larcrest Cosmopolitan
77$10,500 Knonaudale Las Vegas, Sid X Knonaudale Golda VG-87, 91-MS, Las Vegas sells fresh in June and ready for fall!
4A$10,200 Ms Chassity Gold Cassidy-ET, Goldwyn X Chassity EX-92, full sister to Gold Chip
62$8,900 Eastside Destry Chanel, Destry X Eastside Dundee Chantal EX-92, sells fresh in May and ready to show!
4$8,500 Ms Chassity NU Complete-ET, Numero Uno X Chassity EX-92! GTPI +2349
93$8,500 Jacobs GoldChip Conty, Gold Chip X Dundee, Conty is a maternal sister to Robrook Goldwyn Cameron VG-87 2YR All American and All Canadian 2011 and 2012
22$8,200 Jeanlu Uno Beauty, Uno X Observer VG-86 X PR Barbie EX-92 5*
33$8,000 Gold-N-Oaks O Nova2269-ET, Observer X Gold-N-Oaks Marabell-ET VG-88 Former #1 CTPI/GTPI Cow
23$7,500 Hez Uno Helana-ETS, Numero Uno X Goldwyn X Stormi Hazel EX-96 2E herself! Helana-ETS GTPI +2102
21$7,000 Deslacs Epic Basilia, Epic X Domain X Goldwyn X PR Barbie EX-92 5*
7$6,700 Ms Lotto Alex Lacey-ET, Alexander X Goldwyn Lotto EX-95 herself! Lotto was All American and All Canadian in 2009 and 2010
16$6,700 Hez Uno Dawna-ET, *RC Uno from the Apple family, 3rd Dam is Apple EX-95 2E 3*!
1$6,600 Birkentree Dh Reginald Erin, Reginald X Outside, sells pregnant to Doorman and ready to show as a Junior Yearling in 2013
5$6,600 Ms Licorice Uno Lottery-ET, Numero Uno X Talent Licorice EX-95 herself! Licorice was All Canadian 2010 and 2011
39$6,500 Frueh Man O Man Look at Her, Man-O-Man X Bolton, great transmitter 2 Mogul sons at GTPI +2534 and +2335
66B$6,500 Pierstein Laurin Perpetua VG-89 EX-MS
66$6,000 Cobequid Goldwyn Paisley, Goldwyn X Laurin who is a maternal sister to Magic Petunia EX-96 2E 97-MS, Paisley sells bred to Windbrook
24$5,700 Golden-Oaks Uno Reno, Numero Uno X Mitey P X the Rubn Ruby family from Windsor-Manor
94$5,600 Hez GoldChip Hosanna-ET, Gold Chip X Hezbollah EX-92 herself! Hezbollah was All American and All Canadian Senior Two Year-Old 2009
89$5,500 Comestar Akila Lauthority, Lauthority X Jasper, 3 Generations of Nom. All-Canadian, ready for the ring as a Intermediate Calf for 2013
79$5,200 Juniper Amaz DayDream-ET, AltaAmazing X Sanchez VG-88
19$5,100 MS Brasilia Atwood Barby-ET, Atwood X Brasilia EX-92 5E 5*
58$5,000 Diamond Hill Shotgal II, Shottle X Goldwyn, Shotgal II sells fresh in June
72$4,900 Idee Windbrook Linzy, Windbrook X Goldwyn EX-93 2E X Leduc EX-90 X Bellwood Linda EX-92 2E DOM GMD
91$4,800 Ms Tara GC Tally-ET, Gold Chip X Goldwyn Tara EX-93 Nom All Canadian and All American 5 Year-Old 2011
92$4,700 Blondin Goldwyn Darling, Goldwyn X Atlas VG-89 2YR
96$4,600 Bernadale Goldwyn Apply, Goldwyn, maternal sister to Missy EX-95 2* herself X Champion X Outside
25$4,500 Speek-NJ Uno Dolce Rae-ET, Uno X Scientific Gold Demi Rae-ET, full sister to Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET EX-95 2E
44$4,200 Lookout Goldwyn Carii VG-86 2YR, full sister Lookout Goldwyn Casea VG-89 was Nom. All-Canadaian 2011
9$4,100 Conant-Acres Sid Lady-ET, Sid X Goldwyn X Lustre EX-95 3E 9*
73$4,000 Kay-Ben Sid Dree-ET, Sid X Goldwyn, Dree sells pregnant to Hero
43$3,900 Birkentree Goldwyn Kathy, Goldwyn X Baxter X Allen EX-94
11$3,900 Lilac Lodge Goldwyn Lucia, Goldywn X Shottle X Idee Integrity Livia VG-89 6* full sister to Lustre EX-95 3E 9*
17$3,900 Lookout Elmbridge Loves-Red, Redburst X Elmbridge FM Loveable-Red EX-94 3E 2* All Canadian R&W Mature Cow 2009 and 2X All American
31$3,800 Comestar Lia Million, Million X Lila Z EX-94 herself!
65$3,800 Lindenright Jordan Revelation, Jordan X Sanchez X Lindenright Shottle Radiant VG-87 2YR Nom All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2009
81$3,800 Hez Heztry Milano-ET, Heztry X Dolman Milly EX-91
1C$3,700 Birkentree DH Goldwyn Essie, pregnant to Jett Air with an ultrasounded female
66A$3,700 1st Choice of 3 Goldwyn Females from Pierstein Laurin Perpetua VG-89 3YR, full sisters to Lot 66
34$3,600 Speek-NJ Disney-ET, Fernand X Regan-ALH Planet Deloria-ET VG-86 2YR
38A$3,600 Lindenright Windbrook Dawn, a recently fresh Windrook
41$3,600 Brigeen Atwood Reba-ET, Atwood X Bolton VG-89 2YR and is recently fresh and has more points in her!
8$3,500 Miss Destry Lyza-ET, Destry X Mr Sam EX-93 X Goldwyn Lynley All American Senior Three Year-Old 2010
12$3,500 Cobequid DH Goldwyn Lulu, Goldwyn X Baxter X Durham Lively EX-94 2E 6*
44A$3,500 Birkentree Windbrook Carna, the Windbrook daughter of Lot 44, Carna is bred to Numero Uno and due in Feb. 2014
26$3,400 1st Choice of 4 Uno Females from Baxter Amaze VG-88 89-MS
1D$3,200 Birkentree DH Effie, pregnant to Sid with an ultrasounded female
90$3,200 Conant-Acres WBook Lysia, Windrook X Goldwyn VG-89, full sister to R-E-W Happy Go Lucky VG-89 2 YR
10$3,100 Lilac Lodge Goldwyn Lilac, Goldwyn X Shottle X Idee Integrity Livia VG-89 6* full sister to Lustre EX-95 3E 9*
35$3,100 Blondin O Daddy Impreza, O Daddy X Shottle, a sister to Doorman
60$3,100 Gardenvale Buckland Harlie, Buckland X Decker, sells fresh in July
63$3,100 Maple-Ain Goldwyn Jacey, Goldwyn X Talent X Progress
64$3,100 Idee Windbrook Delicate, Windbrook X Goldwyn VG-88 X Lassiter
83$3,100 Cobequid Goldwyn Bailey, Goldwyn X Chapter VG
95$3,000 Malletdale Alexander Rena, Alexander X Champion, sells fresh in May
29$2,800 Frahil Goldwyn Affinity, Goldwyn X Dundee who is a maternal sister Missy EX-95 2* herself!
87$2,800 Lylehaven Durhm Calista-ET, Durham X Rubens, full sister to Lylehaven Durham Cabernet EX-95 3*
1B$2,600 Birkentree DH Goldywn Evania, pregnant to Doorman due in Feb. 2014
32$2,600 Phoenix Goldwyn Lola, Goldwyn X Damion X Form Laura EX-94 3E 6* X Lili EX-94
53$2,600 Birkentree Seaver Basilia, Seaver X Carisma, sells fresh in June
76$2,600 Mapleisle Destry Rose, Destry X Rosedale White Rose-ET (Sanchez X Redrose EX-96 4E), Rose is due Aug 20 to Mr Burns, Milking Yearling for 2013
27$2,500 Eastside Windbrook Awesome, Windbrook X Gold Amaze, full sister to Missy EX-95 2* herself!
71$2,500 Blue Diamond Bolton Alexis, Bolton X Goldwyn X BKB Abby EX-95 3E X Alicia EX-97 3E 7* herself!
74$2,500 Premium Lookout Rina VG-85 3YR, Petrus (September Storm X Jolt) X Talent
28$2,400 Lexis Iota Maxim, Iota X Goldwyn X Outside, Maxim’s GTPI is +2146
37$2,400 Lookout Pesce Snow Lila, Snowman X Million VG-86 X Goldwyn
45$2,400 Birkentree Damion Cama, Damion X Smilane Talent Camilla EX 2E 94-MS
6$2,350 Winterbay Atwood Lust, Atwood X Triumphant, Lust is a maternal sister to Goldwyn Lotto
82$2,300 Brookhill Attic Destruction, Attic X Astronomical, full sister to Brookhill Attic Devastation VG 2YR Nom All American and All Canadian Junior Yearling 2011
85$2,300 Crestomere Sanchez Vogue, Sanchez X Dundee X Triumph
67$2,250 Lookout Resolute Riley, Resolute X Primetime X Outside, sells fresh in June
46$2,200 Birkentree Jordan Classy, Jordan X Birkentree Stormatic Clancy EX-93 2E, Classy was bred July 18 to Doorman
51$2,200 Birkentree Lauthority Raphaela, Lauthority X Leduc
57$2,200 Gillette Miss PEI VG-86 2 YR, Sanchez X Goldwyn X Leduc
84$2,150 Pierstein London Reebok, London X Lheros EX-94 X Skychief EX
54$2,100 Graggan Attic Ice VG 2YR, Attic X Alberston, sells fresh in July and will show as a Junior Three Year-Old for 2013
56$2,100 Gardenvale Future Angelique, Future X Dundee X Jed Annie EX-94 3E 2*
50$2,050 Birkentree F C Martina, Final Cut X Baroque X Rubens EX 3E, sells fresh in May
20$2,000 Fairisle Meridian Bentley, Meridian X Gold Barbara VG-89 2YR All Canadian and All American Senior Two Year-Old 2012
47$2,000 Birkentree London Penelope, London X Double Play, sells fresh in May
48$2,000 Birkentree Attic Savana, Attic X Aspen X Birkentree S R Sandra EX 7E 3*
88$2,000 Futurecrest Lexor Tea, Lexor X Duplex X Goldwyn Theresa EX-94 Intermediate Champion Royal 2009
49$1,900 Birkentree Lauthority Bethany, Lauthority X Advent X Dundee EX-91 X Outside Bambi EX-94 3E
52$1,850 Birkentree Jordan Salome, Jordan X Dolman X Leduc
55$1,850 Birkentree B Windbrook Emerald, Windbrook X Goldwyn VG-88 89-MS
2$1,700 Birkentree DH Windrook Evelna, Windbrook X Goldwyn X Outside Eve EX-93 2E 2*
1E$1,600 Birkentree DH Lauthority Ella, pregnant to Doorman
68$1,550 Cobequid Contrast Perhaps, Contrast (Alexander X Cosmopolitan) X Professor
40$1,500 Marbru Epic Beckham, Epic X Goldwyn X Emerson
70$1,500 Cobequid Destry Sakura, Destry X Laurin
3$1,450 Birkentree DH Lofficiel Eveann, Lofficiel X James X Outside Eve EX-93 2E 2*
69$1,250 Cobequid Colt P Tulip, Colt P X Tribute X September Storm EX-93 Reserve All-American R&W 2008
8A$600 5 Reverse Sorted IVF Destry Embryos X Mr Sam Lyzz EX-93, calves would be full sisters to Lot 8
31A$550Gold Chip granddaughter of Lila Z EX-94
56A$500Fever daughter of Lot 56
1A$300 5 Exportable Reginald Embryos from Outside Eve, calves would be full siblings to Lot 1
27A$250 5 Stanley Cup Embryos from Gold Amaze, full sister to Missy EX-95 2* herself!

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