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Illinois Championship Holstein Show 2020

The Illinois Championship Holstein Show has concluded with Uber-Haven Defiant Chrome-Red being named Grand Champion for Tyler Carter & Brett Richter.  Ryan Krohlow, WI, judged the show in Bloomington, Illinois on July 10th.

Senior & Grand Champion: Uber-Haven Defiant Chrome (Defiant), 1st 4-year-old, Brett Richter & Tyler Carter, IL
Reserve Senior & Grand Champion: Luck-E Awesome Adventure (Awesome), 2nd 4-year-old, Dennis Engel, IL
HM Senior & Grand Champion: Ms Atwood Lacey (Atwood), 1st 5-year-old, Tyler Carter, IL

Intermediate Champion: Luck-E Doc Azacaboom-ET (King Doc), 1st Jr. 2, Matt Engel, IL
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Carters-Corner WH Presley (Windhammer), 1st Jr. 3, Tyler Carter, IL
HM Intermediate Champion: Schluter Summer Lee-Red-ET (Absolute), 1st Sr. 2, Tyler Carter & Brett Richter, IL

Junior Champion: Schluter Unstp Aspen-Red-ET (Unstopabull), 1st Winter Yearling, Olivia Schluter, IL
Reserve Junior Champion: Bluff-Ridge D Dreamsickle (Dempsey), 2nd Winter Yearling, Kelly O’Connor, IL
HM Junior Champion: Vailwood Dempsey Siri (Dempsey), 1st Fall Yearling, Blake Meyer, Kylie & Cole Saathoff & Finn Faulkner, IL

Luck-E Holsteins of Hampshire, IL were Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor of the show.

2020 Show Dedication

The 2020 Illinois Holstein Championship Show is dedicated to Paula Bovre. This year also marks her fortieth year of membership with Holstein Association USA. While born and raised in Illinois, today she resides in Wisconsin. However, for both states, Paula has been a strong supporter of the association and an advocate for its youth. From organizing and hosting fitting clinics to employing youth, serving as an official judge at a 4-H judging contest or writing questions for dairy bowl, she and her husband, Rick have been incredible mentors to youth while promoting the Registered Holstein breed. The duo has also served as superintendents of the International Junior Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo since its inception in 2004. Paula and Rick own the Great Northern Land and Cattle Company where they have managed over 900 sales over the past 39 years. Paula is also an agent for Merle Howard Insurance Agency that specializes in livestock mortality. At the Illinois Championship Show, you will find her working alongside her family in the Erbacres string. She has donated countless hours to maintain the success of the Illinois Championship Show as a prior co-chairman. We thank Paula for her contributions to our association and the Holstein breed, and most of all, for mentoring generations of Holstein youth.

Spring Calf (20)

1. Wendy-Oaks Crimsonrose-Red, (Rager), Gage Wendling, IL
2. RBR-FRM Altitude Dixie-Red (Altitude), Addison & Jacob Raber, IL
3. Koll-Kreek S-Kick Gummybear (Sidekick), Kasey Clanton & Mackenzie Krausz, IL
4. Carters-Corner Luna-Red-ET (Unstopabull) Tyler Carter, IL
5. Bri-Mel-Acres Abigail (Dundee), Blake Meyer & Kylie & Cole Saathoff, IL

Winter Calf (18)

1. Apple-Pts Alameda-Red-ET (Jordy), Apple Partners LLC, IL
2. Lakeshore Winters Eve (Awesome), Taylor, Layla & Kaylyn Powell, IL
3. Ms Koll-Kreek Bbee Dreaming (Bumble Bee), Mackenzie Krausz, IL
4. R-Homestead Denver Lunie (Denver), N & B Clementz & L & K Hilgendorf, IL
5. Thorman Altitude Sadie-Red (Altitude), Jordan Thorman, IL

Fall Calf (25)

1. Kimball-Way Blake Sandy-ET (Blake), Suton Paulson, IL
2. Carters-Corner U Piasley-ET (Unix), Tyler Carter, IL
3. Lakeshore Cherry Pie-ET (Doorman), Bryce Cullen, IL
4. Quietcove Rasberry-ET (Awesome), Dylan Reed, IL
5. Ms Unix Rainey (Unix), Tyler Carter & Dylan Reed, IL

Summer Yearling (12)

1. B-J-Grove Unix Cherokee (Unix), Kasey Clanton, IL
2. Apple-Pts Cirio Anna-Red-ET (Redburst)
3. Schluter Altitude Ava-ET (Altitude), Olivia Schluter & Kasey Clanton, IL
4. Opsal Ammo Caleesi (Ammo-P), Shana & Drew Lueking, IL
5. Bluff-Ridge Crushin Dreams (Crush), Kelly O’Connor, IL

Spring Yearling (6)

1. Lakeshore Tatoo Elixir (Tatoo), Taylor, Layla & Kaylyn Powell, IL
2. Miss Baru (Apple Crisp), John Erbsen & Colganados Genetics, IL
3. Luck-E Doc Azaza-ET (King Doc), Blake Engel, IL
4. B-J-Grove Fever Jugs (Fever), Kasey Clanton, IL
5. Brems Rager Allison-Red (Rager), Eli Bremmer, IL

Winter Yearling (6)

1. Schluter Unstp Aspen-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Olivia Schluter, IL
2. Bluff-Ridge D Dreamsickle (Dempsey), Kelly O’Connor, IL
3. Carters-Corner TT Seven-ET (Tatoo), Tyler Carter, IL
4. GBM Und Jovanna (Undenied), Blake Meyer, Kylie & Cole Saathoff & Finn Faulkner, IL
5. Silverview-Lane Sky-Red-ET (Avalanche), Brennan Woker, IL

Fall Yearling (7)

1. Vailwood Dempsey Siri (Dempsey), Blake Meyer, Kylie & Cole Saathoff & Finn Faulkner, IL
2. Irwindale Solomon Meadow (Solomon), Dawn Irwin, IL
3. Lakeshore Undenied Emilia (Undenied), Justin Powell, IL
4. Silverview-Lane Avl Sara-ET (Avalanche), Brennan Woker, IL
5. Golden-Oaks Solomon Heiress (Solomon), Ben Bremmer, IL

Junior Best Three Females (5)

1. B-J-Grove Holsteins, IL
2. Carters Corner, IL
3. Bluff-Ridge Holsteins, IL
4. Lakeshore Holsteins, IL
5. Bremmer Farms, IL

2-year-old Futurity (10)

1. Irwindale High Octane Mira (High Octane), Dawn Irwin, IL
2. Erbacres Glory of Liberty (Doorman), Payton & Delana Erbsen, IL
3. Erbacres Doorman Crusie (Doorman), Payton & Delana Erbsen, IL
4. B-J-Grove Crush Rammie-TW (Crush), Kasey Clanton, IL
5. B-J-Grove Doorman Havanna (Doorman), Kasey Clanton, IL

Summer Junior 2-year-old (9)

1. Luck-E Doc Bo Peep (King Doc), Dennis & Beth Engel, IL
2. Lakeshore Doorman Effie-ET (Doorman), Taylor, Layla & Kaylyn Powell, IL
3. Clearfield Crush Del 21 (Crush), Lila Sloan, IL
4. Koll-Kreek Solomon Sharona (Solomon), Miranda Kollman, IL
5. Bluff-Ridge Doorman Divine (Doorman), Sarah Butler, IL

Junior 2-year-old (8)

1. Luck-E Doc Azacaboom-ET (King Doc), Matt Engel, IL
2. Luck-E Doc Azacaboo-ET (King Doc), Matt Engel, IL
3. Irwindale High Octane Mira (High Octane), Dawn Irwin, IL
4. Bluff-Ridge Doorman Bouquet (Doorman), Sarah Butler, IL
5. B-J-Grove Crush Rammie-TW (Crush), Kasey Clanton, IL

Senior 2-year-old (8)

1. Schluter Summer Lee-Red-ET (Absolute), Tyler Carter & Brett Richter, IL
2. Erbacres Glory of Liberty (Doorman), Payton & Delana Erbsen, IL
3. Erbacres Doorman Crusie (Doorman), Payton & Delana Erbsen, IL
4. Irwindale Armani Tori (Armani), Dawn Irwin, IL
5. Koll-Kreek S Goldielocks (Solomon), Miranda Kollmann, IL

Junior 3-year-old (7)

1. Carters-Corner WH Presley (Windhammer), Tyler Carter, IL
2. Erbacres Diamond Sparkle (Diamondback), Connor Erbsen, IL
3. Erbacres G W Atwood Cherri (Atwood), Payton Erbsen, IL
4. Erbacres Libertys Believe (Doorman), Payton & Delana Erbsen , IL
5. Luck-E Ammo Arsenal-Red-ET (Ammo), Matt Engel, IL

Senior 3-year-old (9)

1. Luck-E McGucci Arabel-ET (McGucci), Joe Engel, IL
2. Luck-E Crush Adrenaline-ET (Crush), Matt Engel, IL
3. Erbacres Atwood Chloe (Atwood), Delana Erbsen, IL
4. Luck-E Merjack Asalia-ET (Merjack), Keith Engel, IL
5. Bluff-Ridge Sid Dottie (Sid), Sarah Butler, IL

4-year-old (6)

1. Uber-Haven Defiant Chrome (Defiant), Brett Richter & Tyler Carter, IL
2. Luck-E Awesome Adventure (Awesome), Dennis Engel, IL
3. Luck-E Avalanche Aka-Red (Avalanche), Matt Engel, IL
4. Hostogold Brady Hillsnow (Brady), Matthew Busker, IL
5. Springhill-OH Illusion-ET (Corey), Magen Busker, IL

5-year-old Futurity (2)

1. Bluff-Ridge Atwood Tiana (Atwood), Sarah Butler, IL
2. Erbacres Reginald Livid (Reginald), Payton & Delana Erbsen, IL

5-year-old (7)

1. Ms Atwood Lacey (Atwood), Tyler Carter, IL
2. Bluff-Ridge Atwood Tiana (Atwood), Sarah Butler, IL
3. Luck-E Anaheim Airforce-ET (Anaheim), Kyle, Hope, Blake & Hailey Engel, IL
4. Moroville B-Wire Lava-Red (Barbwire), Chad Zoelzer, IL
5. DoDel Atlantic Jayden (Atlantic), Jackson Brammeier, IL

Aged Cow (5)

1. Ms Queens-Manor Snchz Beau (Sanchez), Sarah Butler, IL
2. Meier Meadows Max Flax (Max), Magen Busker, IL
3. Bluff-Ridge Atwood January (Atwood), Sarah Butler, IL
4. Synergy Pilsner Tipper (Pilsner), Matt Engel, IL
5. Erbacres Atwood El-Cortes (Atwood), Payton Erbsen, IL

Production Cow (1)

1. Ludwigs-DG Goldwyn Emmy (Goldwyn), Justin Powell, IL

Senior Best Three

1. Luck-E Holsteins
2. Bluff-Ridge Holsteins
Produce of Dam

1. Luck-E Holsteins
2. Luck-E Holsteins
3. Luck-E Holsteins

Dam & Daughter

1. Bluff-Ridge Holsteins
2. Luck-E Holsteins
3. Lakeshore Holsteins

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