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Holstein Association USA Adds New Traits to Official Holstein Pedigrees™

Holstein Association USA is pleased to announce that three new traits have been added to Official Holstein Pedigrees. Feed Efficiency, Fertility Index, and Sire Calving Ease are now displayed on all versions of the pedigrees for the subject animal, sire and dam.

Three new traits have been added to the Official Holstein Pedigree. You will now find Feed Efficiency (FE), Fertility Index (FI), and Sire Calving Ease (SCE) listed. Here is an example of a Pedigree with the new traits highlighted in a red box.

“Feed Efficiency and Fertility Index are two newer traits which are both included in the TPI® formula, and we wanted to make them widely available for anyone to see for any Registered Holstein®,” said Lindsey Worden, Executive Director, Holstein Genetic Services. “Sire Calving Ease is another trait which many breeders requested to have added to pedigrees, so we are happy to be able to make all of that information publicly available and easily accessible.”

Official Holstein Pedigrees may be ordered online at, or printed pedigrees may be ordered by calling Customer Service at 800.952.5200. Holstein COMPLETE™ members receive free internet pedigrees, up to the number of cows they have enrolled in the program.

For more information, contact Ashley Mohn, communications coordinator, at 800.952.5200, ext. 4128, or via e-mail at

Holstein Association USA, Inc.,, provides products and services to dairy producers to enhance genetics and improve profitability–ranging from registry processing to identification programs to consulting services.

The Association, headquartered in Brattleboro, Vt., maintains the records for Registered Holsteins® and represents approximately 30,000 members throughout the United States.

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