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Haystacks hot ticket theft item Alberta

The Hanna RCMP is asking the public to be aware that bales are starting to become a hot item for theft.

The Hanna Detachment has had one report of bale theft in the last few weeks.

“We are, however, hearing that there may have been more that weren’t reported,” noted Cpl. Trent Sperlie.

“Watch out for your neighbours,” he recommended.

“If you notice someone moving bales late at night or an unknown person moving bales from your neighbours land or your own, please contact your neighbour to confirm it is them moving the bales,” he added.

“A quick phone call could be enough to save you or your neighbour from significant financial loss from bale theft.”

Remember to report suspicious activity to the RCMP at (403)854-3391 and never approach anyone you believe to be involved in suspicious activity.

“If you have been victim to bale theft please contact the RCMP and report the theft,” asked Sperlie.

“This allows us to have a picture of the criminal activity in the area and to allocate resources appropriately.”


Source: The Hanna Herald

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