A great-grand-daughter of Snow-N Denises Dellia has claimed the 2017 edition of the UK’s Profitable Long Life Cow competition. 12-year-old Feizor Shottle Delia EX-96-8E faced strong competition, but her fertility, production (over 120,000kg milk), low cells and high type secured her the top position.  Shottle Delia is owned by WA & A Booth from Austwick, Yorkshire 

Feizer Shottle Delia EX 96 (7E) is the ninth winner of the prestigious Profitable Long Life Cow Competition.  Born in 2002, she is currently giving 50 litres per day in her tenth lactation having already given over 120 tonnes of milk.  She still lives in the cubicles with the rest of the cows. With high components, low cell counts and tight calving interval she has proven that she is a very profitable cow and a very worthy winner.