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Great Day For Morrill Diary Farm

The classifier paid a visit to Morrill Diary farm in Penacook NH and here are the great results:

New Very Good 2-year-olds:
Bressners Advent Molly-Red VG-88 @ 2-6  Sired by Advent
Morrill Talent 2611-ET VG-87 @ 2-1 Sired by Talent
Leeland Apple Sider-Red VG-86  @ 2-3 Sired by Big Apple-Red
Elm-Park Kwicktrip-ET *RC VG-85 @ 2-9  Sired by Savard-Red
Morrill Haven 2578 VG-86 @ 2-6 Sired by Haven
Morrill Aftershock 2576 VG-86 @ 2-6 Sired by Aftershock
Kay-Ben Damion Lettie VG-85 @ 2-9 Sired by Damion

Dam and her two daughters:
Morrill A Tacobell-Red-ET EX-90 @ 5-4 and only 3 days fresh  Sired by Advent
Morrill Southern Bell 2508 EX-90 @ 3-5 Sired by Savage-Leigh Lydon-ET
Morrill B Rosabell 2585-Red VG-86 @ 2-5 Sired by West Port Bookman-Red

Two maternal sisters:
Leeland Advent Star-Red-ET EX-93  Sired by Advent
Leeland LPT ST Sugar-Red EX-92 2E Sired by Talent

Congratulations to Caden Hart (grandson of Ray Leblanc) on his cow:
Woodmansees Patrk Hotshot now scored EX-91 2E at 6 years of age

Big E Extravaganza Sale Update:
Morrill Advent Jessy-Red-ET VG-88 – dam of Lot 38

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