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GERMAN August 2017 Proofs – Mayflower back on top

The August 2017 genetic evaluations for Germany has Mayflower back on top in the 1st position in the daughter proven RZG interbull ranking for B&W with RZG 158, followed by last rounds topper Rookie and then Josuper. The #1 RZG genomic bull is the Hang-Time son Hartley with 165 RZG. Pace Red keeps his #1 position in the international bull ranking for RZG genomic sires with 161 RZG, followed by Manana, Styx, Anreli and Alaska Red.  There is also a changing of the guard on the genomic sire lists with Avici (162 gRZG; <Araxis) taking the lead. Former leaders Pinterault and Barabo give way, but stay in the top-10. In the daughter-proven list, Big Point (147 RZG) remains Nr.1, followed by the new G-Force-son Garvin and Snowboard. In the Red-Holstein rankings both Julandy (daughter-proven) and Pace-Red (genomic) continue to lead.

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