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Genomic Giant Sale averages an outstanding $38,472


Great hospitality, great cattle and great people lead to The Genomic Giant Sale averaging an outstanding $38,472. The TAG team along with Butler-Fellers where great hosts to this fine event. Topping the sale was T-GEN-AC SUPERSIRE RUTH (Lot 3) selling for $162,000. From the same family as the popular TAG sires Domain and new release Determine, at 2619 gTPI and 3757 gLPI Ruth numbers well no matter how you look at it.  She was the #3 gTPI female on the March genomic run and is the #2 Supersire in the breed.  That also makes her the #12 gTPI female in the world.  These high numbers combined with a strong family flush history makes Ruth a money making machine.  Second highest seller was Seagull-Bay Ssire Debera selling for $161,000.  From the popular Rudy Missy family on both sides of her pedigree, this heifer has DGV’s 409 points higher  that her parent averages.  She also posses no Oman, Goldwyn, Bolton or BW Marshall in her pedigree.  Tieing for #3 and the top lists are lot 1 EDG CT UNO CINERGY and Lot #2 EDG MIST UNO MYLIFE.  CINERGY, is the # 10 gTPI heifers in the world and MYLIFE is the #11.

Here is the rest of the results:

Lot 1 – EDG CT Uno Cinergy-ET b.1/1/13
#10 GTPI female in the world at +2625GTPI and +3988DGV
PTA +1563M +110F +75P
Numero Uno x De-Su 199 Chart Topper-ET (+2430GTPI – former #1 GTPI of the breed)
next 6 dams VG & EX from the Rudy Missy family!

Lot 2 – EDG Mist Uno Mylife-ET b.1/5/13
#11 GTPI female in the world at +2621GTPI
PTA +2154M +112F +67P +4.15T
Numero Uno x Leaderwin Domain Mist-ET (+2337GTPI)
Next 6 dams VG & EX

Lot 3 – T-Gen-Ac Supersire Ruth-ET TL TD b. 1/11/13
+2619GTPI and +3767GLPI
PTA +2540M +95F +77P +2.90T
Supersire x Tranquillity AC Dreary Rush-ET (+2321GTPI)
From Domain’s family – 7 VG & EX dams behind Rush

Lot 4 – Seagull-Bay Ssire Debra-ET b.12/6/12
#17 GTPI female at +2604GTPI
PTA +2217M +101F +74P +3.42T
Supersire x Pine-Tree Sharla Daphne-ET (VG-87 +2142GTPI)
From the Rudy Missy family!

Lot 5 – K-Manor Sensational-Red-ET b.12/20/12
#1 red homozygous polled NM$ and GTPI female in the world!
#1 homozygous NM$ and #2 homozygous GTPI female in the world!
+2072GTPI PTA +439M +39F +33P +2.49T
Ladd P-Red x Lookout Pesce Mag Sarah-Red-ET (+2080GTPI)
next 10 dams VG & EX from the Glen Drummond Shower family

Lot 6 – Lactomont Nikota Sargeant b.12/20/12
+2509GTPI PTA +1422M +79F +63P +3.43T
#1 GLPI Sargeant in the world at +3682 and #1 GLPI heifer in Canada!
Sargeant x Jolicap Loly Oman Oman (+2815GLPI)
3rd dam is La Presentation Daurel (CAN EX with 58*!)

Lot 7 – Roorda SS McJoni 15887-ET b.1/21/13
+2516GTPI PTA +2428M +101F +69P +2.63T
Supersire x Roorda OB McKenzie 15267-ET (+2354GTPI)
next 7 dams VG & EX

Lot 8 – T-Gen-Ac Mogul Shimmer-ET TL TD b.12/1/12
+2596GTPI PTA +1656M +109F +59P +3.65T
DGV is +4179 – the #2 GTPI Mogul in the breed
Mogul x Tranquillity AC Dreary Shot-ET (+2123GTPI)

* added Lot 8A – Tranquillity AC Dreary Shot-ET (+2123GTPI) – dam of Lot 8 – due 9/13 to Supersire with a bull calf

Lot 9 – Ms Emily Eliora-ET TL TD b.12/3/12
+2508GTPI PTA +2440M +70F +69P +2.69T
#3 GTPI Layne in the breed and over +874NM$
Layne x Tramilda-N Baxter Emily-ET (VG-85, 2y +2189GTPI)
next 9 dams VG & EX from Whittier-Farms Lead Mae

Lot 10 – Ms Emily Emera-ET TL TD b.12/29/12
#1 GTPI Daddy in the breed at +2525 – a maternal sister to Eliora (Lot 9)
PTA +1346M +86F +48P +3.65T

Lot 11 – Ms Welcome Supersire Tia-ET b.12/12/12
+2544GTPI PTA +2205M +76F +65P +3.72T
Supersire x Ms Welcome Colby Taya-ET TY (VG-87 DOM +2157GTPI) x Clear-Echo FBI 1461-ET TV TL (EX-90 GMD)

Lot 12 – Car-J Supersire Lila-ET TL TD b.12/18/12
+2569GTPI PTA +2143M +79F +70P +3.27T
Supersire x Car-J Atlantic Lucy-ET (VG-85 EX-MS) x Eastview Mtoto Mia Lady-ET (EX-90 2E GMD-DOM)

Lot 13 – OUT

Lot 14 – Siemers Mogul Real-Dream-ET +2503GTPI
Mogul x Clear-Echo Observer 2283-ET (VG-86, 88-MS)
next dam – Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200-ET (EX-94 2E DOM)

Lot 15 – choice of McCutchen females from Pine-Tree 2149 Robust 4846-ET (+2405GTPI) from the Missys!
Choice A +2531
Choice B +2528
both born 1/13

Lot 16 – Josey-LLC Uno Sangaria-ET *RC
GTPI +2437
Red carrier Uno from Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk-ET RC TY (VG-87 +2158GTPI)

Lot 17 – no sale

Lot 18 – no sale

Lot 19 – no sale

Lot 20 – $39,000
Ms Aderyn SS Asteroid-ET +2381GTPI
Supersire x KHW Super Aderyn-ET (+2272GTPI) x KHW Goldwyn Aiko-ET RC TV (EX-91 DOM) – maternal sister to Apple!

Lot 21 – no sale

Lot 21A – $1200/embryo
Four #1 IVF embryos with a built in PA of +2346GTPI
Willpower x Larcrest Comet-ETS (GP-84 DOM +2210GTPI) x Cosmopolitan!

Lot 22 – no sale

Lot 23 – $18,000
Venture Ladd Madame P-Red *PO
#1 GTPI red polled female!
Ladd-P x Venture Freddie Maria P-ET RC PO

Lot 24 – $11,000
1st choice Golden PP-Red x Venture Freddie Maria P-ET RC PO
from 10 embyros due 12/25/13

Lot 25 – $35,000
Sullhrtford Nuno Ana 383-ET (+2519GTPI)
Numero Uno x Sully Hart Domain 133-ET (+2268GTPI)

Lot 26 – $26,000
Sullhrtford Mogul 371-ET TL TD (+2479GTPI)
Mogul x Sully Hart Domain 133-ET (+2268GTPI)

Lot 27 – $38,000
Rayon D’Or Shaw Ember (+2577GTPI) – #1 Shaw female in the world for GTPI, Milk & Protein
dam – Wabash-Way-I Shottle Ember-ET (VG-86 +2225GTPI and +3189GLPI)

Lot 28 – $15,000
1st choice Pride – first mating from Pride ever offered!
Dam is Ember mentioned above

Lot 29 – $17,000
Roorda SS Merritt 15889-ET TL TD (+2477GTPI)
Supersire x Roorda OB Mirella 15270-ET (+2222GTPI) – full sister to Observer Majic

Lot 30 – no sale

Lot 31 – $21,000
Welcome Parish Presto-ET (+2407GTPI)
#2 Parish of the breed
dam – Welcome Bookem Paisley-ET (+2101GTPI)

Lot 32A – $19,000
Woodcrest Mogul Anna-ET +2447GTPI
Mogul x Vision-Gen SH Frd A12304-ET (VG-85 88-MS) – topped the Genomic Giant Sale at $215,000

Lot 33 – $8000
EDG Ruby Uno Reese-ET +2408GTPI
Numero Uno x Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET (+2440GTPI) x 8 more VG & EX dams back to Dellia

Lot 34 – $10,000
EDG Miki McCut Martha (+2405GTPI)
McCutchen x Ammon-Peachey Super Miki-ET (VG-85 87-MS) x Martha Sheen

Lot 35 – $25,000
Sco-Lo Abra Uno 2022-ET TR (+2436GTPI)
dam – Ms Angel Abra-ET RC x Ms Apples Angel x Apple

Lot 36 – no sale

Lot 37 – $11,000
Butz-Hill Missyliner-ET +2407GTPI
Headliner x Morsan Man D Missy-ET (VG-85 +2280GTPI) x Valleyville Dolman Missy (VG-89) – highest GTPI daughter of Missy

Lot 38 – $10,000
Butz-Hill SS Magicmelt-ET +2344GTPI
Supersire x Morsan Man D Missy-ET mentioned above

Lot 39 – $11,500
La Seigneurie Emryse Lexor +2354GTPI PTA +2004M +75F +73P +2.94T
Lexor x Calbrett Bronco Emy x Tramilda-N Baxter Emily-ET

Lot 40 – $10,500
EDG Evie Lithium Ema-ET +2379GTPI
Lithium x Harvue Planet Evie-ET TL (VG-87 DOM) x Harvue Shottle Esther (EX-90 2E)

Lot 41 – $20,000
1st choice female from Mapel Wood Epic Goldrush-Red-ET +2080GTPI – sire choice from two different sires
Goldrush is the #1 variant red female in Canada

Lot 41a – no sale

Lot 42 – $18,000
1st choice female from 10 pregs due 10/13
Mogul x Stoneden Snowman Red Desire-Red-ET VR x Islehaven Gold Dancer-Red (VG-88)

Lot 43 – $20,000
T-Spruce Mayfield 7251-ET RC +2219GTPI – #3 polled female in the breed
Mayfield x Pine-Tree 136 LawnB 4884-ET x Pine-Tree Outside Mollie-ET (EX-90 DOM) from Missy

Lot 44 – $13,000
Kerndtway Ehrdt Dallas-ET PO +2202GTPI
Earnhardt x Golden-Oaks Obsrvr Dixie-ET

Lot 45 – no sale

Lot 46 – no sale

Lot 47 – $6000
1st choice Pride female from two IVF flushes – first done in March that resulted in 5 transfers; next flush to be done soon
dam – Sandy-Valley Colt Coly-P-ET RC PO +2015GTPI

Lot 48 – $11,000
1st choice Shanosber female from 13 embryos transferred in March
dam – Swissbec Bookem Britania-ET RC +2145GTPI x VG-86 RC Man O Man

Lot 49 – $12,000
EDG Brysha SS Bryce-ET +2386GTPI
Supersire x Regancrest DGR Brysha-ET x Mac Breshan

Lot 50 – $8500
EDG Brysha Uno Brisen-ETS +2390GTPI
Numero Uno x Regancrest DGR Brysha-ET +2212GTPI

Lot 51 – no sale

Lot 52 – no sale

Lot 53 – no sale

Lot 54 – $4100
Ms Aretha Australia-ET RC +2227GTPI – maternal sister to the #1 polled bull in the world!
McCutchen x Ladinodale Aretha-Red-Tw PO +2116GTPI

Lot 55 – $25,000
KHW Jolicap Uno Adelma-ET +2368GTPI
Numero Uno x KHW Goldwyn Aiko-ET RC TV (EX-91 DOM) x Kamps-Hollow Altitude RC CV TL

Lot 56 – $7800
EDG Armada MCC Alice-ET +2337GTPI
McCutchen x Mystique Manoman Armada +2332GTPI x Mystique Goldwyn Arabi (VG-87)

Lot 57 – $7500
Ms Boyana Daddy Baara-ET +2366GTPI
O Daddy x Farnear-TBR Bowsr Boyana-ET +2262GTPI x Klassic Mac Barb-ET (VG-85 – full sister to Big Time)

Lot 58 – $7000
Ms Boyana FB Babe-ET +2319GTPI
Facebook x Bowsr Boyana

Lot 59 – $9200
1st choice MAS x Sully Giafeeti 300-ET +2329GTPI x Sully Planet Manitoba-ET (GP-83 DOM +2235GTPI) x 10 more VG & EX dams

Lot 60 – no sale

Lot 61 – $5000
1st choice female from 2 transfers by Chipper due 11/13, 3 Altaoak transfers due 12/13 and next flush to Shanosber.
dam – Rocher Dakker Dove-ET +2104GTPI

Lot 62 – $43,000
Coyne-Farms Ravish Jody-ET TV +2286GTPI
From same family as #3 GTPI sire (Jacey)
Ravish x Coyne-Farms Freddie Jill-ET (VG-85 +2282GTPI) x Coyne-Farms Ramos Jelly

Lot 63 – $3200
Vieuxsaule Mayfield Dabney-ET +2353GTPI
Mayfield x POL024 Mac Kai +2071GLPI +2250DGV – maternal sister to Determine, Domain & Gold Digger

Lot 64 – $2000
Ms Donalynn Donalysa-ET TL TD +2286GTPI
Shrewd x Ronelee Hero Donalynn-ET +2281GTPI – maternal sister to Determine, Domain & Gold Digger

Lot 65 – $5800
Ms Aubrey HL Allison-ET +2234GTPI
Headliner x Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET (EX-91 DOM) – the only Shottle daughter of Atlee

Lot 66 – $5000
Ms Aubrey SS Alexia-ET +2190GTPI
Supersire x Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET (EX-91 DOM)

Lot 67 – $3500
Ms Brocade HL Bryly-ET +2259GTPI
Headliner x Regancrest G Brocade-ET TL (EX-92 DOM) x Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET TV (EX-92 GMD-DOM 4*)

Lot 68 – $3200
Ms Brocade HL Brock-ET +2166GTPI
Headliner x Brocade

Lot 69 – $5000
Ms Chassity Uno Cuddle-ET +2249GTPI
Numero Uno x Regancrest S Chassity-ET (EX-92 DOM) – dam of Gold Chip

Lot 70 – $3000
Ms Chassity O-Cosmo-ET +2226GTPI
dam – Regancrest S Chassity

Lot 71 – no sale

Lot 72 – $8500
Ms Daya Dayanita-ET +2410GTPI
#2 Punch in the breed
dam – Regan-ALH Domain Daya-ET +2138GTPI x Regan-ALH G Destini-ET (VG-88 GMD-DOM) from the Ravens

Lot 73 – $6000
1st choice from 2 female pregs due 6/13 by Massey; 3 pregs due 10/13 by Sea & 3 pregs due 11/13 by Oak
dam – Sully Hartford Snwmn 282-ET +2122GTPI x Sully Planet Manitoba-ET x Sully Shottle May-Tw

Lot 74 – $9000
Butz-Hill Magicmotion-ET +2330GTPI
McCutchen x Morsan Man D Missy-ET (VG-85) x Dolman Missy (VG-89) x Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy (EX-95)

Lot 75 – $1400/embryo
Six #1 sexed female embryos by Man-O-Shan from Ronelee Boliver Dreary-ET

Lot 76 – $1600/embryo
Five #1 sexed female embryos by Pride from Tramilda-N Baxter Emily-ET (VG-85)

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