finish jellaIn Finland, a very special production record was recently set. Not only was the 18-year-old Finnish black & white cow Jella the very first Finnish cow to produce more than 200,000 kg (440,000 lb.) in her life, she also is the second European cow ever to pass this mark! And worldwide, Jella is the 9th cow ever to complete this mighty lifetime total. Jella (photo) is owned by the Laukkanen family and is sired by the Finnish bull
Mustikkapuron Ey (35% Holstein, 65% Friesian). Jella is still in full production, and should set her record even higher yet. Plus: It is part of her genes: three daughters have achieved high lifetime totals too (more about them in HI’s March issue). The highest international lifetime total is registered to Gillette Smurf, who reached 216,893 kg in 2012. She is followed by two Chief Mark daughters: the Japanese cow Amanda (215,218 kg), and the US cow My-Word (214,050 kg).

Source: Holstein International Newsletter