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False Reports in Regards to Canadian US Dairy Trade Imbalance

“The U.S. dairy system benefits from the Canadian market to the tune of $600 million and we question why they need more access.” That according to Graham Lloyd, CEO of Dairy Farmers of Ontario.  Who argues that dairy trade between the U.S. and Canada are unfair are not true.

Llyod contends that dairy has become a target in NAFTA talks because of President Trump’s aspirations for support in Wisconsin rather than efforts for a solution to managing surplus milk. He comments that the Canadian supply management system works and providing the U.S. more access to the Canadian marketplace would harm Canadian dairy farmers.  “It’s important to our rural economy, it’s one of the reasons our rural economy is thriving, and I think it’s important to understand I think that’s why the Canadian government continues to defend it.”

According to Lloyd, overproduction in the U.S. is hurting rural economies in American and causing more farms to go out of business, which is why he believes some U.S. farm groups are looking to Canada as a model of a production system that works. He says Canada’s dairy production totals less than the state of Wisconsin’s and represents less than one per cent of the global export market.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario represents nearly 3,500 dairy farmers with an average herd size of 80 cows.

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