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Dutch April 2018 Evaluations – Boss is number 1

Boss is the #1 daughter proven sire at +305 NVI. The Bookem-son is one the best allround bulls you can find, with +1295 kg milk and +0.15% fat and +0.16% protein and great health traits. Another Bookem-son De-Su Balisto is #2 with +301 NVI. The number three in this round is LW Crescendo with +298 NVI.

The highest genomic sires this round is Delta Treasure with +443 gNVI.  Just behind him is Delta Reloader with +420gNVI, the number three is Weelder Empire with +315gNVI.

There is a big lead for Delta Jacuzzi-Red in the R&W genomic list, he has +456 gNVI! He has more than 71 NVI point more than the number 2 Manana-Red with +385 gNVI. Stil number three in this list is OH DG Alaska Red with +362 gNVI, this Pat-Red x Aikman son traces back through a Planet back to Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara EX-92. 

American Lexus is the #1 in the R&W daughter proven sire list wth +266 NVI, just in front of Elagaaster Maxx who has +250 NVI. Lowlands Advantage is third with +245 NVI, just one point infront of the number 4.

Check out all the results below: 

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