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Durable New #1 Genomic RZG Sire in Germany – Sire Proof Central 12/18

DG Charley son, Durable is the new #1 inter genomic sire in Germany at+167 RZG.  Followed by Expansion,  a Guarantee son and  Soundcloud with +166 RZG. The fourth in the row is Grateful, also a Guarantee son with +165 RZG.

On the domestic daughter proven list (>500 daughters), Masato the new #1 RZG with +146 RZG. Followed by Mandela who holds the second position with +145 RZG.

On the interbull daughter proven list is Mayflower still the #1 RZG bull with +155 RZG and 8841 daughters in production. Balisto holds his second place with +154 RZG and 13375 daughters in production.

The R&W interbull genomic list is topped by Koudummer Solitar P. This polled Salvatore son has a + 165 RZG. The second place is this run for Andy-Red with +159 RZG. The third in the R&W list is Spark-Red with +159 RZG. Spark Red is bred through the Genesland program and is a Salvatore x Debutant out of the Splendor Family.

In the daughter proven list R&W is Pat-Red still the number 1 with +152 RZG. Second is the good old polled Schreur Apoll P with +144 RZG.

The Red & White daughter proven list (>500 daughters in Germany)  is now lead by Apoll P with 763 daughters. Followed by the former #1 Snake Red with +138 RZG and 2620 daughters in production. The third place is for Red Mist with +134 RZG. The well-known Julandy shares the third place with Red Mist with +134 RZG and 2829 milking daughters in Germany.

Check out al the results below:


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