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Dog attack kills 9 calves

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A veterinarian had to put down nine calves at a dairy farm after they were attacked by two dogs Thursday morning, according to a release from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials were dispatched to a dairy farm on Milner Lane in Little Grant Township after reports that two dogs attacked several Holstein calves around 6:30 a.m.

A veterinarian with the Lancaster Vet Clinic also responded to the call and evaluated the calves, ultimately deciding they had to be put down due to injuries sustained from the dog attack.

The dogs had run from the scene, and officials searched the neighborhood and businesses to find them and the owner, officials said. After several hours, officials found the owner, Benuel Smucker, 34, of rural Mount Horeb.

Smucker is facing charges for dogs running at large, untagged dogs and dogs causing injury without notice. He is in contact with the owner of the calves and has agreed to pay for the damages his dogs caused, according to the release.


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