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Despite Concerns Dairy Farmers are Signing up for MPP

Since it’s introduction, The Dairy Margin Protection Program has received a great deal of criticism, but an FSA director says farmers are still signing up for it.

Sandy Chalmers who is with the Wisconsin Farm Service Agency says, “We are seeing people come in to sign up, and they’re signing up across the board on the coverage levels, so even though there was considerable concern expressed over the years about the program, people are still signing up, and maybe not at the levels they had in the past.”

Chalmers explains that producers can get out of the program if they wish.  “If they want to opt-out of MPP Dairy, just do nothing.  You don’t have to call your county office.  You don’t have to stop in.  You don’t have to do anything.”

Chalmers says producers can opt out of MPP, LGM Dairy or both if they choose to.  Producers that want MPP coverage must sign up by Friday, December 15th.


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