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DeLaval Launches Innovative Somatic Cell Counting Device

DeLaval Inc. introduced today the Cell Counter ICC, an optical somatic cell counting device designed to help save time and testing costs. Used in conjunction with an iPod touch (sold separately), the device provides results in less than a minute. DeLaval Cell Counter ICC will be on display in the Dairy Innovation Center at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show September 15 – 17 in Woodstock, ON and booth 3011 – 3315 at World Dairy Expo, September 29 – October 3rd in Madison, WI.

The DeLaval ICC works in conjunction with an app available through Apple’s App Store. Features of the App include the ability to store and track individual cow results, and record the specific quarter of the udder being tested. Results may be emailed directly from the iPod and analyzed by date, test results and cow tag number.

“The DeLaval ICC provides rapid and accurate results in a portable and easy-to-use system”, states Nik Sutton, Solution Manager for Conventional Milking Systems and Herd Management, “With immediate testing, DeLaval ICC contributes to a lower SCC on the farm. The results are higher yields, better quality of milk and potentially a higher income for the dairy producer.”

Powered by a 9-volt battery, DeLaval Cell Counter ICC is extremely portable. The device works by illuminating milk samples with a specific frequency LED light emission. The light causes somatic cells to fluoresce and the image is captured with specialized optics. This image is shown to the camera lens of an attached iPod touch to give a preliminary estimate of the SCC present.

Producers interested in the ICC should note that, while it is a preliminary means to diagnose disease, it is not intended to replace veterinary advice. Producers should routinely consult their veterinarian.

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Source: DeLaval Inc.

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