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DeLaval Introduces Unique Feedpushing Solution


Today DeLaval Inc. launched feed pusher FPM300, an automated system designed to simplify the task of pushing feed. The system’s straightforward design is engineered to help reduce on-farm manual labor while helping to ensure rations are always fresh, frequent, abundant and accessible. Its unique construction includes a plow with an angled blade that travels the length of the feed table, providing a simple solution with low maintenance costs. DeLaval feed pusher FPM300 will be on display in the Dairy Innovation Center at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show September 15 – 17 in Woodstock, ON and booth 3011 – 3315 at World Dairy Expo, September 29 – October 3rd in Madison, WI.

The robust system is controlled by a programmable heavy-duty Barn System Controller (BSC) box which can be customized to meet individual dairy producer preferences. It runs 24/7 without supervision, recharging downtime or requiring barn design modifications to accommodate a recharging station. Suitable for installation in both a single or double sided barn, as well as barns with crossovers and asymmetrical sides, the system is weather resistant, making it ideal for outdoor installations. Dyneema® rope technology, a premium ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, is stronger than steel, easy to repair and does not leave metal particles in the feed as it glides along the rail-mount channel.

“We estimate a producer’s return on investment will come from a decrease in manual labor plus an increase in milk production,” states Jim Mattox, Solution Manager of Feeding Systems for DeLaval Inc., “Once cows push the feed out of reach, they no longer have access to it. Lower ranked cows suffer the most as they do not get the nutritional benefits of the entire ration. Pushing feed automatically ensures cows have steady access 24 hours a day. We see less bullying at the feedbunk which improves nutrition, and consequently milk production, especially of the lower ranked members”.

DeLaval feed pusher FPM300 is available at limited dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. Interested producers are invited to visit or in Canada to locate their closest authorized DeLaval dealer.

Source: DeLaval 

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