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Dairy product sales booming amid coronavirus outbreak

The grocery store was the first stop for a lot of people when the coronavirus began to spread.

As people began to rush to the grocery store to stock up on necessities such as milk, dairy farms noticed a boom in business.

Milkhouse Dairy Farm’s owner, Caitlin Frame, said, “”Our farm store and the rest of our wholesale retail accounts were going way up and it has consistently stayed up for the past ten days.”

Similarly, another family owned farm, Pumpkin Vine Family Farm is well on its way to a surge in business this year.

As farm owner Kelly Roopchand said, they are shifting their focus from their bestsellers to stocking the shelves with items that will keep the public healthy amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“We really feel that the milk is a huge boost and the yogurt is probiotic. We have a regular following for years where everyone would come in and get their milk and their yogurt but we’ve just had this huge increased interest,” said Roopchand.


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